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Muggle, Mudblood, Halfblood, or Pureblood?

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What are you, a muggle, a mudblood, a halfblood, or a pureblood?

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    Do you like to play pretend?

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331 days ago
I'm a half blood❤just like *sigh* Snape
355 days ago
Eh mudblood is a nickname for Muggle-Borns
355 days ago
ShadowStryyker just make sure Draco does'nt know.
473 days ago
Dont talk about hermione granger like that i dont believe in mudbloods
589 days ago
I am a mudblood like Hermione!
626 days ago
You are a Halfblood, like Severus Snape. You are decent at magic, and you would help the world with your powers.

Great quiz! 🤗😘
649 days ago
661 days ago
Half blood................................... ....
672 days ago
mugle born
703 days ago
I am a Halfblood! Yasss!
716 days ago
halfblood. my dream became true. now i can be astoria greengrass phahahah
720 days ago
i am mudblood and proud
980 days ago
i am a mudblood child of hades dam
1011 days ago
1021 days ago
I am a mud-blood. Like the best of us (aka: Hermione Granger) also it is really rude to call us mud-bloods, they should say muggle born. #harry potter rocks!
1035 days ago
im a mudblood, but i chose world domination
1056 days ago
i got half blood i don't know what this means but i know a lot about harry potter
1071 days ago
Fore me not core me
1071 days ago
Mudbloods a really foul name core me
1071 days ago
Draco hates me now he hated me more