What wolf rank are you?

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Ever wondered what rank you would be in a wolf pack? Take this quiz to see whether or not you are an alpha, beta, gamma, delta, or omega!

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Draco (67990)
77 days ago
60% alpha .....i kinda figured cus im always helpin and tellin my friends wat to do so they dont fuq up @-@
Azul (55795)
80 days ago
Im %50 omega where is the other %50 ????
Lydia (95758)
83 days ago
I am 30% alpha 30% gamma.Where is the other 49%?
Aze (04064)
86 days ago
40% alpha & 50%...what? and where's the other 10%?
I guess is 50% beta.
Rokka (54110)
91 days ago
30% Alpha, huh... It'd be nice to know how I scored within the other categories.
hexlle (45150)
94 days ago
30% alpha 30% beta who knows what the other 40% is :P
banana jack (98285)
99 days ago
Tatiana (06106)
104 days ago
40% alpha huh, cool but whats the other 50% I would assume beta but I could also potentially be omega
shasta (39868)
107 days ago
DELTA! DELTA! I WANT TO BE A DELTA. I'm 40% Delta 40% Beta
Meaghan (89727)
108 days ago
50% Gamma 50% Delta
Idk anymore (52986)
111 days ago
60% Omega 40% gamma I'm not surprised actually it's pretty accurate
Sweet As Sugar (15649)
128 days ago
Took it again, and I ended up with "30% Omega" first, and "30% Beta" after. Wow.
So cool.
Sweet As Sugar (15649)
128 days ago
Eh..? I received a "30% Delta" rank, and a "30% Omega" rank, at the same time. They told me my results weren't clear...
Daniel Maine (81018)
130 days ago
Why isn't the Sigma on here?
dark wolf girl (87070)
131 days ago
I got 50% alpha first, then got 50% beta. So either way I got a top high rank.
Jasmine Sudler-Gomez (11458)
150 days ago
I don't mind being the Omega. I always knew I was a Omega.
Megan (58855)
153 days ago
Iā€™m a 20% Omega, 20% Alpha, 20% Gamma, And 20% Beta.... wut?!
Rich (20334)
154 days ago
Why does it say 50 percent alpha and not say what the other 50 percent is. For all i know i could be 50 percent mop bucket lol
Saska Cooper (52460)
156 days ago
50%of me is beta I really wanna no what that other 50% is šŸ˜šŸ˜•šŸ˜‘šŸ™„šŸ™šŸ˜ŸšŸ˜æšŸ˜¾
Leniska (58504)
159 days ago
I'm 50% omega. I don't know about the other 50% tho. This is actually accurate.