True Friend, Or Fake?

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Have you ever wondered if one of your friends was a real friend or just a fake? I think we all wonder this at times, so I created a quiz to help you find out. Take it now!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others' mishaps and mistakes?

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"Your score wasn't clear"
Man I'm working on a project with my so called "friend" who has made me feel insecure during our friendship through the beginning of 6th grade. Me and my other friends (at least I hope they are) are planning to confront her for how she's been treating us the upcoming Friday. Well not this Friday. Some prime examples of her behavior is gossiping to me about her friends mistakes then acting like their best friend when they're around, she gets mad at tiny things, leaving my friend group to hang out with another group, calling me and my friend group names such as "dumb" or "stupid", getting mad at one of my friends for just being theirself, repeatedly saying sorry but then does the same stuff over again, always calling or asking for favors, and she says words she knows that hurts me and the funny thing is that she knows it hurts me because I've told her before that I'm really sensitive. And if you think this is a lot then you're wrong because there's more reasons but I've said that I'm only explaining the main ones. Pfft she'll most likely get mad at me and my friends when we confront because she gets mad easily. But as I said we're working on a project together so I might need to ask the teacher if I could be in another group. Lol I post again if anything happens next Friday.
3 days ago
This is amazing I can know that how do my friends know about me
5 days ago
Recently my BFF has been ignoring me lately (we've been with each other for nearly THREE years!), my BFF started to hang out with a new group (who obviously is trying to push us away from each other, and it's WORKING), and she keep saying giving me angry glares when I'm not looking. She started to pretend that she doesn't hear me when I talk to her. And she's starting hang out with someone who gossips about me behind my back and trying to ruin my reputation. I tried to make new friends, but having the thought of my friend ghosting me makes my heart drop.
5 days ago
So my friend and I had been pretty good friends all last year, with a few incidents pushed aside. We both were kind of drama queens (though I wish I wasn't) and talked too much about boys. Then, in fifth grade (this year) things changed. Her dad, as I already knew, had cancer and was getting sicker by the minute. She was really down and depressed all the time, and I tried to be a good friend to her as much as possible. Then, she became, all of the sudden, all nerdy and star-trek. She would always say stuff like, "How come you don't know that?" When I didn't understand something. She wouldn't say it in the helpful way, but instead in the sassy and rude way. Then, at a slumber party at her house, a different friend said, "*my name* has so many issues!" Then my friend listed how many issues I had. I asked her to stop, but she wouldn't, and by then I was practically crying. I slept in a different room for the rest of the night. A while after that, I decided that the same friend that had said, "*my name* has so many issues!", shouldn't be invited to my party, for other reasons besides that. I had told my friend this (not the friend who I wasn't inviting) and had told her not to tell anyone. A while later, I find out that she had gone up to the friend I wasn't inviting and had told her what I'd said. We had a huge fight and wouldn't talk for days. In the end, we resolved and I talked to the friend I wasn't going to invite and I ended up inviting her. Then recently, my 'friend' told lies about me. I won't give you the details, but she basically framed me for something she made me do against my willingness. She did it too, but decided that only I should get the blame. I'm furious with her and am not talking to her at all.
5 days ago
The quiz says that we are really good friends but can’t be called bffs, and it’s true. I will work on our friendship and see.
5 days ago
so my friend's name is Violet. We met when we were younger, but we didn't really become friends until the past few years. She has really bad jealousy issues, and whenever i was remotely happy, she would stop talking to me until I gave whatever I had to her or got rid of it. I got pretty sick of this behavior because she was ruining my relationships with others as well. We got in a pretty big fight over some Hamilton tickets I bought, and she got mad I didn't by any for her.... we stopped talking. It was just too much at one time, and everything from the past had added up. She stopped talking to one of my best friends when she came out, and exposed a girl who tolViolet she had been raped, thinking it was a lie for attention (it wasn't) Over time, I realized she was a horrible person, and I got over her. I stopped talking to many other people from that friend group because they were defending her knowing what she has done, so I didn't want people like that in my life. I am happy, and spending time with genuine people now, and live a pretty drama free life. @darkerbleu
10 days ago
Sometimes* (this message was too short so I added dis)
10 days ago
My other friend is real friend. Some Hiba uses me to be on the right when fighting with aamina. Also she gets like 95%+ on her tests and she gets annoyed with her results when she is top in my class :'(
10 days ago
Gal? I meant fake lol
10 days ago
Ok now I did it for Hiba and I got 50% gal friends thank you very much Hiba (tbh I kinda expected it)
10 days ago
So I have 2 friends (Aamina and Hiba) Hiba is mostly in a dark mood and sometimes fights with Aamina (once physical) but me and hiba are OK. Then Aamina she plays games with me online as well as going to da same school.
10 days ago
For 50% you are great friends. For 30% you are a true friend. For 20% you are fake friends
14 days ago
So my “friend”, her name is Jayla and I’ve known her since I was in second grade. The problem is that she’s 9 months older than me, she is 1 grade above me, and she’s my niece. When we first met, she was pretty bossy to me and her siblings. She would make excuses like saying she was older than me and sometimes when she was at my house and I told her no to something she would say, “Guests always get their way.” Plus she has ADHD, which is actually true since she takes medication and her parents asked her if she took her pills when I was nearby. But I feel like she just uses that as an excuse because it doesn’t explain why she acts the way she acts and some of my friends have ADHD and they don’t act like Jayla. In I think the middle of second grade her second and third youngest brother and sister had these softball games. Me and Jayla were allowed to go to an area where the adults could see us. One day I was about to pick up a flower there and she stopped me and said it was against the law to pick it since it’s the state flower. I avoided them for almost a year and then found out she was lying. Then when my parents divorced back in 2016 I had to go to her house until my mom got off of work. One of those days I guess we were going against each other but about 20 minutes before her parents got home with he r siblings, I was playing on my iPad and she screamed “PACK YOUR THINGS AND LEAVE NOW!” So I went downstairs and saw her with a very large kitchen knife. Then she said it again. So I started to and then she told me it was just a prank (but I’m pretty sure she used an imaginary one to stab me in the back). 2 Sundays ago both of us, my mom, and her parents had a talk about our friendship. We talked about how she insulted both me and one of my friends and how I just had it and attacked her when she was egging me on. When I explained what happened, she lied and said she didn’t egg me on. But she got exposed. Also during the talk we talked about her “blocking” me. Turns out she only pretended to. I mean sure I blocked her because I thought she blocked me and when her parents asked me the first time I said no, but I thought they were talking about if I blocked her first, which now I guess I did. Also she lied saying that during spring break in 2018 her and our friend did clean up a mess and I was just throwing a fit when I wasn’t. Also she said that I was making it seem like she was doing something when I wasn’t. And throughout the whole conversation she lied. That’s one of her skill that gets people in trouble. She’s lied before so I wasn’t really surprised. Like the time she apologized for saying that me and my friend need to get a life and said that she actually wanted to be friends with me. Or the time where she sprayed my perfume right next to me and said that I was thinking about it. Or the times that she promised me she wouldn’t do mean things again or apologized to me for doing something, I forgive her, and she goes right on ahead and does the thing again or something else that ticks me off. And let’s not forget when we had that conversation that I mentioned and she said that she was the only one apologizing to me (which yea she was) and said that I didn’t give her anything back. I forgave her and if I did do something wrong I apologized. She said that I was ignoring her when I wasn’t. Sure we barley talk but when she says something I respond. They say that the most dangerous creature on this planet is a fake friend. They’re right
17 days ago
My "friend's" name is Evangeline, and she's been doing and saying things that really hurt me as a person, even to this day. She's always fishing for complements by saying "Tell me what I'm doing right or wrong," but whenever me or anyone else tries to give her at least a little constructive criticism, well, I guarantee you that there'll be new lies and rumors spread around the school about you. Why were she and I friends? I don't know. I think it was a fight for popularity, where she'd look nice and try to sustain being your friend, while actually destroying your reputation and yourself. It was horrible for someone like me, who didn't realize what was going on. Every day everything had to be about herself only. Who stared in the play? Evangeline. Who had the best drawing? Evangeline. Who is the prettiest? Evangeline. She was so greedy, and everything was only growing to the point where I met up with her at recess and told her that enough was enough and that I wasn't going to tolerate our friendship if it was going to be like this anymore, only in a softer tone of voice and in a kinder way. Well, she bent down and started crying! I was confused for a second because...well...why would she cry about me is she hated me so much? Well, she attracted a crowd, and when they asked her what was wrong, she said that I was yelling at her that she was a horrible person and that I was breaking up the friendship. My friends (And her friends to) stepped out of the group and started to blame me for her lies. No matter what I said them about what had actually happened, they only wanted to believe the kid that was crying. She only cried to get a crowd! I was outraged, but apparently so was my friends. I lost not only a really big fake friend, but also a lot of other real friends, who I shared birthday parties and play dates with! I haven't been able to reach out to any of them since but I hope I'll be able to. I promise you this happened! Just ask any of our elementary school students! They'll say it's true!
23 days ago
My friend is called eoghan prenounced ohan but he lies to me all the time acctualy he dosent anymore but i think we have a ½ good friend ship383838384838382
27 days ago
The other is better then u,but i don't rlly know why.
27 days ago
Thanks for backstabbing me,best fake friend.
27 days ago
I thought she was my bff before,well yes,best fake friend.
She always like to fights and always say something bad to me behind.
I always told everybody her good side,i never tell anyone her bad side.
She couple with someone and then they broke up,then she said it was my fault,it's not,well it's her fault because cheating with him!
I was like "Oh wow,my fault?".
And yeah she send to her status (whatssap),that i'm couple with someone..But i never couple! She just spread rumors about me😒,then she pm me at whatssap,she told me "That's what you get for made me broke up with my boyfriend." OH WELL HOW ABOUT U EAT UR MOMMA ASS.
Now we always fighting each other,saying bad word at each other..Anything that BAD.
What a waste of life for u to became my best friend.
And its come to fake friend.
Can't accepted what u do to me.
27 days ago
I hate her so much,she like a playgirl,sometimes she like him,sometime another boy,sometime she said she was couple with someone,but that's not even true! She said she was couple with someone that instafam! But his never know her,if he know her,HE NEVER WANT HER ANYMORE
I just can't accepted what she told me.
She always lied to all people also her own best friend! Oh my i really hate her!!