How much do you really know about: 'The Land Of Stories - A Grimm Warning'

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Here is a fun, little quiz about the Third Book in Chris Colfer's best-selling trilogy 'The Land Of Stories'.

  • 1
    First, some questions about the series, in general...

    What are the names of the Twins that are the protagonists(main characters)?
  • 2
    Now, more about the series in general

    What kind of creature does Mother Goose fly on and what is their name?
  • 3
    Questions about Fairies now...
    What is Tangerina's special talent/power?
  • 4
    Ok, now we are onto questions about 'A Grimm Warning'

    Which Army are invading The Fairy Tale world and what language do they speak?
  • 5
    Who is Rook? What does he do?
  • 6
    What are the 2 groups which involve Fairies called?
  • 7
    Which creature stabs the dragon in the leg?
  • 8
    What are the names of the 2 princesses?
  • 9
    What are the names of the 5 older children/ teens who are in this book?
  • 10
    Who is the Masked Man?

Comments (24)


Kaida (08563)
26 days ago
Yeah! I mean, has the person who created this even read the series?!?!
Random (93776)
72 days ago
First of all the masked man is not their dad, it is their uncle.
Alex (67498)
80 days ago
The thing is... while Alex thinks The masked man (Lloyd) is her dead father- in the 4th book, she finds out otherwise. I understood the question as “In THIS book who was the masked man?” I agree with all the comments and I would like to say maybe put a “none of the above” on that question. Or a disclaimer at the end, if you have indeed read all books.
Sophie (93463)
83 days ago
OMG!!!!!!!! Did you even read the freaking series!!?? The Masked Man is Alex and Conner's Uncle Lloyd.
de7c uyriku (44873)
90 days ago
The masked man is Alex and Conner's uncle.
5honypony (48960)
94 days ago
The Masked Man is their uncle! Come on! Read the book again
michelle (53531)
95 days ago
again! seriously madman and madgirl
Sasha (85566)
116 days ago
The masked man is there Uncle
Madman (45430)
122 days ago
Did this guy even read past the third book!
Madman (45430)
122 days ago
When did cornelius stab a dr agon and ma sked man is there uncle loyd not there dad John!
Madgirl (36749)
131 days ago
Alex and conners dad is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not a fan of this !!! (03312)
133 days ago
By the way the name is Conner not Connor !!!!!!!!!!!!!
tim (49070)
149 days ago
the masked man is not Alex and Conner's dad he is their uncle
anonamus (03423)
271 days ago
the masked man is there uncle not there dad. This needs to be updated!
Kelly (94168)
340 days ago
Ok we get it the masked man in not their father...jeez.
Lani (10421)
647 days ago
The masked man is theare uncle not theire dad you tottaly had me bumed when i dident get them all and it was your own fsult! ... not to be rood or anything
Anonymous2 (49213)
650 days ago
The masked man is not Alex and Conner's dad, he is their uncle. You should probably change that question.😕😕😕
Gracie (31296)
653 days ago
I agree with all of you. It was super confusing. =(
Ashley (64969)
738 days ago
The masked man is their uncle you should really change that last question.
Anonymous (50164)
780 days ago
Alex and Connor's father is not the Masked Man, it is their uncle. You should change this question or post a notification to let people know that there is an error.