How Much Do I Like My Crush?

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Put your like to the test! This quiz will reveal just how much you like your crush. Think of the time you could save by taking it more just sitting there, wondering!

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    If your crush asked you out, what would you say?
    If your crush asked you out, what would you say?

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7 days ago
I don’t know how to explain it. People ask me why I like him, and I don’t know. Most people think he isn’t that cute or nice even, but every time im with him alone, we’re both pretty silent. Once, (actually a bunch of times) he flirted with me and it made me so happy. I love him.
11 days ago
So I need help! I like this guy, like A LOT, and his friends says he lie me and he stares at me and blushes and literally always trysts to make me laugh. The thing is we are friends and if I tell him I like him it could ruin our friendship. (I'm in grade 5 and I've liked him for 2 years now) if you respon please use my name (Silversplash) in the response
11 days ago
If this guy is in your class than you can try to be friends if him if your not already,the good thing about this is that you may become more than freinds and it may workout on its own and you might start dating or something.BUT if you are in different classes just ask him out if you're aloud to date and if not just tell him you really like him and the worse thing would be he dont like you and you here see him cause you not in the same class.
12 days ago
There's this guy I like, and I know he likes me, but he doesn't know I like him. I don't know how to tell him I really like him and I don't know how much I'll see him this year, we might be in completely different classes😭 ( I'm in year 8 btw)
12 days ago
So I THINK I like this boy (I'll call him boy1) but I think I may like th is other boy ( I'll call him boy2). But I've liked boy1 for two years now and I think I only like boy2 as a really good friend. The thing is all of boy1 's friends and my friends say he likes me and I think he does to but I just don't know if I should tell boy1 i like him or not but we all in the same friend group and it will be a awkward if he don't like me back... Please help me i did it INSIDE!!!!!!!
14 days ago
So I like this guy,,,, people have told me that he likes me. Him and I are PERFECT for each other. We both like the same things and have known each other for more than 5 years. We were in most of the same classes last year and got to know each other really well :3. Now we aren't in any of the same classes... ( expect band ). We stopped talking and I've tried texting him, I have been on websites like this for HOURS! Just needed to get something off my chest. If your still reading ur awesome :).
42 days ago
I meant I'm pansexual haha not lan
42 days ago
Anonymous (04064)

I say you should maybe write an anonymous note and include you're a girl. If she seems cool with it, tell her it's you! I'm lan and have dealt with the same struggle! Stay strong!
46 days ago
Ok, so I like this really cute, funny sweet, outgoing, and super strong and athletic guy. He is really popular. (We are in an eighth grade of about 80 people) so he knows me, & I know his parents, & my parents know him cuz we go to the same church and its areally small church of like 100 people. Anyway, i know other girls who like him, and they are amazing people too. I want to tell this guy i like him but I need it to be short and possibly awkward-proof???
Oh btw i think he doesnt like me back so im just telling him so he knows cuz ive liked him since sixth grade (over two years.)
52 days ago
I like this girl (yes I’m a girl too) and no one knows including her! I’m in my teen years and I’m too afraid to tell anyone I’m bisexual. I am worried that she won’t be LGBT and that I am just wasting my time. I have been taking these quizzes to get an idea of how she might feel about me, but they are all for girls liking guys and are really different to what I am experiencing. What should I do? Please help and support LGBT 🏳️‍🌈
63 days ago
I like someone. He’s in my gym class and he is sporty and well liked and a lot of girls like him or have liked him because of how kind he is but I not like that. I’m too scared to talk to him. I decided to try to give up because I’ll just get hurt like the other girls. It makes me sad. I followed him on social media and he never followed me back. He did follow all my friends when they followed him though. He looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking but I think it’s because he knows I like him. I would love being just friends but I just freeze when he’s near me. When we make eye contact my heart races. I am certainly 100% doomed here
65 days ago
🍁I have a crush on this guy in the grade above me. His name is Joseph, and his sister is sooooo nice!! My heart skips a beat every time I see him. I’m waaaay too scared to even talk to him, but we’re both in the robotics team and I auditioned for school band, gonna get the results soon!🍁
77 days ago
I have a crush on a boy😜😁 he's name is (umm i won't tell) 😏and the best thing is he is in my class,and the worst thing is my friend also likes him😫.She is not in our class she is from a different section. But still same class. So, first she had a crush on that boy and I think it's a week I like him. I'm not trying to steal him but I don't know why I developed a crush on him:-). My BFF said that he likes you maybe..😍😰😌 And from the outside I was like 💗😏.. And from the inside.... OMG (butterflies in stomach)😍😍. My BFF and my friend doesn't know that I like him..😶 Because I didn't told anyone.. And if I will then it can be a serious problem.😨😵😰

God help me plzz.. 🙏😢😕. BTW sorry for my bad English
80 days ago
There this boy im my class, hes name is Jack and hes only in grade three while im in grade four but uh... embarrassing we had a mock wedding at school and uh Jack wa sthe groom and I was the bride, I guess I liked to be able to hold his hand...I really like him :3
83 days ago
I like this guy but he is 4 yeas older then me and it’s heartbreaking to watch him go out with others😭😭. I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance at him. At one time he even liked my sister. I mean how would that ever work.☹️😢😩
97 days ago
@Random peep

If your friends are actually good friends and he liked you they would understand. I know what ur going through I’ve liked my friends crush and they’ve like mine. Just tell your friends and they should understand.
99 days ago
So I like this guy but he doesn't even know me. My friend is friends with him and hugs him everyday and he always stares at me and kinda smiles. But both of my best friends like him😭💔. I'm hopings one day I will get to talk to him. ❤❤❤
115 days ago
No I don't think so 😭 because my crush even doesn't know me😭😭 but I will always love him because he's the best 4 me and I know that he will finally know me one day:')
116 days ago
i got Certificate Seal
How much do you like your crush?
For 60 % you are: You really like him a lot and want to be his girlfriend. You won't let no girl take him away from you😊😊😊
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121 days ago
omg I just started to like this guy what do I do?