What Is My Future?

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Ever wonder what your future will be like? Frankly, it's so normal to do so, we'd be worried if you DIDN'T think about it! Learn the possible shape of things to come right now - take this What Is My Future? quiz! P.S.: I could only include a very limited number of options as results, so don't feel bad if you don't like yours - this is just for fun!

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    Describe your ideal man.

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24 days ago
I want that i top in the class
63 days ago
I got the one with brad to its so confusing
105 days ago
I gots Jack. Let’s hang out soon! 😘 😉
128 days ago
oof!!! an i oop an oop an oop sksksksks.
185 days ago
Why are they so Pacific with 1 answer
248 days ago
I like he sound of Andy but would want his name to be jack
280 days ago
I liked the jack one, which is what I got. Sounds ok
356 days ago
What is my future I didn't get marriage,I don't have job
414 days ago
You'll meet a guy named Jack in your senior year of high school. He'll be the new guy in town, and you'll offer to show him around. You guys will hit it off right away, and before you know it, you'll be in love with him. You will finally work up the nerve to tell him, and find that he loves you as well. You guys will grow old happily, never getting married, and never having a child. You're content just to be together. It isn't the most traditional life, but it's one you wouldn't trade for all the money in the world.

Now THIS is a perfect life for me... ❤️
463 days ago
i hope this result is not true.
465 days ago
i have 3 days in exam but i have no one to teach me /all family was busy / i have so strees
what i do
478 days ago
None of the choices were very good

Also what if I want to marry a girl?
534 days ago
I will meet a guy called Brad, live near the beach with 2 kids... Why only 2? I want 3 or more!
547 days ago
Today is my result day what will happen
582 days ago
I want to become helpings to other so I want to become richest person
585 days ago
609 days ago
Is that true
617 days ago
I want to know my future
I want to became a doctor
630 days ago
why does this quiz assume I'm a girl ??????????????????????? I am a boy what sort of a cursed person would mess with me , I will rebel an army of punks against them and play moovalya until their ears bleed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
639 days ago
whats my future anyway huh i hate myself