What is your Warrior name, cat, past, and looks?

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You probably have your OC but take this quiz anyway. At the end, it'll determine your name, past, personality, looks, and other stuff.

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Darkriver (32256)
129 days ago
AWESOME amazing cool vengeful snakeheart. 🐱
Snakeheart (26609)
155 days ago
I also LOVE warrior cats like love love love love love love love LOVE Warriors and at one point (we all had this moment) I had a "soft spot" for Jayfeather. XD IK thats insane, BUT I DID OKAY XD XD I'm so done. XD XD
Snakeheart (26609)
155 days ago
:/ Suddenly I wish my own oc was in this quiz ;-; Me is sad now.
Snakeheart (26609)
155 days ago
Of course it change the "bad abbreviations" to hearts yes just yes
Sunbreeze (63546)
181 days ago
Good quiz highly sugest it
Grayclaw (25166)
211 days ago
i want everyone to die. i'm very tough and i'm not afraid of dogs, or snakes, or anything! I love hunting and i hold in my ambition for now waiting for a good time to strike. ROAR!
Snakeheart (25166)
211 days ago
Can you gues my name ? ;P
Claire (71709)
226 days ago
I got Snakeheart!!! YAY!!!
Finch tail (85875)
227 days ago
But I prefer finchtail
Finch tail (85875)
227 days ago
I got frog fur.... I hoped for a she cat name but I got frog fur. I mean frog fur could be my warrior OC
Gray claw (85875)
233 days ago
Well I like it but not the description
Snake heart (85875)
239 days ago
Well I might change it to snake Tail but cool name
Firestar (87594)
247 days ago
Love the Warriors books read them over a billion times. So good and the best books ever made.
ICE (12202)
253 days ago
what the heck why is it ice I thought I was storm berry
hehe (07763)
281 days ago
question 8 out of three sounds like spottedleaf's heart
Snakeheart (54913)
333 days ago
This name was for my kitten and it was purrfect😸!
Lillyfur (34301)
462 days ago
I love warrior cats!, Although i read any of the books,but i have posters in my room! And pictures too!
Leopardsong (83260)
877 days ago
I really love the Warriors books, I've read them a million times! And I'm still reading them again and again.