Should I Kill Myself?

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Attention it is satire:
You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you? We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.


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    Who has been bothering you?

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Nojustno (26185)
69 days ago
The primary rule of life - life is not fair - eating me alive. And there is a rule of suffering - we all have a breaking point. I don't afraid of death, a little bit of dying, I afraid a lot to live a life not worth living at all. I walk this path.
But as I am reading here - same place, same misery. It is so incredible how invisible we are. The last hopes behind locked doors... But still. I did that plenty of times. I going to that again. Put everything to live.
I realize that things don't have any real valuation. It is all made up. It is our trust and believes in some sort of things.
We actually all take the same 💗, it doesn't matter that some people need to do in golden toilets.
I believe that every life has a value.
And this is my 💗 life. Goddamit, I hate it and love it at the same time. Still, on the bridge, rain on my shoulders, fear in my eyes, will to jump. It is the deepest thing I have been absorbing for a while... But the end... I like a happy ending. I like it a lot. I just like it. I don't like too much deep, I like cliches. Easy living. I would like to have it.
Remember. If there will be a light for all of you in the future... I mean light of life, not that tunnel after death, which could or couldn't be at all... then this is the moment when we building our future. It has to be because we lack so many others things. We have just this. A choice of a free will. Waiting for luck.
Where to go? What to do? Where should I look? Doesn't matter.
I want to be a good person in life. I want to have a family. I am too old. And still, I will have it.
Or not.
But it's my life. I going to fight. Like a good person. With hope and optimism.
Deal with it.
Live long and prosper, everybody
if you need to talk my insta is (68982)
69 days ago
Dont give up, i promise you someone will be there you might not know it but they love you. I've gone threw depression and i still am but dont give up, please.
If you need to talk IG me @spo0kycaitlin (27287)
70 days ago
If you’re reading this stay alive, please. You ARE all loved. Everyone here deserves to live please don’t hurt yourselves, I know it’s an option but is definitely not the only one. There are so many people out there who will listen to you, I love you all and if anyone needs to talk my DMS are always open (Instagram @spo0kycaitlin) 💛💛💛
Just some random guy who wants to help (63380)
71 days ago
I found this quiz and website one. day five to six months ago looking up well you can assume the kind of stuff I was looking up because I wanted my life to end so bad things slowly came around my life is now more bearable but I've probably read almost every single comment and i have cared for each and every one of you no one. deserves to go through things you have its not right but life can be so amazing if you let it be talking and getting help can be super 💗 hard especially if you have a family that won't admit their is something wrong i know someone who started seeing a counselor she was younger but it made me. happy because I've known her and have cared for her but I also respected her wishes to try to get through things just with my help and i knew I probably wasn't enough but I stayed up every single night to around 3 or 4 am waiting for a call or text from her wanting to talk but she went to a counselor I was so happy finally someone she can talk to right well they called her father and this 💗 prick says if he thought something was wrong hed get her help now she doesn't talk to a counselor in the only thing she has her family is bad for her but she's holding onto very few things and is still going and i know all of you can keep going to you are all brave for staying just wait the future holds so much you can let your life be what you want it to be it rests on your shoulders I care for all of you.
V123 (53720)
71 days ago
Please don’t kill yourselves depression is just a season and will pass.
Death (35392)
71 days ago
Why do I take a test when I already know I’m ready to commit suicide? I’m just an 💗/waste of space and I should just open up these old scars and end it all.
Yes, I have reasons, very many of them, my reasons for committing suicide greately outweigh my reasons for still living.
I’m just going to cut myself to death and leave all of this behind....

Congratulations to my own mind, you’ve been quite a 💗 and I hope you know you’ve almost won, you’re so close to winning, and I’m not even mad, or scared, or sad, I’m just... Accepting the inevitable.

Ibrahim Mohhamed (31090)
72 days ago
Péter / diamond (05757)
72 days ago
This comment section is just heartbreaking :(
Lauren (89611)
72 days ago
I'm really depressed by the fact that I can't see my family anymore 'cause they live in our country. I live in another country. Other reasons are that I'm not able to make friends and if I do, for some reason, I always end up cutting the friendship. Like...I'm always not made for them. And other reason is 'cause I'm always alone and I feel really lonely. It's really painful for me. When I was a kid, our family used to be more united. Now that we moved to another country, it's barely possible to see each other and we have to pay to be able to call our family. I'm really sad....really. I hope one day, this loneliness and pain will go away... I've thought of suicide but I'm kind of a coward, so can't decide to do it or not.. I've thought about escapings from home too but it's too risky.. anyway, thanks for reading this (if you did, of course..)
Mutawakkil (23467)
72 days ago
Sudan my contery.

I am a young man ... I feel a lot of desire to commit suicide and salvation from life. Every moment in my life darkness and collapsar no way to light the .. Died my mother last year and also my fiancee sweet and delayed for the study for three years and is no longer I have the desire of follow-up only I want to commit just I wan t killing myself ... My country is ruled by vampires and is wanted for the international tribunal. I want to live in the United States of America. I hope not only in my country. I want death. I want Lottery or death please help me.

My email...
Gone (35482)
73 days ago
I’m done with this 💗ty💗life I’m doing it in 5 goodbye 💔
Abe (91241)
73 days ago
Yes I will be lifted up again. But then I'll fall. Then be lifted up. Then fall.
Roo (41618)
73 days ago
Instagram- queen.roohi
Talk to me if you need to, I will always listen
emo (21893)
73 days ago
i want to die. you've made me sure of my decision. thank you for this. buying my time until i finally get the sweet release of death. this may be satire but my decision is not.
Brianna Lyn (01398)
74 days ago
When I was 10, I was raped and sexually abused by my brother. I'm 13 now, I have an amazing girlfriend and a group of 4 friends. But I still feel like I'm not needed on this planet, l hate being alive because it means I have to deal with the pain and I hate that. I was physically abused by both of my parents and I have serious trust and abandonment issues. I hate life a lot of the time and feel like the only way to relieve myself of my pain is to leave. I feel lost, like I've gone so far deep into the hole and that theres no one left who can rescue me. My girlfriend is there for me, my friends are there for me, but I still feel like dying all the time. My mother was the worst person ever to me. She wouldn't come home for hours and hours on end and I'd be left there to fend for myself and feed myself. From grade 1 to 5 you were able to see my ribs all the time and then my grandmother stepped up and started making me eat more. My whole life I've had an eating disorder and my grandmother made me eat more and now I have an eating disorder again. I eat too much and I feel as if I'm fat all the time. I would go to school with bruises and come back home with even more. My life sucks so much and somehow I'm still alive even though I don't want to be and the only thing I can say is, hold on. People care even if you don't see it. I mean hell! I don't even know whoever is reading this, but id you're feeling sad... I care. People care, I've had a more than 💗ty life but hey! I'm still breathing and I've made it to being a teenager. Just Keep Fighting.
Kate12 (63462)
74 days ago
There is a guy I’ve liked for almost 2 years and a month ago I told him I liked him and he said ok. My bestfriend asked him why he would say something like that and he said back honestly I don’t even remember what she said. I was crushed. I always just want to quit but I love my family to much and then he asked one of my other bestfriends to the school dance. And knowing I liked him she still said yes. And tonight they both putt 11:11💗on their stories and I’m done with there💗but I can’t get over him I really like him. But if I were him I wouldn’t like me either. Probly the uglier girl ever. I have natrul platinum blonde hair which everyone thinks would be cool but it sucks it comes with the cost of no eyebrows and I live In the country and the school we go to no one wears makeup and I don’t want to tell my friends I colour them but I do and I hate it cause they don’t Mach my hair colour. I have a 5 finger forehead. And to top it all off I’m not fat but I’m a little chubby and I have a triangle body figure meaning I have broad shoulders and no hips to balence them off. I will never find a guy and all my friends have one and they say it’s the best and I just wanted this guy to like me but I’m already set on being alone forever. I hate my life.
Ash (45011)
75 days ago
Last year I would have been successful in my attempt If no one had found me, i remember thinking nothing is going to change , and i was right since then I’ve discovered that my parents had told everyone in my community, At first I thought nothing of it but only recently have I now keep being told to cut my wrist , go die or I’m mental. I’ve tried talking to almost anyone even my university counciler told me to drop out of my degree (I told her to get stuffed) but it did bring on the feeling of invisibility. I was discharged from the hospital only two weeks in to therapy , my mum won’t even speak of it and my siblings just say I’m attention seeking or it’s done get over it , I don’t see my friends as they refuse to accept it so I don’t know what to do cause talking to someone isn’t working for me
Bob (19649)
75 days ago
Peace to you and thanks. I hope you can make a difference for anyone thinking like this, and as for me? It’s ok, really. I’m not sad, in fact it makes me feel happy. I really want to end my life so please don’t be upset with me. I don’t want to wait for that sunny day to come back again. I see it now. I’m good. But I want you to know I understand what you need to say and I hope many will listen. As I go I want to say one more thing to your”or maybe mine for the moment” audience. Please don’t end your life without first giving someone a chance to save it! It may make an even bigger differences then you know and I wish you all a good life. Good night now, and I won’t Be back. You have been a friend.
Bob (19649)
75 days ago
I will die this week. I just have to get things in place, so they will be ok. I won’t go into the sadness and all that has been in my life, it’s been tuff, as it is for all of you. But I’ve made my mind up and know exactly how and when I will do it. What I want to say to anyone thinking like this... please don’t! It’s not what you want and life will change but when it does you have to look in the mirror and say to yourself, while looking into your own eyes and say.... I know what my faults are and I won’t let them ruin my life. I hope all of you will be ok. REALLY! It’s an amazing ride when your ok. Goodbye and goodnight. I loved you all at some point in my life and I wish you a happy ever after. I’m looking forward to death and it makes me smile as a tear rolls down my face. Good luck everyone. Thanks for listening to my crap! 😎✌️
Fu (89224)
75 days ago
💗 💗!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!