True Friend, Or Fake?

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Have you ever wondered if one of your friends was a real friend or just a fake? I think we all wonder this at times, so I created a quiz to help you find out. Take it now!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others' mishaps and mistakes?

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2 days ago
I am in a group of friends and we also are in a messenger group. I consider them like good friends but one of them who is a friend that I knew for longer than my other friends is kinda mean to me, even tho we like to tease each others, I think he is being a little too mean. I texted him many times to try to stop it but he didn't really stop so I don't know if he is my friend or not. Also, I was talking with my friend and he got a call from the group on messenger while I didn't get any, does that mean my friends don't want me to get on the call because they don't like me? Please help me..
3 days ago
So nice she is a fake friend
3 days ago
I just dont know about her
3 days ago
LOLZ I am pretty popular so my friendships are never ruined
3 days ago
V @Denisdaily u r obviously fake and still a nooby and nerdy *dabz*
5 days ago
My friends from primary only two of them seem to leave me out a lot but are not mean. One is fine but sometimes leaves me out.the other has been my bff for yearssss but now never talks to me leaves me out never wants me to be her partner in anything. She acts really grown up but is only 11 I'm starting to feel uncomfortable around them. They're in my form with me and I'm friends with 1 other girl but I try to balance it out so sometimes with primary friends sometimes with form friends. It's getting to me so I'm debating whether to just stay to the girl in my form x she's really sweet I'd call her on of my best friends 😍 I have 2 other girls in different forms that I'm friends with hang out with me but with the two ones that leave me out so I feel a bit in the middle when with all 4 of them x xcx
5 days ago
This year is my 1st year of high school and on the day of graduation from primary school we had a thing called signing so what we would is we would get like friend teacher and stuff to sign stuff and my best friend had a thing (rather not say what it is) and she let her other friends sign it and even people she didi not know and i didn't sign it and i said did i sign it yet and she said no i felt sad
82 days ago
Sir meows a lot..IS STILL MY FRIEND
82 days ago
I meant TALK not y’all -_- stupid phone
83 days ago
Omgggg I meant y’all not y’all LOLZ
83 days ago
we don’t argue because I never even y’all to her?!?!
83 days ago friend was really nice and we met in first grade but then in third grade she hit me in the face with a huge stick at recess. She also always bossed me around. She always competed with my other friends. She never wanted me to have other friends.she was kinda mean to me and others. She tried to steal my boyfriend. And I was to scared to tell her we were done. Finally one day at lunch in fourth grade I told her if she wasn’t gonna be nice I was done. She refused to listen so I ended it. Now my other friends are way better but she keeps trying to talk to me and stuff. (Ps, all my new friends know the full story of me and my old friend and we all try our best to stay away from her) she also said I was a dark, evil, mean person. She never thought I was a singing a dancer and I couldn’t be myself but now I’m fine with my new friends but I think she is saying studf behind our backs ( srry this was so long )
83 days ago
My best friend is starting to ignore me and stop talking to me like we use to
84 days ago
89 days ago
The results are so right
90 days ago
my friends always run away from me and make fun out of me and r just really stupid..... if ur dealing with your friends who r stupid and treat u like trash u don't deserve them u r amazing and unique and I know it's hard to accept the fact they r not right for you but cheer up there are 7 billion other people in the world..... now get off this quiz and BE HAPPY :)
91 days ago
I thought he was by best friend until he decided to say that he HATED me.
#forever lonely😞🔥
Tbh, I can really fight so... yep...
94 days ago
now it is 👎👎👎👎👎
98 days ago
In school I'm quiet and don't talk much. Only a bit more with my "friends", but to be honest they aren't good friends. They are always gossipings and talking back behind my back. I'm like the third wheel. I feel so useless with them. I would really love to be alone, but then I guess my old bullies will notice me...
100 days ago