True Friend Or Fake Friend?

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Have you ever wondered if your friend was a real one or a fake one? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others mishaps and mistakes?

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IDC (32035)
65 days ago
Hey to all yall don't have friends #JOINtheCLUBalreadyYOUknowYOUwantTO just joking XD 😂
morgan smith (39168)
65 days ago
i have this one friend she has been my fried since like 2nd grade and sh e is such a hoe but i love her and we usally ft evey night and tonight me and my friednds were supposed to go to her house and have a sleep over and go to the mall tommorow and she said she would ask her mom and today she told me her mom said on my 2 other friends couldnt come over and not me bc her mom said i couldnt come over which i kow is a lie bc i come over all the time and both the other girls want me too come over and she can be really mean to me well everyone in the entire school makes fun of me bc i mess but she is extra mean to me like she doesnt want me to come over bc she doesnt want me to mess with her and her little boyfriend who im friends with and idk what to do bc she can be a total 💗 to but then acts like she is my best friend and she tells me all the time im her best friend and idk y she hates me all the sudden and one time she diddnt talk to me bvc it was national muslim week btw im a dirty blonde flat white g
linda (89655)
67 days ago
bestfriend always known each other .
she never helps me when i need , she hates on everything i can do and makes me feel like trash and all the while she pretended we were friends .
finally (64627)
68 days ago
my "best friend" and I have known each other for like five years and until recently, I never realized how horrible she really was to me. she never helps me when I need. she hates on everything I do and makes me feel like trash and all the while she pretended we were friends. I'm just glad I finally realized how awful she was. honestly, I'm so glad to be done with her.
Jazmine (57222)
69 days ago
My friend is amazing
bumblebbe (84492)
69 days ago
i had friends and we always hung out at lunch. we were supposed too go to a fair wight them. (girls and boys) today at break they sad we don't want you to come with us. what did i do to earn this. i treat them with respect and instead they give back negative feelings and treat me like I'm somewhat lower than them, less worthy.
Ranae (57069)
72 days ago
Hey, don't let friends like that get to you. When it feels like you're suffering in the friendship or relationship then based on my experience that is when it is time to leave. It may be hard but in the end it will be for the better and you will be a lot happier. Maybe I should gather the courage to do the same.

My story is that I have a friend who always judges me, puts people down talking to me about it most of the time, doubts my abilities and makes me feel miserable. I think it's time to be straight with her and maybe end the friendship. No more fake smiles or pretending everything is okay. Got to be straight to it. Wish me luck!

May God be with you.
kayla (23071)
75 days ago
I love being friends with that girl
kayla (23071)
75 days ago
Well my friend she was my best friend since pre-k she still is but sometimes she gossips about me behind my back
... (77595)
78 days ago
Apparently the friend I thought I could always trust hates me...
Jennifer (94272)
81 days ago
Honestly, I'mma say this. I have a friend who is Quiet and she says that everyone is ugly and stuff like that. People tell me that she just uses her friends so she can be Cool. Another friend told me that her sisters smokes and she told me the opposite. I think she might be a fake friend.))
bro (72268)
82 days ago
My best friend and I have been friends since we were 4 and now I've realized what a horrible friend she is. She always invites our whole friend group and doesn't invite me. If I ask something she yells "You're so dumb. Ugh" She always makes me feel bad for what I say. She talks about our other friends behind their back and my only suspicion is that she does the same to me. She had a birthday party and she invited EVERYONE except me and it was everywhere. At lunch she always neglects me and I feel like she uses me for a lot. I'm in band and if I do something I'm proud of, she says that nobody cares and that I'm a nerd tells me to 💗. I think I've been blinded by the length of our friendship. Now I left her and I'm so much happier and I enjoy school a lot more now
Dead grandpa (48443)
86 days ago
When my grandpa died she was the one I went to. After that happened I felt like I couldn’t trust her or anyone. I can only trust my dead grandpa
Hi (02295)
90 days ago
This quiz is lagging
Count me in (77004)
92 days ago
Somone I understand you// and don't trust in people like that// you probably might even have more friends then her and if she is touchy with your ex she is just like a wannabe( a person who they think they are better then others ) she is probably crushing on your ex and trying to make you mad/ jealous but don't worry u will find better people
Somone (82439)
96 days ago
This girl and I have been great friends for 6 years and this year I have started to doubt our friendship because she and I have fought so many times and she has done so much to wrong me and hurt me. And another thing is that she isn't the person I remember being best friends with since the first grade since she has become a huge narcissist and just enjoys drama and likes finding a way to make it all about her. And she has no real support for me since my ex-boyfriend and I broke up. She has been friends with this boy longer that we have been friends so I understand that she still wants to be friends with that boy but ever since we broke up he has been bullying me and saying really mean stuff about me and she barely even cares and she still gives him hugs and gets really touchy with him knowing that it hurts me so I don't think that she really cares about what I feel. I don't consider this girl my friend but I still hang out with her because all my other friends hang out with her and two of my most faithful friends are in that group so I can't leave. Advice?????
School Girl (75037)
98 days ago
Well, my friend she punched me and pulls me around in a mean manner... I don’t think she realizes/means it but she can be mean without knowing, it hurts a lot but she is my only friend. At one time she will be happy and nice but at the other she’s will be bossy and mean.... I don’t know, she is probably using me....
bella (61078)
99 days ago
Hahahaha.....i like LUCK!!!
LAXMI (68245)
114 days ago
Thank You
Human (47136)
122 days ago
I have this friend who I have been friends with for a long time. About 11 years. It is only recently I am doubting whether she is a true friend or not. I was so blinded by all the good times I had with her that I failed to realise, I was sacrificing much more than her for this friendship. It is so complicated to explain because it is 11 years worth. We've always done things her way and if I fought back, she would guilt trip me into agreeing with her anyways. She has also been using me this whole time because all her other friends didn't get into the school we go to now because it's a selective school and so she only has me. I don't know how I failed to realise she was fake but I guess it's because we did have some really good times together. But I know I have to let her go because I know she would throw me under the bus for her own gain if she had a choice and I know I deserve better.