Should I Kill Myself?

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You're just done. You can't take anymore of the things people keep saying. They just won't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you? We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones, as well as best practices for professionals.


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    Who has been bothering you?
    Who has been bothering you?

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2 hours ago
Thank you for this. I’ll consider calling the suicide hotlines. Life has just been hard with depression. Maybe it would be better talking to someone about these things, rather than keeping it to myself.
2 hours ago
Life sucks but don’t die let me kill you first
16 hours ago
💗 you sack of 💗 we all die anyway there is no meaning to life so 💗. I don't care if you've been where I've been but clearly you fell for the lies of a good life. 💗 I'll kill myself goodbye, go die.
I need to die. I'm always depressed and I can't talk to anyone. People around me hurt me all the time. Life is 💗. Same things happen all the time.
Hi Izzie!
Don't die!
Life is short anyway, just hang on for the ride. We will all meet at the other side when the ride is over, don't worry.
It is hard to lose mom or dad, but it is a part of life, just like you one day, will be gone from your children or loved ones.
Big hug from me to you:)
hi! Izzie
2 days ago
i need to die already I already lost my mum I wanna join her
2 days ago
4 days ago
I don't belong in this world! The world has become a sci-fi dystopia from the late 80's.
Sometimes when I speak with people and the conversation is lighthearted and funny, then it is strange to have this lonely dark side inside me, hiding.

Why am I feeling so down?
It started after my graduation, I did a great job graduating from STEM with nice grades. I did sacrifice both money and opportunities where I could start a family. My thinking was that if I graduated, then I would get a well paid job and success with the ladies;)
When I asked my professor about job opportunities in my STEM field, he showed me job advertisements, and said there are many jobs available.

My experience with recruiting firms are that they are all about diversity, that means if you are a white guy the firm would rather hire a woman. Also consider that if you are in the late 20's it is considered old for the tech industry. It is a big hype to only hire very young professionals.

So I want to work and start a family, but instead I am unemployed while women are hired by affirmative action.

I have been unemployed for a considerable time right now, and it is hard to see almost all my female classmates has got well paid STEM jobs. Some of them I did work alongside with at the university.
So maybe I can marry a former classmate and be a stay at home dad?
That's not how it should be! I want to have a career and to be a provider, at least when she is on maternity leave.

So unemployment and loneliness are hard to overcome. Today I have shared some thoughts with you, my friends.
God night, love you all!
17 days ago
where'd my comment go?
18 days ago
Twice as long

Half as bright.I gotta try.I know... Try is all i have left trying is all we got. All of you gotta try. ONE SHOT at life do not waste it. TRY its all you got.
18 days ago
Quiz made by a person who was never in the least in a state of depression.
18 days ago
This is a terrible quiz. The answers are incomplete for the questions provided. Now I want to kill myself even more.
20 days ago
Guys everything will work out. I am not really going to be on here much but, i will try to keep going. I am considering suicide. But i will persevere. And i hope you guys will too. You guys are the best! Bye. 👋
20 days ago
i once was in a place where ur at rn. i lost one of my closest friends to suicide, and i almost committed it myself a couple months ago. but my best friend...he helped me. ig what i'm trying to say is...i understand. but please, don't commit suicide or hurt yourself. it isn't worth it, you'll regret it. get help from your parents, your closest friends, anyone. call the suicide prevention hotline. please. we're all here for you.
21 days ago
Inspirational quote of the week:
"The powerto be oneself is perhaps one of the best gifts a person can both 'have' and - at the same time- give. It is when we are our true selves that we find our best friends, write our best lines, and score the most points on the never-ending tests that are eternally placed before us." ~Ashley Rice
21 days ago
To everyone: the world is not yet over. I know you can do it. And sleepless, there are other ways to fall asleep besides crying yourself to sleep every night. Listen to some music. Take a few deep breaths. Listen to the crickets chirping outside or count the stars. Relax. Night is here and your days' worries are temporarily gone. Embrace the moment while you have it.
Remember, there's always a next time. If you've done something wrong last time, you can do it better the next time. In fact, the only way there wouldn't be a next time is it you were not here next time.
Stay with us. We're here to listen to your day's worries, stresses, thoughts, achievements, and whatnot. We're here to support you. You can do it.
22 days ago
The idea of death being eternal sleep doesn't seem so bad..I love sleeping. Would rather sleep than be awake anyways. I have paralyzing
23 days ago
Hey Guys! I'm So Sorry People Feel This Way It Seems Unfair And If There's Fans Out There I'll Give u A Shout out! Please Don't Die God Doesn't Make U Alive To Hate Ur Life! He Wants Punishments But Only Because U Learn And If U Don't Life Gets Harder Just Stay Happy And Follow Ur Dreams Love Ya'll! 😄
23 days ago
When you have everything but it feels like you’ve lost everything. You cry every night because that’s the only way you know you can fall asleep. I think there is an easier way out of this misery. I’m sorry I’ve sinned.