Am I Ugly?

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All of us are breathtakingly beautiful, but there is always the occasional moth in the bundle of butterflies. So, how do you know which one YOU are? Only this exciting quiz can give you the truth.

  • 1
    How long is your hair?
  • 2
    Describe your hair.
  • 3
    Have you ever been asked out?
  • 4
    Your personality is best described as:
  • 5
    When people talk about you, what do they say?
  • 6
    What do you think of yourself?
  • 7
    What's your style?
  • 8
    How many people have you dated?
  • 9
    When you look in the mirror, you:
  • 10
    What's your swimsuit style?

Comments (55)


Lol (60309)
21 hours ago
Omg I got super model (the highest score in the test) like idk

The only test I got good on

The rest rated me a 6/10 and 58%

Idk what to believe anymore
Eliza (81154)
35 days ago
This was the only test out of three to say I wasn’t ugly.I have regained my self confidence
wait what (13924)
37 days ago
but how
UGLYYyyyyYyYyY (56974)
40 days ago
I did my friend and it said she was drop dead gorgeous...I was "pretty"..........WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA XD
uni (56974)
40 days ago "pretty" but like I'm fricking fat and I have the weirdest face in the world!please explain :)
Dava (09972)
45 days ago
how am i even drop dead gourgeous?! Nobody has a crush on me, boys hate me if i like them, i dont have a boyfriend, only my family and friends tell me im pretty. NOBOBY ELSE DOES DUDE. People dont even understand what ive been throuh in my lfe to make me sad, lonely, and different. NOBODY. This is why nobody likes me, its because im ugly and im not popular.
Lonely girl (87947)
52 days ago
How come if I'm so "drop-dead gorgeous" I don't have a boyfriend yet? I am so lonely I get headaches now. I know I'm pretty but "drop-dead gorgeous" is what the boy's like and "drop-dead gorgeous" is not what I am😑🙁
Ugly girl (39962)
55 days ago
It's a lie I'm ugly! I have no friends nobody likes me and nobody even wants to touch me. Cause they think I'm a disease! 😭
Kasey Breinig (43361)
66 days ago
wow i really am a beaut thanks quiz now i might not kill myself
Mar (85389)
75 days ago
Y'all this test ain't legit cuz it said that I'm gorgeous so next
Dorothea (95397)
76 days ago
I got supermodel me inside: WOW THIS IS A GREAT EGO BOOSTER
Bootleg Fascist (47521)
110 days ago
Then stop being gay.
Depressed (98885)
111 days ago
It said I'm pretty but I'm ugly and I'm gay so boys don't like me and I don't even care about how I look I have to many other problems
Nelly (39627)
123 days ago
Okay, they said I got drop dead gorgeous, but I AM REALLY UGLY!!!! I am overweight, my eyes are too small and close together, UGH. So many things wrong about my appearance! And I have never dated EVER in my life! Who knows? Maybe I really am drop dead gorgeous, but I dont see it in my appearance. I dont know anymore. It may not be true, but thanks for saying im drop dead gorgeous anyway. ;)
Sam (19739)
134 days ago
She said supermodel and that I am beautiful inside and out. But... I don't believe that. (LOL)
Kay4kute (70441)
151 days ago
This is ridiculous!
I bet y'all are beautiful, whether it be inside or out.
Beauty is only skin deep. Confidence is what can make even the most "ugliest" girl attractive.☺
Ash (82281)
153 days ago
It gave me a supermodel but actually I am really ugly like everyone says I'm ugly the only people that say I'm pretty pretty are my friends and ik they are just saying to make me feel better
..... (99275)
155 days ago
I'm ugly! I'm not pretty at all! I can't even SMILE right! Or close my eyes right it looks like I'm high!
Ugly (30258)
156 days ago
I scored pretty... But how can I be pretty if I am ugly?
uglylilslut (05199)
158 days ago
lol im ugly except its not a joke so not lol more like yikes