How Much Do I Like My Crush?

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Put your like to the test! This quiz will reveal just how much you like your crush. Think of the time you could save by taking it more just sitting there, wondering!

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    If your crush asked you out, what would you say?
    If your crush asked you out, what would you say?

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11 days ago
Soo when I went to a camp I fell in love with a girl and have a crush on her but she’s said she bisexual or asexual but I hope she likes me
18 days ago
My crush finally asked me out!!💕I said yes and we have been dating for 1 week
25 days ago
I really like my best friends cousin ;-; I told my best friend that I liked him and she was fine with it. (Let’s just call my best friends cousin B) ever since I met him (3 weeks ago) B and I kept texting each other non-stop. But my best friend said that she asked if B liked me and he said idk, (idk what this has to do with this but just roll with it) I do have a feeling that he likes me as well but I’m too scared to confess to him just in case if I get rejected 😞
Just to add on, for this Instagram thingy I had to copy paste questions or something it’s complicated to explain, but there was a certain question that he answered similarly.
The question were ‘Would you hug me if I wanted one?’ And he replied with .. then he said idk
26 days ago
My crush pays attention to my best friend. He high-fives her, congratulates her, and tries to get HER attention. But I asked him in a text if he liked her and he said "No! I swear to god!" and I'm really confused! I'm telling him I like him on the last day of school.
33 days ago
My crush already knows that I like him I just don't know if he likes me back. 😳😳😳😳😣
34 days ago
How Much Do I Like My Crush?
For 30% you are: You really like him a lot and want to be his girlfriend. You won't let any girl take him away from you😊😊😊 I probably didn't have to tell you this, did I?
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For 30% you are: You like your crush a lot, but you have to make him aware that you do🙈🙈🙈 Best of luck and thank you for taking my quiz! I hope it works out how you want.

I liked this quiz a lot, thank you for making it.
37 days ago
so i really like this guy, LIKE A LOTTTT me and him are really close friends. he found out i had a crush on him and now i'm really nervous to talk to him now. should i start talking to him again and try to control myself?
39 days ago
Can someone help? I really love this boy named Calvin and I read over our texts a million times (we probably text 2 times a day) we have the same interests and stuff, but idk if he likes me? He can probably tell I like him but he isnt dropping hints so I think he likes someone else ;(((
50 days ago
Dear Oof,

Thank you so much for helping me! I do plan to tell him soon, but I think a lot of people know I like him because I make things obvious and I also told people I shouldn't have told. Also he might have a girlfriend or is talking to another girl, but I'm not sure. But I think it's time and if i wasn't so scared I would. Also, good luck with your relationship and your boyfriend!!

-what's happening
50 days ago
Dear what’s happening,
I think you love him!! I have a boyfriend whom I love very much and he loves me too. I can tell when I started living my boyfriend as soon as I started getting nervous around him and wanting to be by him every second of the day. I finally gave him my number and we texted all the time. Then he asked me out and we’ve been dating since April 17th 2019. GO AHEAD AND TRY TO ASK HIM OUT!!!
59 days ago
half these comments are girls liking other girls. I don’t have a problem I was just noticing
59 days ago
So I really like this guy named Jaxson, but I don’t have the courage to tell him. He is in four of my classes and we talk. Everytime we talk he leaves me with a smile on my face. He is so cute and so smart. Some people say we would be a cute couple but I don’t know...I think he might be gay though, I’m not sure. I hope he loves me back tho 💕 bye now!!
68 days ago
I'm 13 years old but I'm already in love with this boy in my grade and he's really cute and funny and stuff and he always comes up to me at lunchtime to talk to me and he does this weird arm thing I love cause it's so cute when he does it and everyone says he likes me but idk and since we're kinda friends now idk if I should tell him how I feel or not cause I've asked him who likes but he's said noone so idk his name is Brayden and I love him
PS its almost midnight where I live that's why I'm being so weird cause I'm sleep deprived and can't stop thinking about him even tho I haven't seen him for like 2 weeks and I really miss him
71 days ago
I am a girl and I really like this boy in my class and my best friend said he might like me. 😳😳😳
But then I asked my best friend the next week then she said he might not like me anymore. 🤔
It is very confusing since he sort of blushes when I catch him staring at me and she always teases me in front of his friends and when we are alone.

I AM SO CONFUSED!!! 😔😣😔😣🤔😳😔😳😔
78 days ago
Also, on another note, i am a girl and I like this guy who it one of my closest friends. He is one of the only people who still texts me back and always is there for me. Also we’re really good at talking in person and seeing him is always a lot of fun because we always talk! I am also friends with mostly all his friends at our school and I’ve not told any of them because things go around quickly and I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone in the high school who my crush is since we are all in the high school. But it’s getting to me and affecting my physical and mental health. I tried to write an outline for a paper for English class last night and my mind kept wandering to him and wanting to text him. then I heard this song (naughty by king combs and jeremih) and kept thinking of him. Then at dinner I kept spacing out about him. And I dreamt him that night and kept thinking about him all night when I woke up. And I was nervous to see him today. And when he moved a few feet away from me I started to get anxious. I knew I had feelings for him for a few weeks before this but this intensity hit me hard and I’m not sure what to do. Should I tell him or should I just let go before things go wrong? Pls help!!!
79 days ago
to I love her: do you know if she feels the same about you? Are you friends with her/do you know her well? If you all are pretty close than there might be a chance she likes you too, and if you are close with her then maybe it will be more comfortable for you to tell her. And even if you are not, I’d still say go for it. I believe in you and best of luck!
83 days ago
I am a boy and I have a massive crush on this one girl and I have had it for the longest time but I can not seem to pull up the courage to tell her
90 days ago
Also, why did i call myself yoghurt
90 days ago
I like 2 guys, one of them ive liked for a lot longer and i have more classes where im partners with him, but the other i think actually likes me too and we hang out and talk a lot. My friends (and myself) said they could see a future between me and both of them - before i even started liking them. This has to be my millionth quiz ive taken about them. I get on really well with both of them, and neither of us are out of the other's league. What should i do?
101 days ago
I am a girl and I like a girl but don’t say I’m gay or anything because I don’t know what I define as yet because I’ve found a few women attractive but I have never fallen in love with one before. I like men too and I think I like men more but this girl isn’t like other girls and I’m not just saying that because I like her. I don’t really take into notice that she’s a girl I just know I love her and once that is in my head I realize she’s a girl. She’s cool with dating girls too and all but we’ve been friends for two years now and I’ve nonstop felt a constant feeling that I have never had before. When I think about her it feels like there is a huge bubble around my chest as if it’s protecting me. I don’t know that sounds corny but that’s the best way I can put it. I love everything about her. She dresses boyish and girlish she has adorable short hair and huge blue eyes and when she smiles I don’t understand how the whole world doesn’t lighten up because I sure do. She is my best friend and I haven’t told anyone other than a few people on the internet. Everyone tells me to tell her and that’s what everyone’s first reply to my vent is to tell her. ITS COMPLETELY OUT OF THE QUESTION! I’ve known her for too long and to think of how awkward it would be to hang out with her after she knows I have feelings for and she doesn’t. I can’t even think of her not being there with me for the rest on my life without becoming sick. She’s already said she hates when people stop hanging out with someone just because they don’t have the same feelings towards them and I know she would never want me to feel like that but I will feel weird and guilty. I’m not looking for empathy or advise I just wanted to rant it makes me feel better.