Is Your Pencil Insane

Developed by: Julia

This is a sure-fire way to know if your pencil has lost it

  • 1
    Your pencil has returned with mysterious scuff marks before
  • 2
    Your pencil has left you letters before asking for help
  • 3
    Your pencil has actively stabbed you or another person
  • 4
    Your pencil is blue
  • 5
    Your pencil has endured pain in the past
  • 6
    Your pencil just happens to be a mechanical pencil
  • 7
    You found your pencil on the ground
  • 8
    Your friend let you borrow your pencil, and then let you keep it.
  • 9
    Your pencil is chipped
  • 10
    Your pencil is bent

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Joe (09205)
346 days ago
My pencil is out to get me