Test Your Minecraft Knowledge Quiz

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How well do you know Minecraft?

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    Let's start off with an easy one shall we?

    How tall is an Enderman?

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69 days ago
689 days ago
And also, there are 174 iron ingots needed if the least to craft on of every thing craftable with iron ingots. And not 140.
689 days ago
OMG!!! This test is so outdated! And by the way, u can´t craft notch apples. SO stupid
730 days ago
You can’t craft an enchanted golden apple
731 days ago
This is even more outdated now with 1.17
1303 days ago
knowledge of minecraft
1306 days ago
out dated horses can jump a max of 5 bloks
1306 days ago
+A guy this was probably before Note blocks and jukeboxes was able to be pushed by pistons
1362 days ago
Some of these answers are actually false. Note blocks and jukeboxes can be pushed by pistons and the world height limit is 256 blocks, not 255.
1527 days ago
I am 10 years old and i love mineahahah minecaft caft
1614 days ago
20/8 and i am 8 years old
1689 days ago
i love this quiz but im a pro
1748 days ago
Minecraft quizz is really really really really hard
1754 days ago

1770 days ago
15/20... better than I thought
1780 days ago
Belly fat reduced quick
1787 days ago
Aaaah common its 256 and u said 255
1797 days ago
Manny is The Name of Someone in my Class at school....
1797 days ago
Manny Notch's Name is Marcus Perrson....
1797 days ago
Half of these are not right answers and I'm 11 and know more about minecraft than this person. MABE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR MINECRAFT KNOWLEDGE BUDDY!! HOW 'BOUT THAT!?