True Friend, Or Fake?

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Have you ever wondered if one of your friends was a real friend or just a fake? I think we all wonder this at times, so I created a quiz to help you find out. Take it now!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others' mishaps and mistakes?

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17 hours ago
The tests doesn't have much awnsers.
2 days ago
My friend often lies to me, she's absolutely unsupportive and discouraging, but she has a kind voice. she never uses me, but she also never goes for bday parties. she's true or fake
4 days ago
My friend has been my bff for a year now but she’s gotten mean and unsupportive. And she hurts me a lot (emotionally). She’s very possessive, and clingy, but also independent. She makes fun of my quietness and says I’m rude and i should change. And when she hurts me I say sorry. :/ but we do a lot of things together so if I end the friendship I’ll have to see her everywhere, it would be so awkward. And I have no other friends. I’m in a pickle. :(
9 days ago
Now i know if one of my friends is fake but every one has their ups and downs with friends just make sure that they arent fake loke most people
15 days ago
Drop 'em all, honestly. Friends that ignore you and get mad when you ask if their okay are totally not worth your time, but a complete waste of it. If you can hold stable on your own without a 'bestie' to hold you up, tops to you! You're an independent strong person. I'm not trying to boast, but struggles with these so called friends I have has made me very independent. I don't rely on people to make me happy (unless it's Jesus) because I do like to be alone. It's quite nice. Moral of the story is this: you shouldn't need people to make you happy. Find your happy place and hold onto it.❤
17 days ago
I dont know if it is just me or it is because of my past. I keep feeling that my friends are not really my friends because they dont really confort me when I am sad. :(
18 days ago
my friend constantly insults me and leaves me out. If I tell her that she's being mean, I might lose my true friend. What do I do?
21 days ago
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22 days ago
I'm very skeptical about the results...
22 days ago
My frenemie has been my friend since I was three but now I have new friends and every time I try to go to my friends, she grabs my sleeve and drags me back to her. By the way, I can't tell to her to stop because otherwise she''ll pretend to cry and tell a teacher and I get screamed at. Whenever I tell them that she wouldn't let me go, they don't believe me.Help me please!!!
22 days ago
me and this girl have been friends in 8 years now. Its always something going on in Our friendship but we NEVER talks about it. Now we got a New bestie in the Club lol and both of us want to ditch her beacuse she have ruined Our friendship so much. But at the same time i can og to the same School as her knowing that i can never talk to her the same way. Sometimes she is Nice an other times she drives me crazy!!!!! anyways i think we`re gonna be friend for 2 more years ((omg) but thats fine. Also i dont understand Math.....
22 days ago
I have a friend who is kind of a narcissist, I want to break up our friendship, but how?
24 days ago
I got an update, now she’s trying to expose me, and she said our bond broke because of me bro half of it is your fault too
24 days ago
I don't have a friend anymore
27 days ago
My friend he's so nice but he seems to beytrade me for another friend and they HANG OUT AND I DONT GET INVITES
30 days ago
She also told a secret that I wanted to tell another friend on my own. She replied with “Well you took to long to tell him”, it’s my secret and you told them for me?!?!
30 days ago
I have this best friend and we’ve been friends since kindergarten but I feel like she’s acting weird now. She’s nice to me at one time then the next she’s mean to me if I do something stupid. Her other friends always do stupid things but when I do something dumb she just says “Why did you do that” in the meanest voice possible. Then she got mad at me because I couldn’t answer her call! And now I’m a group photo she crossed my face out. I feel betrayed by her and don’t know if I should continue talking to her. She also begs me to go talk or mess with someone if she doesn’t want to, and she always begs me to ask someone for something cause she says that she always do it which she hasn’t in a long time. For now I’m just keeping my distance from her by talking to other people.
30 days ago
this test is stupid I am not causing this stupid test I am done
33 days ago
my firend is nice but this use to be firend is trying to take her away
33 days ago
my BFF=best fake friend now she was the only one there for me in school...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY