Do I have Depression/Bipolar Disorder?

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Feeling low all the time? Having uncontrollable moods? Like me, you may be suffering from Bipolar Disorder, or Depression alone. Take this test to give you a better idea, but this is not intended as a diagnostic tool- if you are concerned consult your doctor.

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    How is your motivation?

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43 days ago
@Ni I know you won't see this but if you somehow do, I answered the one that said i didnt have anything on the last one but i got mild depression
126 days ago
I got mild depression but who knows I know I'm not going to a doctor and I already am suspecting that I have depression,anxiety ,and insomnia
147 days ago
In the last question, i said that i was fine and the test results say that I have Major Depression, that's true. But, not that much. I have Bipolar Disorder just a little bit.
159 days ago
it says i have mild depression...
172 days ago
The result will depends only on the last question. If they asked you what do you think you have and you answered with major depression, then that's your result. If you said you're fine, then the result will say you're well and not sick.
173 days ago
I have mild depression but my parents didn't believe me😡😢😰😰😰😰
219 days ago
oml i think i am bipolar i'm super scared like fr
305 days ago
Idk what’s wrong with me. For the past year I have been feeling alone and empty. I find it hard to communicate with anyone. I know I’m not alone but it’s feels like it. I Have to force myself to go to school. Idk why I can’t stand going to school . Nobodies bullying me or anything so idk why I dread going. I don’t feel happy anywhere. But school is the place I feel the least happy. I barley eat. It’s like...idk I am hungry and I wanna eat but my body Just doesn’t feel like eating. Idk what’s wrong with me. I just wanna feel happy again. Idk what to do .help
584 days ago
I’m actually clinically have a bipolar disorder so seeing me get 100% I’m not surprised
621 days ago
My mum is Bi-Polar and I think I am too now. Last year I got super depressed and then this summer I got super happy and then I moved again and I was sort of depressed but it got better and I was happy, almost had a boyfriend (we liked each other and hung out alone a lot) and then he hit puberty, became a complete jerk, lost his popularity and my depression is kicking in again. During the day, at school, I act like I’m super happy and stuff and sometimes I actually am and am popular as hell now and then I go home and hope to be alone the whole time and feel completely empty. There’s like no cure. All I do at home is listen to music, and do homework.
641 days ago
I have Bi-Polar and Manic Depression. This quiz was crazy and wrong
695 days ago
Ah i already know i have bipolar. Been diagnosed with it for two years. Im 15, and seeing getting 100% on here makes me laugh....
714 days ago
I got bipolar discorder,But i'm too scared to tell anyone.... ;-;
720 days ago
i'm 13. i use music to help me feel better. sometimes i'm the most outgoing and positive person, then the next day i feel very upset and dont feel like doing anything. sometimes i can get so angry then the next minute be super happy. sometimes for long extended periods of time all i do is write songs, then suddenly a little bit later i have no ideas for it anymore. i've been suicidal for almost a month/s every year for the past 3 years. i've been researching bipolar disorder a lot.
723 days ago
I self harm for an addiction and I don’t feel emotional but I feel empty
948 days ago
I self harm to cut out the pain upstairs.
1057 days ago
Same Bayden keep chasing that white dragon
1139 days ago
I smoke meth to escape my depression
1272 days ago
I'm a banana im a banana
1484 days ago
i cant sleep too hyper