Warrior cats

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So you think you know the Warriors well, hmm? Let's see about that

  • 1
    Graystripe met Silverstream by jumping on her thinking she was a squirrel.
  • 2
    Berrypaw was afraid that Firestar would make his warrior name berrystumpytail.
  • 3
    Crowfeather has blue eyes.

  • 4
    Cinderpelt was crippled because she was born that way.
  • 5
    Brambleclaw became deputy after Graystripe went missing.
  • 6
    The moth wing sign was from Starclan.

  • 7
    Mothwing doesn't believe in Starclan.
  • 8
    Crowfeather became mates with Nightcloud to prove his loyalty to Windclan.
  • 9
    Squirrelflight is Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze's real mother.
  • 10
    Tigerstar hated Firestar.

  • 11
    Hawkfrost fell in love with Dovewing.
  • 12
    Sandstorm loved Firestar ever since he came into the forest.
  • 13
    Firestar dies from a branch struck by lightning.

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