Does he secretly like you? (body language)

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You never talk, you never say hi yet you've a huge crush on him- who knows, maybe he does as well. There's more to words and teasing a girl that gives away a boys emotions and desires.

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    Ok, simple question, do you ever catch him staring at you before you look at him?

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LiAnna (45210)
21 days ago
He's got his eyes on me☺ and my heart only belongs to him. We've known each other about 6 years now. I love him. Here's one of my favorite quotes: roses are red and violets are blue, He's for me and not for you, if some how you take my place, I'll take my fist, and smash your face😂😂 back away girls.
Hello (41696)
27 days ago
Is this test correct bcoz it has got me so excited
Idk (64157)
29 days ago
I'm a nerd, he's the most popular guy, this test said he likes me but i thought it was Wrong but yesterday he kissed me and he had hugged me many times to make me feel better whenever I'm crying. But i don't like his friends, they bully me
ME (67238)
35 days ago
I asked my friend to ask him how he feels about me and he told her he would tell me and later that day he said never mind I can’t and like at the end of the day we went out with our friends and he said sit next to me at a restaurant!!!! But he is so confusing (any thoughts?)
35 days ago
I really hope he loves me.
Mikala (16950)
35 days ago
That girl just called her a 💗 dummass wooooooww
Cd (16950)
35 days ago
These b****es think that ohh he likes me just becaus of a few quizzes like really grow up they could be making fun of u behind ur back . Ask them if they do welcome to the real world 😝😝😤
Anon (52286)
36 days ago
I got he has his eyes on you 😍😍 but I’m still unsure because he’s like popular af and if I talk people would laugh, since my school is full with bully’s people would think I like him even if I ask him for a rubber or anything
Goodnight (61543)
47 days ago
I hate that I'm even taking these quizzes. It isn't good for me anyway. Even if he did like me (which I'm not sure of), we couldn't be together because of parental differences and a four year age gap. Gosh, I love him though. ❤
BlueGirl (19757)
56 days ago
I honestly don't trust these quizes..but they're fun tho
Rose (75900)
57 days ago
YES! He likes me I’m so happy ive always thought he doesn’t like but HE DOES😊😃😍
utaku girl (04957)
65 days ago
I am happy 'cause he loves me
I will still starin' at him in the school
Unknown 2 (79707)
85 days ago
Dear: Unknown

I believe I have the exact same problem.

He’s probably just nervous or shy. Get to now him more and maybe ease up to the subject! I wish you luck!
-Unknown 2 🦋
Angel (94940)
99 days ago
Cute thanku my result is also same
Unknown (94940)
99 days ago
((blue)he loves me but can't say . Why ?? 😢😢
Savannah (94814)
102 days ago
Lol I just took this as a senior in high school what has my life come to
Lillian (91290)
122 days ago
It says someone’s got there eye 👁 on you idk if that means almost or yes and I’m in 4th grade
Lillian (91290)
122 days ago
It says someone’s got there eye 👁 on you idk if that means almost or yes
Lora Croft (38634)
133 days ago
He sits along a row with two other people next to him. I sit facing them all, and he is directly within my field of view. Basically I have a good view of him and he seems to be the most distracted. He coughs loudly, like he's clearing his throat, when he moves to get up he stretches and sometimes he flicks quick looks at me. We don't make very much direct eye contact but I can instantly tell that he'd look away if we did.
He's just so cute and I love him very much lol.
Google User (34248)
135 days ago
Okay so on this quiz It said that the guy likes me my friends told me he likes me the problem is that I don’t to bad for him 😀