Should you tell your crush you like him? (Girls)

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You know you like him...but should you spill the beans?

  • 1
    Do you talk a lot?
  • 2
    How much do you know about him?
  • 3
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 4
    When he talks to you...
  • 5
    Do you ever snap back to reality and notice you were daydreaming about him?
  • 6
    When you do talk to him, how do you feel?
  • 7
    Is he...
  • 8
    You drop your books. He...
  • 9
    How does he act around you?
  • 10
    If he got a girlfriend, would you...

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Cantaloupe (99852)
3 hours ago
So I really like this guy in my class(PS I'm in grade 6) He's really cute and amazing! I kinda have this feeling that he actually likes me(most of the time) But sometimes he seems different. I love talking to him in the hall! Most of the time when we go up the stairs he always teases me or walks really slow so I can't pass him! Sometimes in class, I see him glance at me a few times which is really cute!!!!❤️My heart literally lights up when he's around! Sometimes in gym or anywhere if I'm struggling with something he offers to help me. Most quizzes I've done say he likes me and someone else or he kinda likes me(This one told me to go get him) We have 5 days of school left and I kinda wanna tell him I like him on the last day of school right before we leave but honestly I don't even know if he likes me!!😫😬😭What do you guys think PLEASE help!!!!

I REALLY like this guy
Ary (51300)
4 days ago
me and my bf just broke up, I still like him. I told him and he said he has feelings for me too, so I'm happy. But now me and him are still only friends.
Khz (73389)
9 days ago
Thnxxs it is a great quiz , I will go live happily ever after with my bf
Olivia (26339)
9 days ago
My crush is nice, smart, athletic, cute, and very funny. Every girls seems to like him but he treats me differently than all girls, he is always staring at me and laughing at everything I say and really opening up to me but his best friend started to like me and now he hardly talks to me and is starting to talk to another girl and when ever he is gone he goes to me. I don’t know if my crush still likes me or not, my test said: YES!!! He probably likes you. I don’t really know 🤔😫💩
Taylor (99396)
10 days ago
My crush always jokes around about liking me and is always asking about my love life and if I have a boyfriend or if I like anyone. Can someone tell me what that mean
Aurora menendez (33919)
13 days ago
Well my crush Tobias Mercado were in 6th grade 2017-2018 and well we talk a little bit but he doesn't like me and I like him were in summer vacation and on the first day of middle school should I tell him that I like him or the school dance
Somekid (13460)
19 days ago
Me and my crush are in different grades so we only cross paths about 2 times a day. The thing is he is in a grade under me, next year I’m going to a new school but because he is younger so he is still stuck there while I move on. I know that he knows I exist, because we have this staring thing going on. Anyways at the time I am posting this there is exactly 5 days of school left AKA a whole school week, so how do I tell him I like him?
A Homosapien (64926)
24 days ago
I have the same problem, except we're already friends. First you need to just talk to him. It might not be too simple, I know, but if there's a good chance, take it. For example, if you sit next to each other in class, are partners in an activity, etc... talk to him. Start a normal conversation with him, and keep talking to him. Eventually you'll have a pretty good friendship. Then you start talking about more personal things. Get him to know you a little better. Maybe hint that you like him a little bit. Share some of you favorite song artists or movies. Make sure he knows he can trust you. Give him your phone number, or invite him to skype or discord or something like that. Then he might start to like you and possibly break up with his girlfriend. Then take this quiz again and see if you should tell him. This may take some time, but he also might break up with his girlfriend before you do tell him. Good luck!
Emily 💖 (29874)
25 days ago
I really want to tell my crush that I like him but I can't because he already has a girlfriend !
I need help now. How can I get him to like me. It's impossible for me!
SHy PEep (69711)
26 days ago
Yeah. My goal is to tell him by the end of the year. 16 days left. I’m so nervous though...
I’m so going to mess this up if I do. :/ WHY DO I HAVE TO BE 2000% INTROVERTED
Nicole (28678)
28 days ago
Should I tell my crush tomorrow that I like him yes or no
some q u e e r (27898)
28 days ago
it says i should, and i really want to. but i dont know if he swings my way... i heard he was bi but idk if that is true... we make eye contact a lot and talk almost everyday... word got out that i liked him and my "friend" told him "someone is gay for you" and i think he knows. his friends ask me. i think i am going to tell him before school ends. wish me luck?
:3 (99115)
30 days ago
So I like this guy, but I barely even talk talk to him ;-;. I really wanna be friends with him but I’m really shy and I suck at talking to people, the test results were to build a better relationship but idk how to. Someone please help me.
iN cOnFuSiOn (20964)
35 days ago
So... I am DEEPLY in love with this such nice, cute and funny af guy... but I don’t know if he likes me. Many quizzes said “He likes you! Ask him out!” but I don’t believe that... Something isn’t right. We are not hanging out like we used to, and I was always nervous to make the first move. It was always awkward, but he kept trying. He makes me smile every day, even when I don’t talk to him. The thing that hurts me the most, is that I heard that a girl in his class (I am not in his class btw), likes him as well... She rode his bike, laughed and was more confident and happy then me. I was hurt... jealous. I don’t know what to do, honestly. I WANT to tell him, but many people say it’s not a good idea, and of course Im very scared... What should I do? Please help...
Nevaeh (24841)
37 days ago
Thanks somebody says i like him when my friend told me he likes me
Faye Hansen (37221)
38 days ago
Also, I’ve liked him for almost a year. I’m pretty sure he likes me back, but idk. Everyone keeps telling me “he’s into you” or “he likes you”. He also got me 5 flowers on Valentine’s Day. What do I do???
Faye Hansen (37221)
38 days ago
It told me to “go and get him!” But I’m nervous and I’m not sure how or when to tell him!
HELP PLEASE 21 (51915)
43 days ago
HELP! I've been crushing on this guy for a couple months or so and everybody says he likes me back but idk. We talk about alot of personal things and adulty things and idk if i should say i like him! if you want to hear more or help than i dont know reply if you can
human (59324)
54 days ago
I'm so happy now that I got yes because I told him once and he freaked out and we stopped talking but then he would walk up to me and grab my hand and I would get nervous and my friends say I need to get over him and I say I did but I never did and I have a feeling that since I told many test I should tell him that I still have feelings for him and see if he has actually developed feelings for me as well!!!!❤❤
Darkness My Old Friend (95918)
71 days ago

My situation is so bad. Here's how it started. First I was was to the school and everyone had their own groups. Me and this other new girl became friends cos we knew no one. One day me and my friend were walking around the field and he (my crush but not at that time) asked us to play tag. Ikr, tag but we joined and it was really fun. I started to get to know more people and get more friends. I introduced him to my other new friend (she's pretty). He only willingly talked to me... you could say. Anyways the year ended and me and the pretty girl both moved to different schools. Durning summer we texted a lot. (Just wanna add he wanted me to come over to his house.) All of this happened in grade 5. In grade 6, I moved to a new school and I would talk about him a lot. Turns out one of the guy in my new School know him and most likely told him. One day my crush asked me to meet him in a park close to our house. He kinda brought up that he knew that I talked about him a lot and seemed kinda shy but I was able to change the conversation really quickly. Around the end of Christmas 2017 we stopped texting and soon after he unfollowed me. (I literally cried). Now grade 7. I moved to ANOTHER school and no one here knows him. I don't talk about him like at all anymore but so far have not had another crush other than him. Here's the amazing part... he follows me back!!! I literally scram!! But still, we don't talk anymore. My friend says that its just friendship but I should tell him anyways. I don't wanna text him my feelings and I don't want my friend to text him for me. I'd rather say it in person or write a note but I'll never see him again. EXTRA INFO-He would walk my home even when me sisters were having exams even though that the long way to his house. He would willing hug me first. He gave me a nickname too.