Test to see if a girl likes you

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Be honest with your answers and remember, all of this CAN change.

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    How often do you talk every week? (texting counts)

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Lola (08848)
17 days ago
love him sm
Kosho (79134)
36 days ago
Plz help me to deal with this and figure it out
Kosho (79134)
36 days ago
My friends have a group that i joined,they all know i have good endurance but this one girl knows and she hits me as hard as possible on my shoulder because of this,is that flirting or just trying to beat me up😂
Yooo (63589)
60 days ago
Tokyo keep your head man, they’re will be someone for you. Just be patient and you’ll find the right one. Don’t feel pressured because of society. You’ll find her
Logan (55875)
99 days ago
She really only laghs at my bad jokes and we don't know each other like at all Soo ya
Dhanoop (75841)
100 days ago
I already knew what was going to be the result XD
The man from Tokyo Road (33636)
134 days ago
Another “She Doesn’t Know You”. At this rate, I’ll die a virgin. 💔
Malachi824 (07475)
154 days ago
Well, she was my girlfriend; but we 🌟never🌟 did more than hug.
We talked about it, but she said she wasn't ready for a committed relationship!!!
shakes (98818)
164 days ago
Enter your comment here.this girl I met ova messenger I like her a lot c did agree that we should date BT we live far from each other I don't knw wht to ask ha if we are chatting pls help any1 thank you
Connell (39665)
170 days ago
I asked my crush out to a movie and she said yes! TYSM!!!
ALPHA (66182)
170 days ago
I luv a girl bt she takes it practically a joke!!! Wa should I do??
Emmanuel (58886)
173 days ago
That one fan girl in the corner
Pink (48937)
181 days ago
when she is talking with someone than suddenly she stops her talking when her sight puts towards at me
Levi (96198)
199 days ago
I mean i want her to love me be kus i love her
Killerdynamite (00725)
227 days ago
Oh Hell YASSSSS!!!!!
I asked her what she did on the weekend. She said she did this test. I asked who about. She said me. Oh hell YASSSSS!!!! 😀😂😂😂😂
raymonds (48431)
258 days ago
how do i know she loves me
Kim (76659)
284 days ago
I hope it will work!!
Aimal (92761)
375 days ago
I love a girl and she don't know I want to she love me and she don't talk to boys show me a tip to to fall with me in love
Jake (51854)
387 days ago
I have liked her since the first time I saw her and it was love at first sight
I think (75992)
394 days ago
the girl i have a crush on teases me way too much and we fight a lot too but im not sure
Please reply and tell me what to do