Should I Kill Myself?

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You're just done. You can't take anymore of the things people keep saying. They just won't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you? We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones, as well as best practices for professionals.


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    Who has been bothering you?
    Who has been bothering you?

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16 hours ago
This dont make me feel better at all:)
My nhl team lost the playoffs and I have lost my will to live. Goodbye ovechkin you will be missed
3 days ago
All i wanted was a simple Yes or No after the questions, instead i got the same jargon as usual. "Think, who has NOT been mean to me? Go to that person." Pretty ironic this popped up when i said there is no such person in my life. Yeah this one is a dud alright. Oh well, tonight is as good as any i guess. Finally it'll end. And i can get into my much needed sleep, a sleep that doesn't stop, total peace. I'm not even sad, i'm just done.
3 days ago
Everything has been coming down. Harder and harder. It’s not just life it’s pointless. My only role model, the person who loved and raised me when I had nobody else died. 6 months ago yesterday. He was my everything, when my parents and nobody else was there for me he was. My grandfather. My family has been torn away and destroyed so many times. The cheating. The abuse. The lying. It’s satire, how hysterical it gets. I’ve always wanted a father and he was the only one I had. Died and I couldn’t say goodbye. Now after that, my real father has torn me down in every emotional aspect he could have. Says he loves me but wasn’t here for any of my life. None of my 18 years has he ever truly cared. Gave me a job to control me. To put me under his thumb, uses it against me and tears me down. Making fun of my grandfathers death and my battles with depression, my family failures and my sexual harassment. The people who ‘love me,’ would be so much better without me. I just want to give back to them and leave. The girl I love I fight with so much. Constantly. Over and over, over everything. She owns my heart to the fullest yet she can’t handle me. I don’t blame her, I’m a mistake and I shouldn’t be here. I love her with everything in me so I’m pushing her away. She hates me. So I’m making myself disposable. I’m pushing everything away. I was offered a new job making more money, so I will. I’ll give back and I’ll leave. But I want to leave now. I don’t want to feel any of this anymore. I want to leave and I want to be gone forever. I don’t want to wake up. Im happiest in my sleep. With the dead. With the dreams of happiness that can never be true. So I want to stay there. Never wake up and never come back. I hope difference for anybody reading this. I don’t want anyone to hurt or to die. But I can’t forgive myself for my own mistakes, and I have given up trying to fulfill others who don’t care about me. I love you all and hope only the best to anybody here. Im sorry if this is dark, im sorry if this makes anybody inspired to feel nothing. I just needed to talk it out. Somewhere. To something. To get it out because I can’t anymore. I’ve burnt my bridges and I have to be alone now... I’m sorry
5 days ago
There is just nothing here. I try, I've gotten through a lot; I'm just not good enough.

I'm fat and I'm stupid and I can never do anything right.

Most of my life.has been messed up. I had hoped that maybe there would be something. Maybe a purpose or a reason... But there isn't. There is nothing here.

What is the point.
7 days ago
I don't know....I just feel like it I kill myself then I won't have to deel with anything. But...AGH IDKKKKKKK like I have a good life I love my family I just don't know if they love me...
I live next to a river so I've thought of drowning myself...but idk I feel like I'm getting past my depression but deep down I still feel crushed and like I wanna die but I don't...if idk what I'm doing
8 days ago
the world would be a better place without me, now i know that's corny but it's true. I'm on vacation now and i want to kill myself so that should say a lot. My family and my friends would have a better life without me so i'm really doing them a favor. I got 50% cause i'm kinda a 💗. I used to be happy but then everything that made me happy was ripped away from so bye bye. oh and btw this test helps no one soo its kinda pointless like me
9 days ago
I just read a comment and o think someone killed them selves. Who ever it was if you haven’t yet and are still reading the comments, I want to say you still have your mouth to fight with. Use your words and fight with them. They can cure anyone if given correctly. Now I’m reconsidering killing myself after what is just read.
9 days ago
I have been slowly dying in a hole.
I have had my wings taking away.
I have been told to kill myself.
I have been told my dreams are stupid.
But the people who took my wings forgot I had claws.
They forgot I can fight.
And when they remembered
They took them away.
And I fell.
Goodbye endless pain.
9 days ago
hmmmmmm only 80% better kill myself but i dont wanna leave fully as i have pets that truly love me an d no one else i cant die without my favourite pet cat!she is my life she acts like my therapy animal when i see her i see a glimmer of lightEnter here your text you want to format
10 days ago
I'm crying i have no one left im tried of living it hurts to much i don't wanna live anymore I'm only 13 i cant handle life I've never been happy
12 days ago
The only reason why I haven't ended it all is because I don't wanna hurt my mom because she's been with me through thick and thin I don't think I would be able to die knowing I'm gonna hurt her so that's the only reason why I continue suffering and going through pain it's all for the sake of my mom
13 days ago
I know I should kill myself I got no one...
I deserve to die...
I wish I never was even born at all...
But as I already said no one cares so yeah there is no other option anyways...
13 days ago
It says there are people who love me.
Well,guess why I’m taking this test,there are none.
14 days ago
I hate my life.... My family hates me ... After I die there life will be more good and full of happiness ... They don't care about me.. I am a teen but noone understands my pain.. I have not talk to physcologist because I am teen and they will tell to my parents about me but I don't want this to happen what should I do .. ....should I kill myself..
15 days ago
do not listen to some silly test. follow your dreams, just end it!
15 days ago
((blueI hope i get git by a car
15 days ago
i just want to lay down and take all the )pain away
16 days ago
Ive an near death exp and its so weird to be alive
16 days ago
i wanna die