What Type Of Guy Do I Attract?

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Attracting the wrong type of guy can cause complications in love. So what kind of vibe are you putting out there? If you provide honest answers, this test can tell you what kind of guy you attract and help you take control of your love life.

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    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?
    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?

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2 days ago
I did it twice and I got bad boy and Prince Charming witch both match me I canโ€™t decide
5 days ago
I got Geek! Yeah! This is perfect
10 days ago
I also got bad boys and it is true I also atract to bad girls so it maches
10 days ago
My crush is all on BAD BOYS and that is TRUE!!!
12 days ago
I got geek/price charming (My crush is a prince charming!
18 days ago
I got bad boys, lol. Hopefully this thing works XD
19 days ago
I got geek ...my best friend is a geek!!!!!!!!!!!
20 days ago
I got bad boys dont even know how thats true but if the test says so
21 days ago
I got geek to. Which is perfect my crush is a geek!
23 days ago
i got geek. so true!
32 days ago
33 days ago
i got prince charming
37 days ago
i got geeks
that kinda suits me tho
i play too many video games and care about my education to much
38 days ago
I got geeks so yep thatโ€™s my life
39 days ago
I got: You Attract Prince Charming
60 days ago
For 44% you are: Diagnosis: You attract Mr. Egotistical

He needs a woman who is demanding, talented, popular and aesthetically pleasing. (Congratulations, pretty girl, you're probably smart enough to realize I just complimented you!) Most of these guys are actually cool men. They are goal-oriented and driven all the time. They love their women and their children, if you manage to latch onto one for good. The trick to these guys is, if you feel you two are becoming jealous, it's time to end the relationship. It will feel natural if you two are meant to be. Keep playing hard-to-get - just like you are. You don't seem to have confidence issues, which is awesome for you. All you need to realize is that once you get a guy like this, maintaining your appearance and a sharp wit are musts. You are his partner, and if looking good is important to him, then both of you need to participate. Impress his colleagues in public and at events, and support him when the two of you are alone. Do small favors for him. Make him feel loved. But also make him do some work for you - otherwise, this man will run off in search of another trophy. I'm sure a girl like you can keep him on his toes!
63 days ago
I got prince charming
65 days ago
Oy Vey!!! Apparently I attract geeks. Why geeks?!?! I think that kind of sux. :( I am a bit irritated at that tho. >:(
65 days ago
i apparently atrract douchebags and players. it is because i am ugly :C
68 days ago
For 38% you are: Diagnosis: You attract Prince Charming

Although Prince Charmings come in all sorts of different packages, they all have three things in common: They are intelligent, confident and aware of themselves and the world around them. Prince Charming knows how the world works and does what he can to either help mankind or become the best man he can be. He wants, but doesn't need, a woman who is equally as smart as he is. She must be a teammate who can make him laugh and support him in his times of need. As long as you are passionate about your hobbies, love your friends and family, and make him feel loved and understood, then you will be a match made in heaven. He will understand you and love you unconditionally and will be perfectly spontaneous. You're a smart, lucky and happy girl - congratulations! Just make sure to filter the guys who like you down to the perfect one. Not every guy who likes you is a Prince Charming, so beware!
43% of 92872 quiz participants had this profile!

I Don't ivelike boys๐Ÿ˜‚