Does he/she want to kiss you?

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This quiz is for girls or boys who want to know either their boyfriend/girlfriend is ready to kiss them yet.

  • 1
    Does he/she stare at your lips most of the time?
  • 2
    Does he/she tries to touch you or get close to you?
  • 3
    Does he/she flirt with you a lot?
  • 4
    Does he/she give you small clues that they want to kiss you?
  • 5
    Do you want to kiss them?
  • 6
    Do you think he/she is ready?
  • 7
    Does he/she mention jokingly about kissing you?
  • 8
    Does he/she hug you often?
  • 9
    Does he/she tries to look good around you?
  • 10
    Does he/she get nervous around you?

Comments (38)


141 days ago
He does too - not dies...
141 days ago
I want to kiss him and he dies too ( I think) and he’s told me he loves me but that has never stopped the nerves...ahhhhh
278 days ago
Is… is Ava good because she seems just a little bit crazy………
295 days ago
I meant a lot not slot
295 days ago
She hugs me slot and admmited she likes me, but I don't know if she is ready yet. Even though it told me to.
338 days ago
i really want to kiss him and aprently he does to i’m so scared now
375 days ago
He is always super close to my lips
458 days ago
my crush has kissed me 7 times their name is not saying
565 days ago
Oh my god this is awesome. I just did it and I think he wants to kiss me. on some of these I was like, "oh my god you ass!!!!! there is no maybe's?" lol. my crush, who is the cutest boy in the world, always looks at me, touches me, hangs around me, and stuff. idk if he likes me. I mean, im young so yeah. im ten sooo……………………. but awesome dudes this is a real good quiz if you wanna find out if your crush will kiss you, (on the lips?) take thus!!!! omigod it rules trust me. thx everyone for this quiz lllooovvvveeee it!!!!!!!! my crush has kissed me on the lips before, but on accident, and we bareky knew eachother so I was like, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omigod whooo wass that???? and I found out and I started liking him bc we kissed and he was soo cute when I set my eyes on him so yeah take this quiz and ohmigod you will love it!!!!!! thxk everyone luvs youes!!!!
584 days ago
She wanna kiss me?....
590 days ago
I honestly don't know what to do
596 days ago
He don't wanna kiss me...................................... ......
605 days ago
I think that he should kiss me and tell me that I’m his and he’s mine and just hold me forever and not let go of me
628 days ago
OMG he loves me and we should KIIIISSSS
644 days ago
I've never kissed anyone😢
646 days ago
I want to kiss her but I am to nervous I need help
651 days ago
I'm the same person and last night we kissed! It was the best thing that happened to me! It was amazing and I'm glad that happened! I was touching his face, (we were watching a movie) and I started to lean in, he leaned in and we kissed! It felt like a dream!
659 days ago
Heh, me and him love eachother. We snuggle, hold hands, and hug. We both are ready cause we texted eachother. We both try kissing but we both chicken out.. any ideas?
715 days ago
Ive held his hand many times and im ready to step up
726 days ago
I'm 12, and he's 11. We've been dating for almost a year now, and have not kissed yet. all we've done is snuggle, hug, and hold hands. I wonder when he is ready..