How well do you know the show Naruto?

Say you are an expert on Naruto? Find out if you are here!

  • 1
    Sasuke well NEVER go back to Konoha.
  • 2
    Menma lives with his parents.
  • 3
    Naruto doesn't have parents, but he consider Iruka-sensei his dad

  • 4
    Naruto and Sasuke feel similar pain, but Sasuke doesn't want to see it.
  • 5
    There are no movies for Naruto or Naruto Shippuden.
  • 6
    The Rock Lee series is NOT a spin off of Naruto

  • 7
    Itachi is evil and he never loved his brother
  • 8
    Orochimaru stole Sasuke from Konoha
  • 9
    Suigetsu is made of water
  • 10
    Sasuke LIKES to kill people

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