How well do you know Warrior Cats?

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Are you a true warrior? Take this quiz and find out

  • 1
    Ok let's begin with the basics. Who is Firestar?
  • 2
    Silverstream is a ____Clan cat who broke the warrior code by ______
  • 3
    Cinderpelt was reincarnated into _____
  • 4
    The Power of Three are:
  • 5
    In the Warriors Ultimate Guide, there is something wrong with Hollyleaf. What is it?
  • 6
    Crowfeather has loved _ cats named:
  • 7
    Squirrelkit and Leafkit are named because...
  • 8
    Thistleclaw went to ____
  • 9
    Bramblestar makes ________ his deputy.
  • 10
    Vocabulary Quiz! Pick the phrase a cat would most likely say.

Comments (14)


Kestrel’Splash (16776)
108 days ago
My friend did this quiz and got 0 out of 10 🤣🤣
Jayfeatherlover (82666)
132 days ago
I'm sorry this was a test? It was sooooooooooo easy!
Sparkpelt (95213)
140 days ago
And it's true that Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest AND Crowfeather didn't love Nightcloud he was just proving his loyalty
Sparkpelt (95213)
140 days ago
Ginganimation (91347)
157 days ago
Great quiz! However, one of the Hunters stated that Thistleclaw being chased into the dark forest was a joke.
Cinderfeather of ThunderClan (72404)
166 days ago
Very nice quiz! I love some of the choices because they are just hilarious! 😂 However, I got one question wrong which was that Thistleclaw went to StarClan, but Bluestar chased him out. This has been proven incorrect by the Erins themselves. It is a common misconception in the fandom. It was a rumor that was spread but proven incorrect. Therefore, I really got all of the questions right. Please check to make sure your information is correct before making a quiz on it. It was fun to play though! 😊☺️
Starshine aka Natalie (86666)
178 days ago
My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard. My god I thought of a video mama tad did on YouTube. It had to do with warriors
Legolas Skywalker (83649)
261 days ago
I WOULD LEAD THE FRICKING CLAN!!! WHOOO! Am I actually that qualified!?
xxHoneydewxx (21313)
288 days ago
And Crowfeather didn't love Nightcloud...
xxHoneydewxx (21313)
288 days ago
Number 8 was confirmed wrong by the Erins, you made me think I was the noob for a second but I'm not, you are ^-^
Megan (82579)
379 days ago
You know, number 8 was confirmed wrong by the Erins, right?
Don't care. (59068)
513 days ago
Number 8 is actually false, It is proven by the Erins that Thistleclaw was always destined to go to the Dark Forest. Bluestar never chased him out, it was a joke.
Person (44438)
792 days ago
there was a mistake on the crowfeather question.

he never really loved nightcloud as much as he loved feathertail and leafpool
JediMaster101 (94615)
880 days ago
THERE IS A MISTAKE ON NUMBER EIGHT!!! Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest. He WAS NOT chased out of StarClan by Bluestar! I got a 9 out of 10 for that... :(

Next time before you create a quiz, please do research!!!