Are you bisexual?

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Are you unsure whether you are bisexual, but you have your suspicions? Take this test to give you an idea.

  • 1
    You are taking this quiz because you think that you might be bisexual.
  • 2
    You think that your result will be that you are bisexual.
  • 3
    Boys; You have passionately kissed a male.
    Girls; You have passionately kissed a female.
  • 4
    Boys; You have passionately kissed a female.
    Girls; You have passionately kissed a male.
  • 5
    You are homophobic and derogatory towards LGBT people.
  • 6
    The thought of having a relationship with someone of the same sex repulses you.
  • 7
    You want/have a relationship with someone of the same sex.
  • 8
    People think (to your knowledge) that you are gay/lesbian/bisexual without you deliberately giving them any inclination to believing so.
  • 9
    You have had a crush on people from both sexes.
  • 10
    Right now, you have a crush on someone of the same sex.
  • 11
    You hate LGBT people (get off my quiz AND my planet, thank you very much).
  • 12
    You would accept it if you were bisexual.
  • 13
    You get offended when people use homophobic language around you because you feel like they are aiming it at you.
  • 14
    You would consider having sex / making out with someone from either gender.
  • 15
    You think that your results will say that you are not bisexual.

Comments (43)


Idek (45805)
3 days ago
If your googling am I bisexual your probably bisexual
John (86495)
19 days ago
13/15,love my wife but I want both. I guess after 20 years of showers after work got me looking.
Zachary (64197)
63 days ago
MYSTERY (96826)
67 days ago
Im 13/15 bi, probably going to never tell my parents unless I get a girlfriend(I’m a girl)
Johnson (43891)
70 days ago
13/15 I’m bi as my great grandmother told me before she pasted away
yo (38967)
70 days ago
Can anyone give me advice on how to ask a a guy out. Btw I'm 13 male and Bisexual
John (56969)
81 days ago
I think am bisexual it says
ressa (17085)
90 days ago
Im 18 years old and I got 10/15
Ooooo (59602)
129 days ago
Well dang, man. I got 12/15. Now I gotta come out 😭💕👌
None ya (22244)
161 days ago

Fork off bro. You need mental help you homo phobic! Sorry, I’m very hyper but srsly, fork off fruity tootie
None ya (22244)
161 days ago
@Hits Nasty

Nice sense of humor, that comment actually made my day. Idk why XD but you are hilarious. I definitely wanna be friends with you. Hit me up dude! I promise I’m not drunk Lmao
NOT BI (34135)
203 days ago
I'm not BI and i couldnt be happier
Ryan (40691)
207 days ago
Need to come out 😫😰🤫🤢🤮🤤😭😭😭
Ryan (40691)
207 days ago
Ryan (40691)
207 days ago
Ten and bi more into guys though
Sarah (93094)
222 days ago
I`m 11 and bisexual
9/15 Now to tell my parents ( yeah right )
Zj (93586)
225 days ago
I am bi i have kissed and have had💗with both genders but im too scared to come out what should i do
Hiii (53526)
230 days ago
6/15 lolz 18 and I'm As and proud
Josh (48975)
233 days ago
I’m 14 got 12/15 and I am completely bisexual
William (65156)
256 days ago
I’ve been in a situation where I liked a boy named Kayden, and a girl named Lea, it was a hard decision, but I made the decision to date lea, only because she liked me and I liked her, but I would have dated Kayden