Are You In A Sexless Partnership? Take This Quiz

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This quiz will help you find out why you're in a sexless marriage or partnership. Be sure to look for my book, "The Art of Overcoming a Sexless Marriage," coming out soon.

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82 days ago
Well since gay & lesbian arnt a gender I didnt bother to take this "quiz"
108 days ago
The options weren't associative and as such the result was wayyyy off. It tells me Im awesome when in fact my mate and I have NOT had a physical relationship for YEARS and I hate it.
110 days ago
After taking that quiz and not be able to answer about 5 questions since no answer applied to our relationship, it said our relationship is the bomb too. Yes it is a bomb alright, one that is going to go off because one of us in going to snap and it is way overdo. He would like me to be declared insane so he can inherit everything I have worked for for the last 48 years and he can move in all the homeless slutes he wants. I keep telling him he should have married one then because that I am definitely not and have no plans to change. Don't ever want anyone else in my life, I have had my heart broken, been used and abused too long but never again.
110 days ago
I haven't had an intimate relationship with my husband in 19 years, never consummated our marriage but he has allowed a complete female stranger into our hotel room when I wasn't there saying to cool off. Guess sitting in the lobby of the hotel was not an option but brings her back to our room to take a shower, then she asks if she could spend the night and says she would do anything he pleased as she was kicked out of hotel for soliciting but when I called her a whore, he sticks up for her asking how I would say such a thing since I didn't know her. Never even considered what could have happened if I had walked back in our room only to find a strange woman there. Another time after me saying No a million times that I didn't feel comfortable co-signing a new truck loan for him and be breaks me down day after day not accepting the answer no, I give in like a fool and since I traveled with my job and living 4 hours away, he picks up a dancer claiming she was walking in a bad neighborhood and instead of giving her a ride home, he asks if she wanted to go 4 wheeling in his new truck for the first time. So while being parked in a field the cops appeared and charged him for soliciting a prostitute, they both go to jail and the truck was repossessed so being the co-signer, I had to pay off the truck without even having use of it. Another time he suggests I don't come home for the weekend as we couldn't afford. Funny I have always worked and have been the main means of support and he thanks me by bringing his new girlfriend back to the townhouse I had bought with my previous husband and I had been supporting this guy which he moved another guy and the 2 of them. Of course he blamed me because she was telling him the things he needed to hear as I was upset he hadn't been working but then she said she could sell herself for him so it didn't matter. Excuse me for being a lady and working a normal job is what I was doing. Another time we were planning on going away for the weekend and he was on his way to pick me up at work and the good guy that he was, was too interested in the woman driving next to him trying to let her know her tire was going flat so he was too concerned with her that again he never considered me and ran into the vehicle in front of her and catches my Honda Accord on fire and totals it. Just totalled another vehicle of mine in March but claims he was at a dead stop but wants me to give him what little money I received from the insurance company to buy him another new truck and of course a 4 wheel drive. Thinks he is also entitled to a Harley Davidson before he dies. He then lets another female employee who he claims is like a sister come into my house while I am working again because she soiled her pants to take a shower and do her laundry there and yes while they were waiting for her clothes to get done as he needed her to come back to work as he was very busy but he takes the time to bring her back to the house instead of sending her home so she comes out with a towel wrapped around her and they sit and visit while the laundry is being done. Does anyone see a pattern here and would you also be emotional scarred by all of this or do you too consider he is doing God's work and I am the crazy one and I evidently am not as strong as a Christian as him?Right now he is sitting in jail as I called the police on him after again paying for what he needed that day but has no problem telling me if I didn't get out of the room he just asked me to come into to get him on the computer he would hurt me and would tear up the house. So I ask, which one of us do you think is in the wrong and do you think I should file emotional abuse charges on him already knowing he is on probation again for a DUI which of course I got him an attorney to help him beat the charges. I have never cried and begged a man to leave me as many times as I have begged him. Even bought him a house out of state that was just reburished and no mortgage on it while I am paying over 1300 for my house all by my lonesome. I even gave him over 20,000 to leave and never come back but he always does.
I know this is rather long but I am interested in everyone's response as I am told I am the crazy one. How many could stand for this emotional abuse this long and he won't leave and tells me there is nothing I could do about it either. Should I press charges and have him spend time in jail or prison when I know he needs medical attention and could be serious. I am in a relationship without any benefits other than him cutting the grass and taking the garbage out and have been in a very deep depression for a long time with no desire to even live and have withdrawn from most everyone as I don't always want to depressed them with my problems. I would love to hear back as I have been told other women wouldn't have a problem with what he is doing and I am the problem which I know is a bunch if BS.
136 days ago
This is the worst test ever I’m in a completely sexless marriage and it said I’m the bomb and other couples envy what I have. Useless bull💗 site.
184 days ago
"When your partner approaches you for 💗.."
Uh, can't answer that question because it's never happened. 25 years and counting.
222 days ago
They asked my wife to evaluate my answers ... everything is fine ... nothing wrong with your💗life ... results are full of💗... totally useless
265 days ago
7th qst is absurd these 7 years we never had 💗.. Am so stressed out
267 days ago
God has nothing to do with the intimacy in a marriage
492 days ago
What a load of rubbish this test is. I'm stuck in an almost completely sexless marriage (until the kids move out) and it says we are the envy of other couples!!!! And what the hell has 'putting god in a relationship' got to do with anything? I suspect the book is just a disingenuous theists attempt to prothetelies. Don't bother!
686 days ago
Gay and lesbian isn't a gender......
695 days ago
Any work
718 days ago
Spouse does not approach me at all we never consummated our marriage
755 days ago
This test is set up for a guy... The questions didn't make sense half the time. I have been married for three years and sexless for 2.. it actually said other couples are envious of all the💗I'm having! Really, when did sexless become sexful?
923 days ago
We've had💗twice in our 15 years together
927 days ago
This is a depressing quiz. There aren't choices for people who don't have sex, who have never had a💗life. Is take the worse case scenario of an
1043 days ago
She never starts 💗 She doesnt even know what turns me on sexually.
1079 days ago
She never approaches me. We never have 💗
1079 days ago
None of these options apply. We're in a totally sexless marriage.
1328 days ago
they did not go in order