How imaginative are you?

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Ever been accused of having no imagination? Try this test to see how ridiculous your accusers are!

  • 1
    What path has/will your career take?
  • 2
    Who was your best conversation with?
  • 3
    What are your thoughts on Les Miserable, the musical?

  • 4
    What are your thoughts on musicals in general?
  • 5
    Which of these do you prefer?
  • 6
    Finish this sentence. If you are a scientist you must be:

  • 7
    When it comes to people I like to...
  • 8
    Do you think a person's career is indicative of how imaginative they are and what sort of things they like to do in their spare time?
  • 9
    What would you rather do?
  • 10
    If I told you I was a scientist you would...

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499 days ago
i literally can look somewhere and imagine something or someone is right infront of me and that is worth 20 percent? No imagination? I'm an artist, not to brag but I believe I have a great imagination.
1000 days ago
I disagree, it told me I had 40 percent no imagination nd 20 percent imagination. :/
1146 days ago
This quiz was quite bad. It's sad how this test tells you how imaginative you are, but there are only three results that do not relate to high imagination.

Plus Scientists have made plenty of discoveries.

One includes Robert Hooke who discovered cells. Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins discovered DNA. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. The inventor of the Periodic Table was Dmitri Mendeleev. Albert Einstein discovered the basis of releasing atomic energy. Marie Curie discovered Radium and Polonium. And some scientists discovered a huge planet that could possibly be part of our Solar System and could be shifting it around.

Imagination isn't based on if you read books becuase movies 'spoil' your imagination. It's also about thinking outside the box. For example, if there was a picture of a three headed dragon along with some warriors surrounding it, you'd probably think 'the warriors are killing the dragon that came back from years ago'. But something more creative would be 'the dragon is formed from a crystal from the bottom of the sea, and the warriors of the village must protect themselves from travelling tribes that will trick them into killing the selves. The dragon has once arrived again, and lots are working into destroying the crystal by laying out a plan, even though it is difficult'.

And imaginative people also find interesting ways to solve a problem, instead of using something else.

Btw I'm glad you apologised for wasting my precious time that could have been used for more important things, then take a test that makes no sense. And is also based around the fact that the creator is offended if you are a scientist and/or hates musicals.

Okay, 'Kay Tee', I must say farewell and I will thank you for letting me take this test, even though this needs LOTS of working on.

Sincerely, your friendly neighbour Bob
1625 days ago
Why it is no anseware