Should I Kill Myself?

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You're just done. You can't take anymore of the things people keep saying. They just won't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you? We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones, as well as best practices for professionals.


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    Who has been bothering you?
    Who has been bothering you?

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I wont give up yet (46919)
5 hours ago
Delete social media everyone, it’s the only thing that helps, it’s tearing my life apart. Just go into your room to think and take a moment to just have a break from all the hate in this world, the oppression from the left wing is killing me inside, I just want to be myself but in school I have no other friends like me who are individual, I just can’t take the pressure anymore and I wanted to end my life today, but I decided not too because I have a family that love me and even though I may not fit into this world I have dreams of becoming an archeologist and paleontologist. As much as I want to end this life I just can’t do it..
Anonymous (29931)
21 hours ago
I'm so done with harassment for kids in my classes, I've been called a cow,whore,slut,💗 but what hurts the most is I considered these people to be my "Best friends" it doesn't help that my parents fight and my dad is somewhat abusive sometimes even though he doesn't have mental or drinking problems, it's just so overwhelming and I can't bear to be here anymore sometimes and I started cutting because for a while it makes everything seem normal as the burning sensation of the push pin scrapes my skin I feel somewhat calmer and people don't notice the scars they never do and wont have to because I'll end it before the get close enough to.
Anony (14906)
Whats the point
Noname (05145)
2 days ago
Everything in my life is messed up and just sucks so bad ,I can't deal with it.
🥀🥀🥀 (63838)
2 days ago
II'm so done😊
💗craft (62032)
2 days ago
Y'all mind if I

commit breakfast in bath?
ill make you guys toast
Impossible (76141)
4 days ago
I just need a good talk. It’s just messed up. I don’t know what to do.
John Smith (97196)
4 days ago
this autistic and cancerous and gay and meant for true infidels who are truly gay at heart. NO U
a dead man (88201)
6 days ago
you people never help
VespidX (07527)
6 days ago
First I got an 80. for my true answers. THEN I PUT IN TRUE PSHYCO ANSWERS AND GOT A 90.
then depression and got a 40,,, FORTY???? NANI?
Hopeless (27743)
7 days ago
I can’t anymore, I’m so hopeless after all what those guys did to my heart. Having my little brother die in front of me and I couldn’t help him. I hate myself for so many things I should had done that I didn’t do. I shouldn’t had said yes to that stupid guy who later would ruined me. He the one who made my life more worse. I had already had problems at home with my parents always fighting! I thought my boyfriend name H who was the best boyfriend ever but 💗 left me because he listened to his stupid family just because of my depression! He made me feel so useless and hopeless. He changed after the break up. He became more cold with me and stop talking to me. He would make jokes of suicide and depression in front of me and he knew I try to commit suicide before and I had depression. My parents didn’t believe that I had depression. He more happy then me and he just left me with this bug pain that I can’t take anymore. There so much more that I just can’t talk about anymore. I’m just done
Im killing myself (25661)
8 days ago
Im ending my self bybye 👋
Nameless (51934)
9 days ago
I’m so tired of being harassed
hakeem diraizel (74177)
9 days ago
You know how when everything is pitch black in a room, there is always that one little glimmer of light that is really hard to see? Well, that is where you need to go. The light will get brighter, and you will realize that you can finally escape from all of this darkness. Go to it, and you will realize that the darkness is behind you. It may be far, but it is there.

really?u wanna know?that light has been DEVOUR by MY DARKNESS!!!
so still have the light within me?
jeffery (59578)
11 days ago
ladies ladies calm down theres enough Jeff to go around!
margot (59578)
11 days ago
ann its okay, me toooooooooo!
Ann (59578)
11 days ago
im ending it. ;) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
J (93903)
27 days ago
Incredibly poorly written “quiz”. At last have some more diverse answers to the question instead of the same answer worded differently three times for a few of these questions, specifically the cutting one and the “are you ready to leave” questions
Chloe (83317)
29 days ago
Hey i am only 12 and it only helped me a little bit i dont gwt what u mean by find a small light there is no light anywhere in my room
anon (33612)
29 days ago
Thank you. thank you. thank you.