Am I Bisexual, Or Just Bi-Curious?

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Hey there! Ever feel attracted to the same sex sometimes, but not all the time? And so you can't decide whether you might be bisexual, or just curious what that would be like? My quiz is PERFECT for you!

  • 1
    Would you feel comfortable being with someone of the same sex?
  • 2
    Have you kissed, or do you plan to kiss, someone of the same sex?
    Have you kissed, or do you plan to kiss, someone of the same sex?
  • 3
    Could you like someone from the opposite sex, as well as from the same sex?
  • 4
    Have you ever fantasized about being with someone of the same sex?
  • 5
    Have people (friends, family, relatives) ever questioned your sexuality?
  • 6
    Do you care what people would or might say if you were bisexual?
  • 7
    Are you homophobic?
  • 8
    Do you ever feel the urge/desire to have sex with the same sex?
  • 9
    Do you ever check out people from the same sex?
  • 10
    How did you like this quiz? (First time)

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Comments (372)


127 days ago
Im in the middle, this is fine actually :D
127 days ago
guys im bi and proud don't feel bad if you are bi too
128 days ago
it says i'm in the middle so i'm back to step one
132 days ago
great to know im in the middle!!! helps a lot lol...
133 days ago
@DieHard5hFan same lol 😂👌
136 days ago
"Only if they got them good goodies" made me laugh so hard lmao
136 days ago
Just bi-curious.Now I know what I am finally !
142 days ago
so it says im bi-curious which I think it might be right. im not sure yet.
148 days ago
U know it saying I'm in the middle helps alot
155 days ago
yeah... being right in the middle helps.... help me
156 days ago
r i g h t i n t h e m i d d l e , h u h
158 days ago
So i got the bi-curious and it might be true bc i sometimes think that i like a girl but then i think i like a guy so... Im not very sure am i straight, lesbian or a bisexual.
160 days ago
I am also married to a female but attracted to guys as well as TS girls
160 days ago
I also have this funny feeling in my stomach about cute girls and cute guys. I also check out both crotches of guys and the same region for girls and there is a few other things as well that happen when i see cute girls ans guys
160 days ago
I have been having these feelings pretty much since high school that i am bisexual but not sure
166 days ago
I’m 💯bi sorry for the guy below me⬇️😭
180 days ago
I guess I’m in the middle. I feel like I’m being torn I just want to know and I feel like if I decide to come out. I’m going to be wrong or people will question my sincerity. I’m a girl but I don’t like make up and then sometimes I do and I act tough but then I want to blow bubbles. I am part of a friend group and not. I feel like nobody knows me and it’s scary. I stay up till 3:00 watching girls kiss trying to descover something that I don’t know even exists. What if everyone is right and it is just a phase like me like in twenty one piolets or trying to save the earth. I am attracted to girls but sometimes I feel like I have more of a fluttery feeling when I talk to guYs. So maybe I’m just curious and stupid. Who knows. I tell myself that it doesn’t bother me but when I close my eyes i picture me kissing a boy but then a girl but then back to the boy and then girl and back an forth. I don’t know the answer anymore. I got rly nervous around this one girl and I thought she was rly pretty but not in a rly feminine way. Does that mean I just like masculine girls. Does that even count as bi or gay. Am I just fooling my self. Watching videos of people who have come out and taking quiz after quiz. I’m just tired. What if I find a girl I really like but it’s missing a piece that I had with a guy and the same when I’m with a guy and I’m missing a piece I had with a girl. I honestly can picture my self with a girl wayyy in the future. But. Maybe that’s just my unconscious bias towards heterosexual marriage. How things are “supposed to be”. Anyway glad that’s off ( I’m a girl,15)
180 days ago
it says I am in the middle but I know I am more bisexual than bi curious so ye
182 days ago
The quiz say I’m in the middle but a quiz shouldn’t really tell us what we feel or who we are. We as humans get to decide that on our own. I’m not a homophobic neither my parents but I do find myself attracted to both genders but mainly guys more than girls then some days it’s the opposite way around. I don’t have a problem with anyone in the lgbtq+ community it’s just some days when I think about being with a girl I just don’t feel “right” it feels wrong not that it is because it isn’t. But any way I have been questioning my sexuailty for a while now and once I tell myself I’m straight but the fact that I find myself interested in girls at a time leads me to fall right back down the sexuality rabbit hole ... and it’s wearing me out tbh I just want this to be over
184 days ago
To all of you who are worried or confused:

Don't sweat, guys! Just go with the flow, and everything will turn out alright. It might not be fun at the moment, and it could be years until you get some relief from whatever is bothering you, but just remember that there's light at the end of the tunnel! You'll get through this. I believe in you!