True Friend Or Fake Friend?

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Have you ever wondered if your friend was a real one or a fake one? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others mishaps and mistakes?

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Count me in (77004)
3 days ago
Somone I understand you// and don't trust in people like that// you probably might even have more friends then her and if she is touchy with your ex she is just like a wannabe( a person who they think they are better then others ) she is probably crushing on your ex and trying to make you mad/ jealous but don't worry u will find better people
Somone (82439)
8 days ago
This girl and I have been great friends for 6 years and this year I have started to doubt our friendship because she and I have fought so many times and she has done so much to wrong me and hurt me. And another thing is that she isn't the person I remember being best friends with since the first grade since she has become a huge narcissist and just enjoys drama and likes finding a way to make it all about her. And she has no real support for me since my ex-boyfriend and I broke up. She has been friends with this boy longer that we have been friends so I understand that she still wants to be friends with that boy but ever since we broke up he has been bullying me and saying really mean stuff about me and she barely even cares and she still gives him hugs and gets really touchy with him knowing that it hurts me so I don't think that she really cares about what I feel. I don't consider this girl my friend but I still hang out with her because all my other friends hang out with her and two of my most faithful friends are in that group so I can't leave. Advice?????
School Girl (75037)
9 days ago
Well, my friend she punched me and pulls me around in a mean manner... I don’t think she realizes/means it but she can be mean without knowing, it hurts a lot but she is my only friend. At one time she will be happy and nice but at the other she’s will be bossy and mean.... I don’t know, she is probably using me....
bella (61078)
10 days ago
Hahahaha.....i like LUCK!!!
LAXMI (68245)
25 days ago
Thank You
Human (47136)
34 days ago
I have this friend who I have been friends with for a long time. About 11 years. It is only recently I am doubting whether she is a true friend or not. I was so blinded by all the good times I had with her that I failed to realise, I was sacrificing much more than her for this friendship. It is so complicated to explain because it is 11 years worth. We've always done things her way and if I fought back, she would guilt trip me into agreeing with her anyways. She has also been using me this whole time because all her other friends didn't get into the school we go to now because it's a selective school and so she only has me. I don't know how I failed to realise she was fake but I guess it's because we did have some really good times together. But I know I have to let her go because I know she would throw me under the bus for her own gain if she had a choice and I know I deserve better.
me (33259)
34 days ago
My friend is terrible. she looked through my bag without my permission and took some of my stuff - and i wouldn't have known that she did unless my friend told me she did(so thankful to her). She steals my food, good marks and everything. She forces me into her group and always tries to be better than me. Used my skype account to talk to other people. Never does the work, makes me do her assignments and forces me into her group for group work assignments. She is also so dumb and i don't known how she got into our school.
brataly101 (16697)
34 days ago
Me and my friends went to knotts the other day and one of them went up to the others and not me and she said we should have a sleepover and then she said and dont tell Riley (me) so then i brushed it off and then we went on another ride and she said ya we all go in one row and you go in the back and she said that to me. And then anouther time at school they where all doing a prank on my other friend and i looked at them and they all just said my name like it was my fault. But to me the question is that are me and her real or fake freinds becasue i have had one fake freind before and your freindship lasted about 6/7 years and then she went with the want a be rebles
Emma (12452)
37 days ago
So I was friends with this year 5 girl for quite a while ( I'm in year 6 ) Anyway I got bullied at my old school so I decided to move to her school. On my second week there we had a huge fight, I didn't go to school the last 3 days after that. It was the last three days before holidays, I told my
"Besties" about the fight. And today I played with them, Next minute they are playing with the year 5 girl. So I walked away. And now I'm stuck playing with younger kids in year 4 & 5. Also there's another girl Millie she is always mad at me ok let's call her a "Drama Queeeen" big time. When you have a fight with her she holds grudges and doesn't let go. I just wanna move schools again but I can't what do I do??
I dont know (77004)
38 days ago
I am in middle school now but in 3rd grade I was new at a school and this girl lets call her "jo", was my first friend at that school then we past to 4rth grade although never talked to me, then in 5th grade she took away my best friend Now, in 6th she called me her bestie👭 So I followed along then she had to move so in the last day she was there at school we cried because we were going to miss "each other" although it feels like " I miss her and she doesn't miss me, let me tell you why I think that ( today is march 14) and I have been texting her since February 2 but never responded since then I kept saying " hi" or " I miss you " although she still won't answer me then I found out she has been texting one of my friends and FaceTime her after school my friend lets call her "jay" told me Jo wants to say hi to you after school so, after school I went to Jays phone and said hi to jo. Jo told me that she missed me but still won't respond my text messages, then today I looked at her and a girl popped out and said in her newest musicall with a new girl lets call her " Tiffany",I've never seen and under it says "Hacked by your bestie" which Tiffany wrote and in the background Jo is on her phone just like everyday And she Cant respond to one of my single TEXTS!!!! Is she a fake friend now? Pls help?
Me (18531)
41 days ago
So last year in 5th grade a new girl came to school we became friends really fast even tho she just got there anyway close to the end of the year of school she started treating me like 💗 she always bossed me around and hated some of my friends and in the end of the year my grade had a graduation cause we were leaving Elemantary School when it was over we went back to the classrooms to wait for our parents when she was going to leave she hugged everyone goodbye and not me in the summer she never talked to me only like once but then she said wrong person. When we went back to middle school she ignored me and her other friends next thing you know she starts talking about us so I got tired of it so I texted her everything she has done and she said i don't give a 💗 and thx for the popularity so the next day at school i showed her elementary friends so we decided we were going to ignore and we also told her to stop saying 💗 about us or we will expose her to the whole school cause she told us lots of secret 💗 she has told us.
Unsure (86723)
43 days ago
I have a friend that I've been friends with for years, but this year in 7th grade, my friend is one of those really smart nerds, she along with 4 other girls were chosen to go up against other towns and show off their knowledge of trivia, and they actually won. And ever since they've been inseperable. Now my friend is always hanging out with them the only time she ever talks to me is if her other friends are gone. And she along with the other girls are kinda being rude to a lot of people. They always pair together because they believe they wont win if they don't. They actually had another girl on their team before they asked the teacher if she could go in someone else's group. I'm starting to think all this winning is getting in her head. And I'm not sure what to do.
Question (77004)
44 days ago
i am in middle school and have this one good friend I met her in first grade but had to move and saw/ meet her again in 6th grade, I always say with her at lunch but I had to sit with other friends too, one day she tells me what she should ask one of her close friends ( which is a boy) and I tell her ask him do u like anyone and after I texted her and when she sent me hi she also accidentally sent me her texts with her close friend boy and in it it said " do u like anyone " and he said " who told you to tell me " and she told him it was me and he said " stalker" and my " bff" said " I can see that" and I dont know why she said that when she told me " what should I ask him" ( not that I liked her close friend ) Is my " bff" my friend or fake?
Someone (16125)
47 days ago
Hey Saddo, it sounds like your friend is upset about something. It's probably not you, but it could be stress, anger, etc. She might even be pressured to make that mean friend, especially if you're both in middle or high school. What I would do is just not talk to her for a while and give her a little air. I get it, it can be super hard since you've been friends forever, but not only will it give her some air, it will also help her realize that she's venting her feelings on others.
Well, hope this helps.
Lucie (35354)
50 days ago
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Jazmyn smith (93233)
53 days ago
? how do i know if its a fake friend, i didnt get my number percent or my profile! please answer back 2 me((eteal
Saddo😭 (79028)
54 days ago
I've been bffs with this girl for 7 years and she's always mad at me. I think she hates me! I keep telling her how I feel but she says she's my friend but I don't believe her. I've also got my first show coming up and she's not coming, she said she was busy but I don't think she wants to come. She hangs with this girl whose really mean so I can't hang with her!
Does she hate me?
Please tell me the answer asap!!👭❌
Friend problems (67023)
63 days ago
I’m a new student at my school and it seems like no one likes me even the girls I hang out with they treat me like💗like I don’t belong I want to move back to my old school but at the same time I don’t and now all the girls ignore me when I say something and when I walk away they don’t realise I’ve been gone then they tease me I try to make new friends but everyone ignores me and it’s pissing me off! They also always leave me out on a bunch of stuff and because I’m new and everyone walks away from me I always get lost and I don’t know where I am. It so annoying. I mean I can’t stay like this for the rest of my life.
A person (24467)
63 days ago
So I’ve been friends with this gut since 2014. He was always my friend and stayed by my side. Now that I’m in highschool we met another guy and we hanged out with him for a while. Then he started picking on me. Small stuff at first but I didn’t really care. Now he’s calling me gay and stuff like that and my friend i knew from 2014 isn’t doing anything he’s literally just sitting there smiling.