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    A Rooster is on the very tip of the house roof, when it lays its egg, which direction is it going to fall?

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Unknown (48560)
23 days ago
Really penguins flying they don’t fly!!!!!!!!
Joseph (31535)
52 days ago
roosters don't lay eggs.
ted (10369)
54 days ago
Incorrect quiz (05405)
64 days ago
Um, you don't find penguins on beaches...? So....
Grace (33177)
70 days ago
This website is completely full of in true answers. I recommend you don't take it. I got 4/10 when I should've gotten 9/10. I have checked the internet for all the seperate answers and had to score myself/: I don't recommend you waste time on this rigged test
Riged (06383)
85 days ago
Almost all answer s are wrong
GryffindorChaser (01320)
86 days ago
This quiz is a phony. I am pretty good at math, and I was answering a few of the math questions (like, for instance, which fraction is the equivalent of 2/3). The correct answer wasn't listed! The correct answer for the next question wasn't listed either!
Anisa (88169)
88 days ago
and 💗 penguins cant fly
Anisa (88169)
88 days ago
i got 7/10 like I'm a smarty pants by the way I'm not a nerd
Alicea Evans (63262)
97 days ago
oh and also only hens (female chickens) lay eggs roosters are male they cannot lay eggs.
Alicea Evans (63262)
97 days ago
It says at the very tip so I picked none
The wizard kid (01840)
103 days ago
This quiz is sooooooo wrong. I mean what the heck penguins DONOT FLY!!!!!!!!
wth (55098)
118 days ago
wth is this...............
Syed Muhammed Ali Naqvi (76989)
120 days ago
Got 9/10 however I am 12 and i understand this wrong because chinese flag is red and gold
Syed Muhammed Ali Naqvi (76989)
120 days ago
Got 9/10 however I am
Sathya (07840)
133 days ago
In result give answer and explain how to check it
genius (47877)
135 days ago
china is red and yellow/gold, penguins don't fly, roosters dont lay eggs 10th child because its a complete circuit until him/her, the last child short circuits (releases charge into the air) because the electricity has no one to go to, and on the number patterns Question, its orig. number times 2+10, example 1x2+10=12x2+10=34x2+ 10=78 i got them all correct, (say my logic is wrong, I dare you) it said i got a 6/10 (average it said) WARNING, THIS TEST IS RIGGED!!!!!!
Rubbish Quiz (26748)
164 days ago
This Quiz is ridiculous
Ben Dover (07689)
166 days ago
That test was obivasly rigged the Chinese flag is red and gold fam I looked it up afterward
ella (53441)
167 days ago
I am pretty sure that none of these the answers for 2/10 are all wrong. Please correct them.