Who Would Your Heroes Of Olympus Boyfriend Be?

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Nico, Jason, Leo, Percy, or Frank

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Nico Di Angelo (40846)
12 days ago
I’m also confuse why I’m in this website 0_0 oh shoot Chiron caught me bye and welcome to the dark side ppl
Nico Di Angelo (40846)
12 days ago
um okay?!?!what ever that girl is I wouldn’t be hers you know I just like the positive girls
Midnight Bow (40846)
12 days ago
Um I took a test where this girl was like great you know Nico but he’s MINEEEEE!!!!!!!but not this test it’s great
Persbeth is the best (66610)
12 days ago
I got Percy (as always)
Midnight Bow (16178)
27 days ago
(Will is my brother k?!)
Midnight Bow (16178)
27 days ago
Wow I answered it again and I got a 95% chance of him ...cool will and Nico are fine but if I get him NOOOOOOOOOOOOO he’s my brother (the him is Nico....NICO?! Wait what)
27 days ago
yyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyy I get Leo almost evry timeeeee!!!! except for when i get Nico WHOM I ALSO LOVEso... yeah.
lemme leave beforeCalypso finds out where I live.... but I live in Italy szo HAHAHAHAHA I HATE YOU CALYPSO
Midnight bow (95407)
28 days ago
I’m A daughter of Apollo but we have the same personalities so.... I think that’s how I got him
Midnight bow (95407)
28 days ago
Got Nico (as always)
Alicia (30640)
33 days ago
Yay I got Leo!❤️
Athena (86036)
37 days ago
I got nico lol
My awesome boyfriend
Neko kim (57284)
39 days ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I got my brother Jasoonn gracccceeee ever singgglllleeee timeeenooo
#lovepercabeth (16771)
55 days ago
i used to get Zhang every time!(which is dissapointing) but recently I've been getting either Di Angelo or Valdez. so imsuper happy :D
65 days ago
I used to get Leo like ALL THE TIME. Now, I have Percy. He's really funny and sweet and he's just a really great guy. Heck, he's the one that turns down imortality! If any other people got Percy, then congrats! You got the ultimate lucky guy! Any other lucky people that get Percy, reply! Also, I won't do anything to you if you get Percy as well. (I'm not mean. I can "share." )
JazTheSassQueen (16325)
74 days ago
Omg I got Percy! Totally true though☺️. Now I gotta run before Annabeth breaks into my house and judo flips me.
the burning maze / old piper (27992)
95 days ago
i got jason grace
PERCY LOVER!! (64369)
111 days ago
I got percy jackson!!
he is kind funny and bbrave
Ash (50063)
120 days ago
I got Leo,again which isn't a bad thing😁
whatever (13926)
126 days ago
I GOT LEO YESSSS I mean I already knew I'd get it since I'm so much like him but...YEAH
beautyintheashes (73420)
129 days ago
My results were unclear. My dream guy was 40% Percy, 40% Leo. What about the other 20%??? Fun quiz!