Am I A Top Or A Bottom?

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Are you a top, a switch or a bottom? You know you want to know! I'd even venture to say you NEED to! So, just how kinky are you? Take this Top Or Bottom quiz now and put an end to your wonderings! Have fun, and please share with friends! It's all for fun, of course.:-)

  • 1
    Imagine yourself making out with a sexy person on the floor. Who's on top? What's your partner doing?
    Imagine yourself making out with a sexy person on the floor. Who's on top? What's your partner doing?
  • 2
    If you masturbate, what do you think about?
  • 3
    Where's the perfect place to have sex?

  • 4
    What would you want your partner to wear to bed?
  • 5
    What do you want your partner to moan?
  • 6
    If you were on top, why would that be?

  • 7
    If you were on the bottom, why would that be?
  • 8
    Would you top?
  • 9
    Would you bottom?
  • 10
    What turns you on the most?

  • 11
    You and your partner share an ice cream cone and:
  • 12
    You and your partner cuddle, and:
  • 13
    Is your personality in the bedroom different than it is otherwise?
  • 14
    Which is the hottest?
  • 15
    Let's be real here - which do YOU think you are?

Comments (286)


hoped to be a top.I am a vanilla bottom.
2 days ago
I thought I was a top but according to this I am a switch
3 days ago
I took this test three times and I got the same results 😂 vanilla top it is 👌👌
5 days ago
im scared to tell my top my kinks she'll def judge me :(
6 days ago
Ps: Hey person scrolling through the comments hope your doing better 😁😁😁✌🏻👌🏻
6 days ago
Ahhhhhhh no matter how hard I try I always get vanilla bottom 🤦🏻. I’m a switch for the millionth time. But now from constantly getting vanilla bottom I’m starting to think I’m a top weird right? Well better take it again fingers crossed 🤞🏻 🤞🏻🤞🏻
7 days ago
I knew That i was a Vanilla Bottom. Heck, i said my sister i was a Top, Now imma Tell her im a Vanilla Bottom😂 ;< ;>
7 days ago
Well , that makes sense, im always looking for someone to fill my holes with there swollen member or something.
7 days ago
ahahaaaa i knew i was a 💗 bottom......
9 days ago
Oof i got switch welp eh that what i get i kinda like it but idk its different than normal but its sweet
9 days ago
I got, “Ready for your result? Hey, hey! You are definitely a bottom, and - surprise, surprise! - you're 💗. Hello, handcuffs and rope! Maybe you should try and experiment with masochism. It might seem daunting, but this sexual preference is not uncommon. Have fun with any future doms, and be safe!“

idk what to say lmao 😂
9 days ago
phew, i'm a switch, that's cool because im bi (in the middle) so this is another middle for me! I can never choose sides XD
10 days ago
Glad to bottom. Really like it. Dominate me
10 days ago
I was expecting to be a switch since I did it either way multiple times but I got bottom..;-; WHyyYy..
12 days ago
Wow! I'm top:o vanilla tho XD I don't know it says beaucase of none opportunity in 💗 but... Hey I don't mind doing some 💗 stuff if my partner is ok with it. I bet I put them before myself that's why make me vanilla top ehe
13 days ago
Honestly I'm surprised I got switch, I thought I would be bottom XD
13 days ago
Shouldn't there submissive tops and power bottoms?
14 days ago
Ey I'm a top woo hoo! Honestly I already knew though haha.
I'm a lesbian, but just cause I'm a girl it doesn't make me a bottom.
14 days ago
I got bottom -.- I’m surprised I wanted to be a top (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
15 days ago
I'm a switch 😎 good to know, I was so confused over whether I was a top or bottom!