I know your age!

Developed by: Not me

HI this really is only a one time quiz, so I would prefer you only take it once... but encourage your friends to... thank you:)

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    What is the range of your age?

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Sarah (50259)
285 days ago
I put my age range (1-18) and that was the result. Don't waste your time on this quiz.
Lys (96409)
315 days ago
Pretty good quiz! Made me smile and put me in a much better mood! It's funny how simple things can do that to you. Thank you!!! :-)
toxic (02942)
337 days ago
I put ages 1 18 and it said your around the age1 through 18
Asia (17222)
448 days ago
I can believe it u cheated u asked what age groupe r u in
Lilita fox (77131)
461 days ago
R U kidding kidding me
gothica13 (76995)
578 days ago
love this! i looked at the reasults and couldnt help but lauph
Judo (14855)
613 days ago
Was this supposed to be funny?!
Anonymous (99084)
676 days ago
You give her the answer in the first question, don't get your hopes up high on this quick
Abby (28725)
748 days ago
it asks u at the begging ur age range and it says the exact thing at the end and I do to know how u even thought it was funny 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Jadeyn (57359)
885 days ago
You asked me what my age was.