Should I Kill Myself?

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You're just done. You can't take anymore of the things people keep saying. They just won't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you? We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. They offer suicide prevention and crisis resources for you and/or your loved ones, as well as best practices for professionals.


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    Who has been bothering you?
    Who has been bothering you?

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69 days ago
Please yes I agree with u so much. Plz don't lose hope cuz hopefully someday Everything will get better 💖

Heeey plz don't do it . I'm telling u that it's no a good idea. I myself have been through things like this and ik the feeling. It's not nice ik but ur family and the ppl who love u will miss u and they will all receive so much pain. Suicide isn't the only option i promise. Stay safe 💖💖💖💖💖
69 days ago
Ya know, I don’t think I’m gonna do it... I just don’t have a value on my life, like if I die, I would just be like “ok?” I dunno it just isn’t a big deal to me? I don’t wanna make anyone sad but I just feel... useless? Like not in a bad way, but like when you buy something you don’t use kinda way? Idk honestly. I’m tired... bye
69 days ago
Can y’all just stop? There are people in need of genuine help here and you guys are just bickering about who knows what! Also, I know that I might sound like another “it’s gonna get better”. But I ain’t gonna lie. It might not. But it can. I think if you are here you know by now that life isn’t sunshine and daisies. There is some horrible things that happen. BUT life can go on. At least try to sleep before you do this. Sleep can improve judgement. You might wake up and think what the heck was I thinking. You might wake up wishing you did it. You might not wake up. Life is a gamble. But time changes all those cuts on your wrists, torso, thighs, or wherever can heal. But, as one would say, you can’t fix dead. I know you are tired. Tired of trying and just plain tired. But things have a chance of improving. And I know it seems criminal to keep you here against your will, and that I know absolutely nothing about you. But there is a chance for everyone. I made not saying that you have to be happy. I’m not saying that you have to love yourself. Just please don’t kill yourselves. Life sucks, I know but there is someone out there even if it is just me, who cares. I love you.
69 days ago
I honestly just don’t see the point. Not to be selfish, but who cares if they cry? In a year they will find someone better anyway. I rather be a statistic than nothing at all. I guess that’s just my opinion. Bye. I would like to say it’s been fun, but I’m tired of lying. I’m glad you guys got better. Bye.
70 days ago
WOW... Just WOW.... You never tried to made me or anyone believe in anything but yet I heard 1000 of times Jesus this or Jesus that... "We are trying, be grateful" -that is so right!!! This is what all people are like just saying how they are trying even if we all know that they are just 💗 and then later they even say that we should be grateful for their "help". What do you imagine to be!? Angel or Jesus!? If you will be selfish 💗 just admit it and stay away from people that need help! I knew too many people that DIED because of people like you! By the way even tho I am an atheist I think that Jesus said that you need to turn the other cheek when someone slaps you but yet here you are attacking me back just because I was honest and truth hurts! I also don't remember where Jesus said that you should "help" others just so they can owe you which will make them do all kind of 💗 for you. That is called exploitation! People like you are liars we all know it! Only thing you could ever have been able to offer to anyone was toleration and pity which I doubt that anyone even got from you. You want to feel better by using other!? By making people die!? By lying to them and using them!? You think that Jesus was like you as well if he was alive!? Maybe you should read The Bible as someone who claims to believe in that 💗 because it really has no sense that I read it and know more about your religion, right!?
70 days ago
I never MADE u believe in anything! I never pretended that ANYONE helped u bit just LISTEN! We r TRYING to help u so be GRATEFUL. Some people don't know any manners *cough cough* YOU
70 days ago
Believe in whatever you want just don't make others live for nothing like you. If someone is smarter than you and know that all that💗is made up don't judge them and don't force anyone to believe in lies that is their own choice. If I am rude for being honest then so be it at least I am not a liar and pretending as you and few others on here. When I called someone "perfect" it was sarcasm! Mylifeisapillow never really helped anyome and modt like never even will. I am trying to warn people that there are some really sick people like you and mylifeisapillow on here and in real life as well! Just stop pretending that you or anyone helped me, that you or anyone even tried to! You can't grow up! Your stupid beliefs need to stay YOURS! People have right to be different, they have a right to have their own opinion, way of living, thinking, etc. If someone isn't like you and majority of people that doesn't make us sick, evil, rude, bad, etc.
70 days ago
I could eat the president if I felt like it
70 days ago
What stops me then if there is nothing in my way but a government which I can worm my way throught
70 days ago
Then what is stopping me to kill
71 days ago
I am.NOT rude! I've almost killed myself and I'm the feeling. Ur the one who's being rude. Mylifeisapillow is trying to help. U say that no one will help u and then when someone does u call them perfect and rude. People have beliefs and I'm still gonna believe in Jesus and God whether u like it or not. Smh
72 days ago
ASOCIAL DO NOT call Jesus stupid!!!! People have beliefs and it is VERY disrespectful to call a religious figure stupid!!! Mylifeisapillow IS NOT selfish cuz se is trying to HELP YOU! I myself have gone through suicidal thoughts and I jave depression RIGHT NOW at this very moment and I have NEVER acted so rudely like you! Do NOT do that EVER again!!!
74 days ago
Lol not lunch punch sorry guys I hate my phone ,................,...................... ....
74 days ago
Wow I said all that 6 days ago well as you all can tell I'm still here sometimes life can be hard and people always look for the easy way out witch makes life harder but realizing when you take the hard way life will get easy when you get lunch you take that lunch and you lunch back don't sit there and blame him or her for your mistakes because only cowards do that and you r not no coward stay strong everyone
75 days ago
hm 70% and not a teen yet.
78 days ago
Guys we all need to learn and realize some things before even thinking about killing ourselves.
If someone didn't go through same things as you or at least similar ones how do you expect them to understand at all!?
That is nonsense that everyone can understand everyone they just simply can't understand, it is not like they want to anyways.
Do you ever feel like no one really listen to you or notice things?
You are right that is all true people are like that get used to it!
But there is another issue with this there might be a lots of people that just like you or me went through a lot and let's say that person can completely understand us when it comes to that pain but that still doesn't mean that they understand us about everything so they probably made different choices and they want to make more different choices that yours or mines would be.
Even if they want to help that doesn't mean that they care and obviously their "help" wouldn't be much helpful, it would actually in almost all cases make things worse.
They just sometimes pity us and feel sorry for us, you deserve love and caring don't fall for that!
Anyways we need to realize that people who can't understand us completely about everything can't really care about us, they can't really love us or anything like that they can only pretend and act like they do so they "help" us with lies.
We need to deal with problems, to face the truth and not to live in lies for the whole life!
Well obviously there is only one person that could completely understand us for everyone of us or at least majority.
Those who aren't that one person can waste their time and emotions on us and we can do the same for them but what is the point!?
They have no reason to be there at all and you might just get too tired and broken and what happens then!?
You give up on everyone because you can't take it anymore or even worse you hurt yourself just because of others.
So don't be sad because of stupid family or friends.
I mean blood connection means nothing anyways, just ask yourself if you were just the same person but born in completely different family would your current family even look at you?
That whole thing is made up and illusion don't fall for it, they are not going to treat you any different than others.
Being independent as an adult actually means not just living on your own or whatever it also means going away from them all and never contacting them again.
You can get rid of friends right now and you should after that never make new ones because majority of people are selfish anyways but obviously there is no point of having them anyways.
By selfish I mean they only care about themselves and they love only about themselves.
They "love" and "care" about others as long as they can use you but that can all be gone, right?
That is just because it is not real at all, real friendship never ends, true love and emotions never die!
You can't get rid of family until you are not 18 or in some parts of world even 21 but when you are you are free to do anything you want.
I know it is hard to be alone all the time and I understand that I have been alone for my whole life.
Don't give up and don't do anything to yourself, please!
I won't lie that I care about you because that would be an obvious lie, I can't even if I wanted to, I don't love you either but I understand when it comes to those things at least.
I don't believe that I can be actually helpful to any of you but yes I can talk to you guys if it will help. I can give advice and everything.
Thanks for reading, this is my advice for all people that have problems just as I do.
79 days ago
Life was one hell of a ride I had 4 beautiful children with a amazing woman then got live long enough to see that amazing woman take it away from me but that's life right lol this is Chiboy singing out I'll see you all on the other side
80 days ago
I really wanted to die before this and after? the website just told me that I am 100% SHURE that I want to die
80 days ago
Then what is it about Peter what could this life possibly be for other than to torture is
81 days ago
I hate life and I hate that I'm alive