What type of guys do you attract?

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Attracting the wrong type of guys can cause complications in love. If you provide honest answers, this test can help you take control of your love life.

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    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?
    What style does your ideal boyfriend/husband have?

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LeeLee (26457)
6 days ago
I attract bad boys😋I
Suzy (33302)
22 days ago
I attract Prince charming 🤭🤴☺️🤤😍👑
hayley (68024)
42 days ago
What type of guys do you attract?
For 25 % you are: Diagnosis: You attract Geeks

Do you ever find yourself in a loving relationship that lacks passion? Are you sometimes the man in the relationship? Well according to your answers, you attract geeks.
Geeks include a large variety of men- and they also take up a larger portion of men than you think.

Geeks are not always smart. Inside the professional mind of geek is complicated and introverted. However, their emotional mantra in life is simple: They need a girl. These hopeless romantics want babies and get married soon after high school. A whoppings ninety percent of them are also great guys; however, they are lacking too much confidence in themselves as a man to formally date. They may not have lobster abs, back dimples, or a huge d**k. But what they don’t realize is that they are smart, sweet, caring, and that you love them for who they are. These guys may have had a rough start in life, whereas most of them were lonely and are typically hard to get close to as teenagers and adults. He will probably not let you know right away that he likes you. Many of these men love their women for a long time, and are they are typically keepers unless you’re looking for a more macho man. They make loving boyfriends and husbands that will comfort you when need it.💗will be passionate, sweet, and intense. You can feel his love and need for you almost oozing off of his body.
Once you realize that you are with a geek, it’s time to realize whether you want to keep him or ditch him for a more macho man. I’m warning you right now when I say that masculine men are far less predictable. If you plan on leaving him, then it’s time to turn on the feminine charm. Yin and Yang go together like cheese and crackers, so attracting a more masculine man is all about femininity. When you’re conversing with a more masculine man, you need to blush. Bring out a side of you that is more charming than domineering. Talk softly and be mysterious. The masculine man needs to chase you before he knows who you really are. When you get him, be the Yin to his Yang. You won’t be as much of a teammate to a masculine man- you are there to take care of each other. Support him when he comes home from business meetings. Cook dinner and never emasculate him. Although you should still make him serve you from time to time, macho men won’t take near as much of your crap. Be his partner in crime but take care of him too, and you’ll be golden.

Keepings a geek around is also a good idea. They may make a little less money than macho men, but if you’re looking for a loving family life, geeks are the way to go. They will never fail to take care of you and will love you for who you are- pimples, sweat, poop, saggy boobies and all. Compliment him and make him feel good whenever you can. Once he feels like a man in his relationship, he will man up in real life too.

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For 25 % you are: Diagnosis: You attract Douche-bags and Players

Do you often enjoy quick, fleeting, and passionate relationships or hook-ups? Do you find yourself getting cheated often? Have you ever knowingly been a home wrecker, or someone who has cheated with another person? The men you attract are players- which are an evolved version of the bad boy. Unlike the bad boys, players realize that there is a world around them that isn’t centered on themselves. They do aspire to be someone someday, just not now. Their teens and twenties is about partying, living it up, and hooking up! These guys don’t evolve until their twenties are long gone, and even then they are prone to cheating and divorce from their wives.

You are the type of woman who has quick and passionate feelings. You may be guarded and emotionally break down if he isn’t head-over-heels for you. And whether you actually like him or not, that’s when you do whatever you can to make him really yours- not realizing that he is slowly losing respect for you as he sweet talks himself into your heart.

Unless you actually enjoy the thought of hooking up, you are probably not going to like this answer. To start off, gain confidence in something other than your looks or social abilities. A hobby and close female friends are important as they keep you focused on yourself and your life. Real men want independent women that can hold their ground and can maintain respect. We want you to realize that when it comes to first impressions, men do not fall in love the same way girls do. When you’re thinking that the two of you have an immediate spiritual connection, a man’s initial reaction is sexual. (Unless he is intimidated and acts completely dumbfounded that you’re talking to him.) Making a man fall in love requires a little bit of push and pull, whether you realize it or not. Although you may have talked to him first, he needs to pursue you. There is no way a man can fall in love in three days. Falling in true love requires a few months at least. You need to be usually unavailable for him. However, when you are together, turning on the charm is a must. Show him that he knows how to make you happy. Boss him around playfully. (Men subconsciously have to serve women.) Touch him, and above all else, understand him. Listen, and only give advice when he asks. Have fun. Beat him at something you love to do. Have💗with him only when he makes you feel good, and only after the first few months of rejection. True love doesn’t happen through manipulation, and the last thing a new relationship needs is a scandalous start. It’s time for you to go settle yourself down. Chat with your girlfriends on the phone. It’s time for you to ground your life and find a real boyfriend.
Blue (53766)
44 days ago
I got geek my crush is a nerd sorta the same thing, right? He also isn’t that smart and he’s a nerd for loving anime and video games, I do aswell.
Lore (11232)
64 days ago
TheKill (11232)
65 days ago
i'm attracting geeks, i'm okay with that. When the quiz asked about my school performance, i know that they meant figuratively "my parents will kill me" but for me, it was literally "my parents will kill me
Blue (53766)
68 days ago
The geeks well my crush is an anime nerd... but so am I!
Kaci (40780)
70 days ago
For Question 2, where’s the answer that said “He came out as gay”?
Lio (24771)
72 days ago
I attract the players/douchebags 😂 lmao
sophie (76641)
81 days ago
what should i do for question 2??????
cos i have not dated anyone
Bini (58310)
124 days ago
I attract Prince charming
Google User (70569)
125 days ago
I got 79% of attracting a geek also I read the info it gave me and I truly hope to attract that mysterious guy. XOXO ;)
ARIAUNA (20852)
129 days ago
emily :) (81905)
153 days ago
i attract prince charming oop
Abby (54912)
153 days ago
I was 44 percent geek attractor, lol. I don't like that it had one cus word, so maybe no more from this site.
S+A (32392)
168 days ago
So I like the easy chill people and my crush likes Geeks
Stu (55047)
171 days ago
ray (92477)
172 days ago
what does your future boyfriend look like...im curious
Cookie (38001)
177 days ago
I am 8 years old and I love video games and I 56 attract geeks I didn't know what to expect but I really liked my answer I love geeks video games and nerds
Scarlett (09516)
187 days ago
i attract geeks which my one ex actually was a geek