True Friend Or Fake Friend?

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Have you ever wondered if your friend was a real one or a fake one? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others mishaps and mistakes?

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A girl (26287)
24 days ago
My best friend once told people an incident about me that happened at a sleepover at her house. I told her to stop but she thought it was funny. She’s lied to me and said it was a prank even though it wasn’t funny. I’m still friends with her only because I find it hard to make other friends
Someone (31235)
29 days ago
All my Friend left me out even though I don’t gossip about them they gossip about me and I really think there is not true Friend in this world
Ur gurl (77004)
40 days ago
Hey marvelous don't feel bad last year I met a girl who made me ditch my bff because she said she was "mean" but she wasn't and she made me lose my confidence which I should not have let my fake friend do I hate problems and don't get people anymore everyone betrays everyone now
marvellous (38468)
47 days ago
my best friend betrayed me. she went to to talk behind me and follow all what other friends say. we created a whatsapp group she removed me same as instagram. every single time in school they always talk abo ut me and even mock me. i trusted her but she betrayed my trust, she knows lot of secret about me and my parents and am scared if she will tell other people in school. i dont go out with them anymore because some friends said they dont like me and always exclude me. i feel so lonely and i regretted knowing them.
amber truffle nugget (48200)
50 days ago
I have a best friend, and she always acts like she's replacing me.She hangs out with my other group of friends and when I join, she acts exactly like a clone of me.She copies me on alot of things, like my art, my hairstyle, and where I work on ROBLOX.I saw her playing a game with a group of my friends, and she acted like I wasn't there, so she never even talked to me about it.My other friend, I'll call him Ly, he made a group and invited my best friend, and didn't even tell me about the group.And I've known Ly since kindergarten.I eventually cried when I saw what he did and when I started thinking about it, I started tearing up even more.I have another friend who I would consider myself closer to, but I'm afraid to tell her about it because I know she's pretty good friends with my best friend.I'm scared and I don't know what to do.I'm going into 5th grade this August, and I'm afraid she's going to end up forgetting I exist.I'm too afraid to tell her I don't want to be her best friend anymore because she's really sensetive and sweet when me and her talk.She's ignored alot of my messages, and since me and her use an app to talk to each other called Tango, she told me 'Ooh, Tango isn't working for me.'.When I suggested we use discord to talk she said 'I can't.'.I started bothering her about it and she said "Fine I will."So I was waiting on discord for about 20 minutes for her to go online.But she never did.I feel like she's jealous of somethings about me, and that she wants to be done with me but she doesn't want to say.She's slowly becoming my clone, and taking all my friends away from me.Can somebody please, just tell me what I should do about this!?!?
((fuchsia))wow((efuchsia)) (68817)
52 days ago
better than i thought
No name (84732)
53 days ago
Only the fake one texts me.
I already knew she was fake when she lied multiple times to me. It continued for 2 years then I said “You dont even talk to me. You say ‘oh she’s my best friend’ when I go and ask to hang out with you because you won’t. Then you drag me to hang out with a bunch of people I don’t know and don’t even recognize when I leave. It’s really emotionally exhausting to be ‘best friends’ with you because you have done this multiple times. Don’t text me ever again.”

But me being the forgiving person I am said you can talk to me but we will never be best friends again.
The other week she snapchated me and said “Hey I really miss being best friends with you”
I answered with “K”
No name (84732)
53 days ago
They don’t text me :)
temporary (05499)
53 days ago
she only texts me if she wants something. Whenever we go out i always pay for her stuff and she says she'll pay for me next time we go out but then she dissapears on me for weeks until I "forget" she needs to pay. smh
anonymonous (05499)
53 days ago
She leaves me out of everything and never really talks to me unless I force her to. She would leave me all the time for another girl. She lies and gossips so much it's hard sometimes. I want to cut her out of my life but my friends are her friends and they do anything she says. If she ignores me they ignore me. It sucks. I need new friends
Blue Girls (71766)
59 days ago
I have a friend, She lies, She gossips, And blames things on me and my friend. She has done this so many times, Over and over. She copies everything we do and gets credit for it. We can not tell anyone because they can lie and use those lies against us and everyone believes her. She is rude and we can't leave her. Its close to impossible. Sometimes she goes behind our back and gossips about us.She acts like a bully and she really make us feel empty and useless. then she acts like nothing ever happened.She has told us so many lies we dont even know if she is telling the truth anymore for anything
- Blue girls.
Anomynoua (52842)
66 days ago
MY FRIEND IS A BAXKSTABBER! The only reason she’s still my friend is because she’s so manipulative. She ignores me when i kept screaming guys giys guys, when I told her I felt like dying and I almost tried strangling myself to death she inturupptd and said she has to go search up stuff in safari, then when I told her after she was done she ignored. everything i said and told me about her problems. Its all about her! Her her her her her! She cried because everyone ignored her three times and felt left out. But that happens every day to me and I dont cry even though I feel so alone! She takes all of the attention and all her friends when im talking to her they push me aside and leave me behind. When she got in trouble because of me I got in trouble for her and we got detention together. I did that for her! Yet in fisset she cant even wait for me because shes too busy wanting to go to ehr other friends who hurt her several times and ditching her real friend. She talked behind m6 back since grade one I knew it she hit me alot too but im done with her! Im never telling her anything again
Khushi Kalra (99785)
66 days ago
I want to know how much you know about me
Kaddy loves puppies (87187)
67 days ago
My friend safirah 70 percent true friend 20 percent good friend 10 percent fake friendMy friend Isaiah 60 percent true friend 20 percent good friend 20 percent fake friend
Mylah (43781)
71 days ago
Don't ever let it friends get to u if there treating u with hate or if u feel like ur suffering to keep the friendship behind . If there fake cut them off quick. You don't need friends have associate then make friends all girls of these days is talk so don't get to close to them
Help? (61662)
77 days ago
I hate my ex friend but she is in with my friend group and I really love these friends but I hate her. How do I keep my friends but get rid of her without causing trouble or losing other friends?
💗 (08972)
78 days ago
It took me waaaay to long to cut this girl off. I never realized that everything with her was a phase, including me. She was so material, she would only ever invite me somewhere or talk to me if she needed help. The last time I talked to her she invited me to the movies just to have me text a guy and pretending to be her to try to get this guy to go out with her.
pathetic (60381)
80 days ago
my friend was all nice and then she just walked off without me at lunch and she is obsessed with this other girl, they exclude me, walk off and treat me like trash. And if she thinks I hate her she says "why do you hate me?" ugh, F A K E. she has made me become depressed....
Bruh (17410)
83 days ago
Idk but one of my friends make fun of the shoes i wear but yet she has some from k. mart like.......bruh
Uggggggghhhhhhhh (00797)
87 days ago
Well, I believe I have no friends. I fought with this one friend cause she tried to suicide and didn’t even care to talk to me about anything she is going through. I have known her for 5 years now. And THEN my other friend didn’t invite me to her last bday party where I live cause she is leaving. And the day after they were like sorry I forgave them but now again she is mad at me for taking to som one otter than her for ACTUAL 5 MINUTES!!!! I swear she has an actual mental illness. Today she told me I don’t deserve friends and so now I believe that and have decided to become a loner cause no one can hurt you then...