Which Small Pet Is Right For Me?

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So you've decided you want to get a small pet, but aren't sure which one is right for you. This fun quiz aims to give you an idea which would suit you best. Note: I'm not a vet or other professional, and your quiz result might not be your best choice in the end. Consider this quiz a guide of what to consider and not a directive. In the end, the pet you adopt is up to you. Be sure you're ready for the responsibility and can take good care of the pet you get, including spay/neuter and shots, if applicable.

  • 1
    Which small animal is first to catch your eye at the pet store or shelter/rescue? (Adopt, don't shop, if possible!)
    Which small animal is first to catch your eye at the pet store or shelter/rescue? (Adopt, don't shop, if possible!)
  • 2
    Which budget for your pet is closest to what you can afford? *Keep in mind that, aside from accessories and feeding, there will likely be vet bills associated with pet ownership. Spay/neuter (where applicable) and vaccinations are essential, and it's also a good idea to carry health insurance on your pet if it's available to you in case it gets hurt or sick.
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    How long of a commitment can you make to a pet? THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You should under NO circumstances abandon an animal just because you've gotten tired of it or cannot afford to keep it. Choose very wisely, because its life is on the line. How would you like it if your parents or guardian abandoned you?

  • 4
    How many pets would you want to keep in the same cage?

    *Keep in mind the health and happiness of your pet(s) while making this decision. Would you want three or four other people in your room with you? Some types do well in groups and others should be paired, ideally with a same sex buddy.
  • 5
    How much out of cage playtime do you plan on giving your pet?
  • 6
    What do you plan on doing most often with your pet during out of cage playtime?

  • 7
    How do you feel about cleanup duty? Be very honest, because getting rid of a pet because you hate cleaning up after it is NOT an option.
  • 8
    What kind of housing would you like for your pet?
  • 9
    Which of the following noises would bother you the least during the day and/or night?
  • 10
    What would you like most about your pet?

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11 days ago
11 days ago
So who likes kittens? I have begging my Mom for one and she said for like Christmas! 5 months away! And then she said that maybe that when I start middle school I can get a phone! Still redoing my room. Still I love kittens and think that they are my soulmates! I love kittens so much and am still dreaming about one day I am going to get one! 2 bad me broke. # No Money No Love! But still! I want kittens so bad! Anyone have any idea what pet I should get?????? And soon!
11 days ago
Okay. I guess a guinea pig wouldn't be so bad. Still. # Cats still RULE!!!!!!!
11 days ago
I was hoping for a cat. Got a guinea pig. I don't even like them. Kittens are way better. Kinda mad. I do NOT need no freaking rodent living in my room!
19 days ago
It said I need a rat
I was hoping for chinchilla
21 days ago
It says I should get a rat. I have gerbils.
22 days ago
I got hamsters, rats, chinchillas, gunia ipgs, and mkore and hedgehogs
46 days ago
I want a hedgehog!!! They’re so cute!! But I don’t think my dad would like it... but my mom likes hedgehogs and yesterday we were talking about how cute they are and I said like it would be fun once I go to college or something to get one and today she came home from work and said like “I was talking about the pet bed we got for (cousins name)‘s guinea pigs and we were talking about pets and I was saying one day maybe “ash” will get a hedgehog“ then she talked about what else they chatted about but I think she would be ok with me getting one there’s a rescue for them in my town and she sent me a link to the section of the website about baby ones and I was like because they’re cute? Or you’re getting one? And she said because they’re cute
It would be cool if she let me have one, I’m almost 14 (well more like 13 and a half) maybe I should ask for one for my birthday
47 days ago
Hello i love hamsters but be aware of there short life span I miss my old hammy so bad r.i.p nimnim
48 days ago
53 days ago
I got rats but my parents refuse to get some
61 days ago
I just had a hamster who broke his leg and died I want a pet that can live in the same cage but I don’t want another hamster because it reminds me of sad times 🥺😭
81 days ago
I want a hamster and I’m not getting a critter trail bit scared
82 days ago
I want guinea pigs but with the pandemic there aren’t any for adoption, i’m trying to see if there is anything else that is easy to find where i live but i keep on getting piggies!
82 days ago
40% hamster, 40% chinchilla, 20% rat and 0% guinea pig. I want a (dwarf) hamster sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much 🐹.
83 days ago
I want a bunny so bad !!
89 days ago
I wanted a rat to begin with but I believe they live too short
98 days ago
Awwww I want a rat so bad!!!
101 days ago
I want a hamster so had!♥️🐹
101 days ago
I really want a hamster but i cant get one so i probably want a teacup pig