Do you act like a dog?

Developed by: Alasse

Take this 10 question quiz to find out if you act like your furry best friend!

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    Do you mostly eat meat?
    Do you mostly eat meat?

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Dogsforever (45730)
14 days ago
I am completely dog 🐕 do not tell me im not i love dogs and i wanna be one dont judge me.
Random Wolf (48484)
153 days ago
I knew it. I was part dog from the start. I can speak dog (I know it’s impossible but I can, proof: when dogs lean forward I know they want to fight) and I have good smell. When I lose something, I just sniff the air and follow that sent and find it. I am more social with dogs than humans, and my hearing is so fragile that when I go to movies at a theatre I have to wear earplugs, and I hear the slightest noises. I can also hear dog whistles (they hurt) and move my ears up and down. I knew I was a dog don’t tell me I’m not there’s enough proof up there. 👆 🐕
I (75576)
168 days ago
I'm more dog than human!
Not telling (36505)
293 days ago
I knew was a dog from the start
DogMan (87780)
357 days ago
i am a dog dont even tell me im not i know what i am and who i am inside