What personality traits are dominant in you?

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None of us is any one thing, but we might have some traits that are more dominant than others. Which character trait is dominant in you? Take the test and find out

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    You’re at the supermarket, and the line’s very long. People are getting impatient. What do you do?

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Disappointed (92311)
117 days ago
my results are all lies
Chloe (38315)
156 days ago
For 50 % you are: You’re PATIENT. All good comes to those who wait, and you’re not in a rush to be anywhere. You’re good at immersing yourself in something and you’re content with your position in life. You can sit back and enjoy what happens around. People like to be with you because you don’t stress out and because you don’t let other things interrupt your time together.
39 % of 31125 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 20 % you are: You’re BRAVE. You’re not afraid to act on what you see and hear if you think it’s wrong, even if you are in opposition to the majority. You care about right and wrong, and you’re an active and open-minded person. People like you because they know you’ll stand up for them and because things tend to happen around you. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You’re HONEST. Simply speaking your mind saves everyone time, misunderstandings and bitterness, and you know this very well. You’re true to yourself and when you laugh, you really mean it. You invite people to trust you because they know you’ll tell them your honest opinion, and people like to be with you because you give good advice and are good at discussing and conversing. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You’re AMBITIOUS. You know what you want from life and you’re not afraid to ask for it. You’re curious and hardworking, and if you decide on something you’ll get it done. You’re a natural leader and you have great confidence in yourself. People rally behind you because you know where you’re going and can lead the way. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You’re CONSIDERATE. You always consider how other people are feeling, making sure everyone’s okay. You are a caretaker and a responsible person, as well as empathetic and self-sacrificing. People like to be around you because you are a good listener and an optimistic person. Profile E
jc (09493)
176 days ago
all 5 are 20% completely even
Jaslyn (96240)
238 days ago
Jaslyn (96240)
238 days ago
im 40% considerate and 30% brave and 20% patient and 10% ambitious and 0% honest :O
sundus (50331)
250 days ago
I am honest and it my hobby
Kariel (36786)
276 days ago
It says my honesty is at 0% what the heck!
Idk idk idk idk (54700)
298 days ago
I am 50% brave and I guess it's not really that bad
Chloe (57021)
320 days ago
Yup, totally brave. I knew it from the start. Yay!
Helix (14751)
362 days ago
Mine is all 25% for each one LEL
Gus Brown (alias) (28187)
476 days ago
Mis e (57960)
554 days ago
I would stay close by to.make sure things did not get out of control. Call police if it did.