Am I Beautiful?

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In a word, yes - you definitely are! No doubt about it.:)
But what KIND of beauty do you have? Find out here! This Am I Beautiful? quiz is for girls only. It will help you figure out how beautiful, and what kind of beautiful, you are. This test is super-accurate (but only if you are completely honest in answering, of course)!

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    What's the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror?
    What's the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror?

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2 days ago
I like this test very muchEnter here your text you want to forma
4 days ago
This quiz rlly boosted my self confidence!💖 everyone’s beautiful in their own way💝
6 days ago
All those people saying they are the best and that every ones ugly you guys are female dogs you are rude and stupid. If your so pretty why aren't you famous why don't you go to your parents and call them ugly since everyone's ugly to you. People like you are 💗 and like men just because they want attention. I don't know how you look but I know there are a lot prettier girls than you dumb self.
17 days ago
Lily park the ones who think their pretty are awesomely dumb your being a 💗 so stop I got the same AWNSER and I’m in 5th grade
17 days ago
lily park, im pretty and popular too, but im not allowed to have a boyfriend.
21 days ago
I know I saw it coming... I got the beautiful and you know it. Also i just want to point out that for the people who took this quiz and got the pretty girl score to not brag to much saying “ oh I’m the prettiest girl in the world DUH! I’m perfect! Y’all are so ugly! I’m better than y’all!” Because it can hurt the feelings of the ones who got the ugly score.
25 days ago
It restarted the quiz....
33 days ago
I got the same result even when I changed my answers. FAKE!!
34 days ago
FYI im in 5th grade
34 days ago
im currently single but i want a boyfriend! can u find me one at atlas elementry in idaho?
37 days ago
Every one are beautiful,like your self
53 days ago
im very nice so im purrrfect yayyyyy 😁
53 days ago
You're beautiful and you know it! Guys are lining up for you -- but most won't like you for YOU. Try to find a guy who likes you for your amazing personality and not for your body. It might take some looking, but he will be worth it. Every once and a while, try to go out somewhere with a few friends (sorry, without boys) and just have fun. Also, try to be yourself, not just what you think everyone else wants you to be. i am a very nice person so im perfect yay
65 days ago
sksksk n i oop love u
70 days ago
I think I’m really ugly and I always notice my flaws first when I look in the mirror... I compare myself to people a lot... I find everyone way more attractive than I am... even thought I get compliments from strangers saying how beautiful I am or how people want me to model for them.. I still think I’m the most ugliest person alive
72 days ago
I got super pretty. Duh! Im like the prettiest girl in the universe. Im also super popular. Like im just at my locker, then i turn around and im surrounded by boys and popular girls. And my boyfriend is the most popular boy in our school, James. And my BFF is Lisa, the schools 2nd most popular girl. Im so pretty. With my long black hair, SUPER BEAUTIFUL face ( that my boyfriend kisses every day cause im so gorgeous ) my super skinny and slim legs, Cute small nails and my Totally Mouth dropping clothes. Pretty me. im prettier than everyone else in school. This girl called Ali slags me off cause im ' a sassy 💗' she just jeaulous cause im so pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty. My boyfriend calls me The most gorgeous pretty idol that will ever be seen. Im prettier than Ariana Grande Duh. Nobody is pretty like me. they dont have my stunning face. Im prettty gorgeous. This tests says im amazingly pretty. Nobody has gotten that result have they? no they havent. cause im am soooooooo pretty and beautifully stunning that im prettier than anyone else in this world. like totally
98 days ago
He was my childhood friend, I gave him a Bracelet with A+A means Agaki and A~e~a~d~r. But in time he just left me.... Years have past, I saw a guy with a bracelet A+A. I asked him whats his name, Before I could realize it was him!! My childhood friend. I asked him if he know a girl named Agaki. He said no. Worst, He thinks the girl who gave her the bracelet was Anthonia! Who The Heck Is Anthonia!! And he already had a girlfriend. SHE IS BOOTIFUL but not as beautiful as her attitude.>:(
98 days ago
hmmmm, this is right! Most boys in our classroom have a crush on me!!! But I only yearned for one, IDK if he likes me.
114 days ago
Excuse me I’m ugly
Why are these quizzes so nice ? :l
118 days ago
I'm the drop dead gorgeous thing, it kinda matches me in someway