True Friend Or Fake Friend?

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Have you ever wondered if your friend was a real one or a fake one? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Is your friend always gossiping about others mishaps and mistakes?

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Pmaia (94364)
171 days ago
Wish My Best Friend Liked Me The Way I Like Her :(
A persn (24349)
176 days ago
My friends have been with me since we were 7 when it's just 3 main ones it's fine but when old friends come they bully me and call me fake if I don't give them money they said I should bring them £10.00 on Monday but i don't have that money 💰😞😞😰😢😢
Bethani (26446)
177 days ago
I only, not Ilonly
Bethani (26446)
177 days ago
Do you ever feel like you have a true friend when then they turn out as a fake ?This is why Ionly have like 5 friends.
Miranda (03950)
177 days ago
Enter your comment here.My bestie is always not having fun but she likes hanging out with someone else i feel very left out:,(:,(
eemz2008 (46194)
185 days ago
I did this Quiz and It helped me and my friend a lot
Ariana💖 (49685)
195 days ago
My friend (let's call her Z) and I have been friends for 9 years (we're 11 and in fifth grade now). Since second grade, I feel like she's drifting away from me. It hurts. She's "popular" and I have a lot of friends, but some ppl peg me as a "nerd" (nerds are cool though!!), and I feel like when we go to middle school next year and the popularity thing gets bigger, she'll stop hanging out with me. My other two BFFs (I have three best friends but Z is my BEST best) are actually a lot nicer and better friends than Z's new BFFs. My babysitter (I tell her about everything, especially stuff with Z) says she might be jealous that ,y friends are true and hers aren't. Idk. I'm hopings we patch this up. If u have advice, pls DM me on the app (it's the only social media I'm allowed, don't judge) @the.perfect.panda. Thx for any help, and sorry for having to read my crazed venting
cesilia (81431)
199 days ago
me and my friend always togheter so this test really help me even if i haved been halved year with her i know she loves me but aumetimes we fight but we know that we will always togheter nomatter what we will be always be bff
Evie (64658)
201 days ago
Me and my friend haven’t known each other for long but we’re quite similar. But sometimes it’s not great when she tells me the truth about what she thinks about me and she always has to point out how she used to popular before she hung out with me, and how she needs to make new friends and that I’m socially awkward. I don’t mind it, but I don’t know if I want to listen to it anymore. But if I’m not her friend, I have no one else instead of her. She not a toxic friend, it’s just a little sad she says I’m like this
sophie (10437)
203 days ago
i have a really good friend but we fight not that often but often
Lucy (49331)
204 days ago
My friend always makes fun of my chest size (super flat) and it makes me feel so bad about myself like it used to be just at school and so every time we would hang out at someone’s house I would get excited because I would be like “yes she finally won’t make fun of me” but now even then she will snap at every chance like I get she’s trying to be funny and making jokes but I’m sick of it I’m constantly self conscious because of her it’s the little things like “calm your tits, oops sorry your nipples” and I know it doesn’t seem that huge of a deal but that’s the least offensive one and I really need advice to like do something
Breanna (56030)
207 days ago
A Person (24729)
214 days ago
I had a fake friend and we used to be BFFs but she would always boss me around and tell me what to do. She also called me fat and tried to say in a 'nice' way that I acted like a sl*t. Also I liked this guy a lot and she kept convincing me not to like him cause she thought he was ugly. Everytime I said hi to other people, she'd tell me not to say hi to them and she got angry at me once for it. Im glad we stopped being friends because she made me feel like💗and I also moved towns.
someone (96704)
220 days ago
so ive been friends with four girls for rlly long....but theres like one special in our group that everyone likes our friendship are wierd cuz that girl came to my class a year before and she made friends with girl who was popular in my classs ...but that girl (endija) who came in out class like taked beate (da popular one) from kristiana ( i think my best friend :/) then endija was friends with me and we like left out kristiana cuz endija said she was annoying ......then thwy stooped being friends with me and krsitana too...then it like taked 1 month and they were friends with me again ....then summer came and endija said she doesnt wanna talk to me or be friends....when school started she texted me that she dindt thing dat srs and she was friends with me again...but i was friends with krisitanna in summer again and i said if endija wanted to be friends with me then she needs to be friends with krisitana too ...then we were friends again.....but then i relized endija talked with kristiana more and said me thing like ...💗 one asked u ones talking to u......but ...thne she like says me to go with her..and we like do pranks we do stuff together ...but then she again syas...💗 or someything like that ......i dont reallly know if dis friendship is true or fake ...but i hope its true :/
Mini Becky G (82267)
221 days ago
I don't get it. I mean I'm glad though that the test said they were best friends but she keeps leaving me out of almost everything from P.E class. She keep spending time with this other friend Elizabeth and she doesn't even play this game we made up with me and then I even give her my :-( face that I made up so she can I can know that something's wrong. And then when she says sorry, i say " For what?" And then SHE says " For whatever i did to u" and then she left. I want her to know that i feel left out by my actions, not by my words.
Bae (52645)
222 days ago
Me and my bestie have been friends since the day i moved next door nobpdy can break our relationship it is 100 even though quiz says 60 we have been through every thing love u madds
Stacy (57704)
222 days ago
This quiz is confusing asf.
Francis (93383)
222 days ago
Ellie (88767)
224 days ago
I can tell my friends hate me. I just want to cry 😢😭
yuki anne ze gay Asian X3 (31442)
225 days ago
Okie dokie then, time to murder my ex bestie bc of an internet quiz.