Intelligence Quiz For Ages 10 To 14

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Are you very smart? Or at least decently so? Find out here! I created this 10-question quiz for kids ages 10 to 14. Don't worry if you don't know all the answers - if you're just a normal kid, you're supposed to miss some!

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    A rooster is on the very tip of the house roof. When it lays its egg, which direction is it going to fall?
    A rooster is on the very tip of the house roof. When it lays its egg, which direction is it going to fall?

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6 days ago
The Chinese flag has the colors Red and yellow?
32 days ago
Mary just so you know people in both gifted program don't get 6 out of 10 they infact get 10 out of 10 like me .STOP BEING DUMB!!!!!!
32 days ago
Stop being mean Swiftle
32 days ago
Me too . Swiftle . Me too
32 days ago
No , you don't Alani
32 days ago
Me too.I also guessed most of them and got 10 out of 10 Courtney Bradshaw ……. bye
32 days ago
Uhm…...hello I'm not here to complain except the fact these tests are thank you
45 days ago
Since when is the Chinese flag red and white?! It's red and yellow...I should know china despises my country...Philippines...but even if...I'm still a proud Filipino
46 days ago
54 days ago
There is no correct answer of question 7 complete the last two numbers in pattern
57 days ago
I just gussed alot of them and some how got 7 out 10
70 days ago
It is very interesting and the questions are of logical thinking a d I liked it so........ Much
75 days ago
So do I have to answer fast?
77 days ago
answer should be res and yellow
83 days ago
10/ 10! Again. On a more advanced test. I'm eleven.
83 days ago
Number five was a stupid question. Its the kind of question you ask a three year old. Well, a gifted one like me!
109 days ago
none of them is true
114 days ago
To the person that over complicated the pattern, its add the previous numbers together and then the next number is just the one that would normally follow e.g. if it made 6 the next would be 7 then add those two together to create the next number. You're welcome.
129 days ago
To the person who said penguins don't live on beaches; nguin tionary/beach
Penguins do in fact live on "pebbly or sandy shores", and in fact even live in hot places such as Africa. The note about penguins flying is the purpose of the question! Because penguins don't fly, and thus the answer is 6, none flew away.
129 days ago
I believe you all misunderstand the purpose- if you were told the answer then the test would not be able to accurately test your intelligence. This isn't testing for your ability to memorize answers. (And yes, the Chinese flag is yellow and red, but it isn't hard to infer that the "correct" answer is the one talking about white and red). Also- intelligence isn't decreed by gifted programs. The education system (at least in America) is very flawed. All a gifted program means is you can memorize facts well. And good to you! But this is measuring ones actual intelligence. Their ability to understand and comprehend, to adapt. Like with the question about penguins flying- the answer was likely six, you were to notice this.