Should I Kill Myself?

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Attention it is satire:
You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you? We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.


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    Who has been bothering you?

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Worthless (41708)
6 days ago
Vlado, when I try to reach the site it doesn’t work, what should I do?
Vlado (46138)
6 days ago
If anyone would like to talk to me read this there's all you have to know about me and my life... All my social media too... I really would love to talk to someone...
Emily (30216)
7 days ago
My heaviest secret. If I tell someone I'll just want to be more dead, my parents will say I'm unacceptable child. My friends will just won't care like from the one in my old school. I want to be broken again.
Rach (37850)
7 days ago
Mum calls me a whore I feel judged I feel like no one likes me at school I’m a disappointment to my dad, my brother told me to kill myself I just need overdose on medication
rana (92850)
9 days ago
I think I will kill my self. The secret is very bad and if my family knew I would be killed (By them) or maybe I would be tortured and someone already knows
rana (92850)
9 days ago
The feeling that you hace a heavy secret is bad but the feeling that you have a family member knows the secret and she always threaten you is worse.
Vlado (39683)
9 days ago
If anyone wants to talk read this after that we can talk, i would love to help you...
P Jen k (33430)
10 days ago
I feel let down by almost everyone in my life and I feel like a disease and I feel guilty because I cut myself for the first time but people don’t even ask or even look and I feel even worse because I’m only twelve I should be happy because it’s the summer but I’m not because I loved going to school but people changed and now I’m going into high school and I feel like everything is just going to keep going down hill
Nothing's else matters (22251)
11 days ago
I'm tired of living, done trying, exhausted to even lift my foots in the morning. Nothing matters, nothing is funny anymore. I feel like a stranger even in my own family. Alone, there is no one I could say that I'm important to, no one I could even talk to. Only acquaintance, who don't see anything, nor even try to. In the end even if I die, I would die alone, and I wouldn't care anymote, corpse cannot think. Life is life people will just be living as if nothing happened, at some point I will be completely forgotten, the only thing my death would leave a mark in, is the number of suicides. My struggles are so petty yet I can't help it. I had to empty my chest somewhere or else I would have gone crazy keepings that to myself, keepings a fake smile, acting as if everything was ok. Anyway good luck with your problems, mine aren't gonna be solved soon... I've been thinking of suicide since a long time but I'm to weak minded to, so I will just keep living in hope it gets better or get to the point where I'm completely unable to live anymore and ends it.
Nick B (93638)
12 days ago
You know ive been very close to getting in my truck and closing the garage door many times, but i cant do it, ill ruin my familys life, all the people who believed in me will lose there own hope, and those kids at school will mourn and my friends will wonder why i decided to do this. Ive noticed my friends cant make it on there own sometimes without me, let alone that they have probably had these same thoughts, but they are still here, my family is still here, so i guess we should all make our little mark in history. But idk if i can hold on so long. I mean the saddest part of this journey is there is no turning back. In my own mind ill be drifting in the stars, alone in a deep sleep. Im 17 and i dont know why im here, and neither does anyone else...

To all who have been on this spiral, just know that ive been there too.
Vlado (97521)
12 days ago
Binko (43746)
15 days ago
I looked up “should I kill myself” I thought ironically.
Just stuck. Going through the motions. I’ve just written a suicide note. They are stupid. It made me think twice. I too want to be a good sister and daughter. I just can’t face this world anymore. I definitely shouldn’t drink alcohol. Is this really some sort of quiz? My Daddy took his own life and destroyed our beautiful family. His sister, my auntie obviously then killed herself on his birthday a few years later. I guess it’s in the blood.
To the person whose mother tells her/him that she’s fat and ugly. Live a good life to prove to that 💗 that you can overcome her cruelty. No mother should make her child feel that way. My Mumma loves me so much. That’s why I’ve held on for so long. I’m scared my suicide may destroy her.
💗 hey.
Jinkies from six hours ago, I do hope some little thing made you decide to hang in there a little longer. You can get through it. I totally relate. “I just want to end it and there be no more. “
yes, me too. I always wished I’d just never been born. Then my death wouldn’t have to hurt anyone.
I hope I bought enough heroin to put me to sleep forever.
It’s amusing that there’s a ‘change colour’ option next to the post comment button. Certainly a priority for people in our situation. I wonder if they have green. Or purple. Magenta or mauve maybe((eolive))
Jinkies (71885)
16 days ago
I actually hate my life. I do want to die. I know I want to. I feel every day less and less. I feel worthless, and I know it. I want to end my life. Nobody can really stop me. I just want to end it and there be no more.
Sara (69380)
16 days ago
I really want to die...😔😟
M**a (41708)
18 days ago
I get irritated so fast and I hate it, ppl think I’m dumb but I’m not it’s just, I want ppl to understand and when they don’t and get angry. (That’s something bad😔) My mom always tells me that I’m fat and ugly. I want to believe that she is wrong but more and more and I’m starting to think that she is right about that. I’m trying to be a good sister for my siblings, a good daughter for my mom and a good cousin but mostly a good person for my own.
I’m trying to not give up and hold on. Give everything a second chance.
No one knows about my self harm or anxiety. Not even my fam.
bethany tulp mcvic (26676)
23 days ago
i can confirm that i do not love lewsbigone
Vlado (55561)
23 days ago
lewsbigone (86316)
23 days ago
I feel perpetually lonely so i wrote this poem:

i do not think
that bethany
that bethany macvicar
that bethany tulip macvicar
from scotland
from dundee scotland
from peterculter dundee scotland
loves me
is in love with me
i do not think
jake (59565)
25 days ago
this quiz make me want to die even more thanks
Alex (57177)
26 days ago
the first test I got 100% on