Determine If You're Homosexual (Male Only)

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Are you unsure about your sexuality? Did you ever glanced at a man feeling aroused? Well don't worry, after you have taken this quiz you may think differently about your sexual orientation.

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    What do you think you are?

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1563 days ago
Very gay i love it ;=)!!
1563 days ago
Very gay i love it ;=)
1564 days ago
Happy to be gay, love it
1564 days ago
Getting hair gay yah
1565 days ago
GAY Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1565 days ago
I'm officially gay :-)
1565 days ago
Happy to be gay, love it
1565 days ago
Totally gay, love it
1565 days ago
Very very gay very happy
1616 days ago
Think I'm more gay than bi
1625 days ago
I'm 100% gay😁
1625 days ago
I'm good.l'm really happy
1643 days ago
I'm gay and happy!!!
1737 days ago
Is... Is English your first language????
1780 days ago
looking forward to being a bit gay
1819 days ago
I am mostly Gay.
1841 days ago
I'm bi-curious? Nope, I am full on bisexual!
1887 days ago
Wow this confirmed what I already knew....
Also I dont know if I'm straight or gay cause I'm bigender meaning I'm both genders
So yeah...I'm stuck like this till I find out the answer...
1941 days ago
It said I'm gay but I have a crush on a girl too. Even though I like boys.
2103 days ago
i'm bi curious? i'm full gay my friend, your test is wrong!