Which Rick Riordan Character are you?

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I know you've all read both the Percy Jackson books and the Kane Chronicles. I LOVE THEM!
So I made this quiz. That's all

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    Who is your favorite from the following?

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805 days ago
I got 30% Percy and I'm happy
811 days ago
They forgot falafel for the snacks question!😂
859 days ago
I got Sadie then Percy
859 days ago
Lmao I should be studying right now 🤣
870 days ago
I just got Percy 65%
876 days ago
I got Sadie! I'm okay with that, and honestly I expected it...BOB SAYS HELLO!
883 days ago
I am 40 thalia 30 percy 5 nico 25 jason
I’m a guy, though...i dunno how i got thalia
920 days ago
I got 80 percent Annabeth and even though I am not sure the other 20 percent I think it is Sadie.
920 days ago
I got Annabeth again which is cool because my name is actually Annabeth (I am not lying) and I am just like her.
952 days ago
lmao I got Jason Grace when he's my least favourite character and I'm super shy and definitely not a show off
981 days ago
I got Sadie Kane. SO me
981 days ago
i am Sadie Kane yayyyyyyyyy wait a little annoying? thanks?
1016 days ago
I am 80% Annabeth Chase. Big fat smarty pants, thanks?
1046 days ago
I’m 40% Percy Jackson
1057 days ago
I got 50% Reyna, 50% Piper
1065 days ago
I got 60% Sadie!!!???

I m still not quite sure if that is a good thing xD
1112 days ago
I got 40% Jason Grace, how i dont know
1135 days ago
sAdIe KaNe! I'm so happy :DDD Apparently i look just like her XD
1148 days ago
1151 days ago
i got percy jackson!!!