Test to see if a girl likes you

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Be honest with your answers and remember, all of this CAN change.

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    How often do you talk every week? (texting counts)

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Sanica (42928)
806 days ago
She kissed me in bed for like 40 minutes
21 (30347)
834 days ago
Is this Colton abbot below taking about Gianna again dude I was told by nick you were on here grow a pair and go ask her out it pays of trust me I know
Colton (28737)
834 days ago
She might say no because she likes me but is too shy. Also, do phone whacks in the back of the head mean anything? Her and her friend so that to me at my basketball games.
Colton (28737)
834 days ago
I really like a girl, but I'm too scared to say anything. We are close friends, talk everyday, but I don't wanna mess that up. I keep taking these quizzes, answering truthfuly, (as I can) but I'm still not sure. She also keeps punching my friend. I have narrowed it down to she likes him, she hates him, or she is trying to get someone jealous. I'm she and if I say anything about liking her to her she would say "**** you! Get the **** away!" Trust me, I know, she cussed a friend of mine under her breath (only me and a friend herd) when he diened someone. Just don't want to ruin our friendship.
Sumit (64403)
836 days ago
When i look her she smile at me and she give me offer to play she touch many time to me
NCH (47844)
836 days ago
I have a crush on my school. Things were pretty good. I am not the best looking guy in school and is quite quiet sometimes but since last year she smiled at me whenever she saw me. This also continues this year but there seems to some changes. Like she only smiled at me one the day after she added me on Facebook and things were different from last year. I really like this girl. Do you think she likes me?
Jose (24126)
839 days ago
we communicate many times per day
koketso (07193)
839 days ago
she was small now she has grown so am kind of like falling for her
Anonymous (05694)
840 days ago
I didn't like this girl, but everyone in my class was saying that she liked me and that we'd be a good couple. She gave me a nickname. Well, actually a ton. The first was "Basketball Buddy" because we were in basketball club (btw i am the bomb). The second was "Basketball Afro Buddy Johnny Boyfriend" because I had an afro and my middle name is John so everyone in the class calls me "Johnny Boy" (notice she added BoyFRIEND). Right after she said that she corrected it to "Basketball Afro Vuddy Johnny Boy". There is also a rumor that we are dating and whenever someone mentions it she turn a shade if red I've never seen before. I have also caught her staring at me. Also, in Language Arts we got to pick our seats twice and both times she sat right in front of me. Do you think she likes me?
E... (75783)
852 days ago
There is this really cute girl at my Highschool and I really like her! I have seen her looking at me 1-2 times and whenever we talk she seems kinda happy. Whenever we talk on Instagram I usually start. She used to call EVERYONE Dude, Person, Never their real name but recently she started to call a few people by their names and I'm one! :D One problem She is 15 and I am 13. Her birthday is a few days after mine which doesnt help. Do you think I have a chance?
Mason (41211)
857 days ago
I really really like this girl we text a lot but sometimes she takes a long time to respond. She shows concern for me when I'm sick and tells me to wait up on her so we can talk. We tell each other goodnight almost every night now.But she has a lot golf other guy friends and I don't know how to tell if I am different from either one of them. I just wish I had enough courage to ask her but I don't want to ruin the relationship between us. I love her a lot I don't want to lose her.
Unknown (27667)
862 days ago
I'm not showing my identity although i think she does because she and her friends constantly giggle at me and she always tries to keep eyecontact on me and she's always is in a group and if she's in there and I'm walking to my class they look at me constantly
henry siaka (44535)
869 days ago
I love her,we smile at each other do things together but I don't know if she loves me or if she has me on her mind as I have her at mine. what do I do to know if she loves me
sBl (50271)
887 days ago
i'm a girl traing to see if the boy i like likes me back and it was the stupids thing i have every done
Anonymous (25191)
888 days ago
I'm a girl so this doesn't help much...I'm lesbian, so...
Squints (89423)
900 days ago
i love her alot and she is the same about me but we cant date and dateing can ruin friendships what do i do=(
Narayanan (46896)
906 days ago
I will love who loves me the most
Darlington (51804)
911 days ago
If l want to know if a girl likes you how do you ask her .
Varun (72658)
919 days ago
This quiz pisses me off
Sagar (68518)
921 days ago
as of now i never talked with her.