Am I Beautiful?

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In a word, yes - you definitely are! No doubt about it.:)
But what KIND of beauty do you have? Find out here! This Am I Beautiful? quiz is for girls only. It will help you figure out how beautiful, and what kind of beautiful, you are. This test is super-accurate (but only if you are completely honest in answering, of course)!

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    What's the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror?
    What's the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror?

Comments (185)


Cmcl (89998)
56 days ago
This is a really good test even though it mightn’t tell the truth but it makes your day brighter
sssniperwolf (86274)
59 days ago
I'm beautiful the way I am and I'm funny and I don't care what others think of me!!!:)
Alopa (32592)
60 days ago
It told me I am very beautiful 💓💓💓💓
Bhoomika (26162)
63 days ago
I'm drop dead gorgeous....😂😂
MATH_ROCKS (72538)
63 days ago
I'm drop dead gorgeous!!

Aurora (66460)
68 days ago
well uh ;-;’m not that pretty
Hailey (60905)
76 days ago
I got drop dead gorgeous
Elanor (00031)
77 days ago
Im drop dead gorgeous. Am I supposed to be happy? XD
Krystel (02772)
78 days ago
I'd honestly answer that im just me HAHAHA
indanger species. Just 14 here.
Dipasha dave (57180)
80 days ago
I honestly answered and it said I am drop dead gorgeous.
PrettyKitty (79898)
81 days ago
IM SOOOOO PRETTY. ya this is accurate!!
Someone (91046)
83 days ago
This is definitely wrong because I have big eye bags and I think in over weight
Eleanor shellstrop (64286)
84 days ago
Sorry I was probably a little harsh with my last comments. I just wanted people to know who took the test that we are all beautiful in different ways and if they got a bad score in this test it didn't mean that they werent beautiful as this test isn't based on any scientific research. I suppose the test is just a bit of fun.
Eleanor shellstrop (64286)
84 days ago
What I am trying to say is this survey is based on nonsense rather than rigorous scientific methodology. Just know that we are all flawed but beautiful in Different ways. What makes you beautiful is your attitude not what a rubbish survey tells you.
Eleanor shellstrop (64286)
84 days ago
So what research methodology are you basing this test on? Double blind? Quantitative? Matched pairs? Why for girls only? Vigorous methodology? Which journals is your research published in? How are you correlating 'my own personal style' with attractiveness? What inferential statistics are you using? Looking forward to you publishing in peer reviewed journals. Good luck.
i am a boy who took this (86649)
85 days ago
im gay and i took this, i wear makeup and i love James Charles, he is my SISTEEER!!! and i have a crush on this guy, his name is Emmanuel and he stares at me..... is it because of my makeup? i am 15 by the way
Lucy (04506)
90 days ago
Lol I go to an all girls school so I don't really know how boys are gonna talk to me at freekin school
nicole (33540)
91 days ago
i really wanted tobe pretty always
Reahkat (22381)
102 days ago
Ok, I understand that some people may be prettier than others, but that is NO reason to be rude to another person just because u think your prettier than him or her. I just had an experience regarding self image. Many many girls from the ages of 11 to 17 or 18 deal with self image problems, and i am one of those girls. I have always though of myself as ugly or obese(in my own way), I've also thought that all my friends are just pretending to be my friend because they feel sorry for me, or are feeling forced to be my friend. I use to struggle with it way more, and none of my friends knew about it, or at least I thought they didn't... I even thought about killing myself at one point cuz it got so bad. I also had a little trouble with bullies. I did have girls back in middle school say TO MY FACE!, "oh! I don't want Reah on our team because she's to fat, and will slow us down!"(yes that was a direct quote from one of the "popular" girls in my pe class). But I had some amazing friends, teachers, and councilors to help me through my suicidalthoughts. Now that im 15, i struggle with it way less! And im in more shape than I use to be(lets just say that I lost A TON of weight over the past 3 years). I know that there are many girls that struggle with self image, and there's really nothing we can do about it, except!...BEING NICE TO PEOPLE! Complement the girls who say out of the eyesight of most people, GIVE THEM A BIG HUG!!

And if you need advise or help, please tell me! I'd be very happy to help!!❤love y'all!
No pride (10588)
103 days ago
Meh. Im forever ugly. It hurts going outside with my bestfriend because she always gets complimented even by strangers. While I walk beside her and get ignored. Im tired of this face I have.