What is your sexuality? (Girls only)

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Girls only. Find out if you are a lesbian, bisexual, or straight!

  • 1
    Have you ever wanted to/have kissed a girl?
  • 2
    Have you ever kissed a boy?
  • 3
    Would you rather be eaten by a woman or fucked by a man?
  • 4
    Do you see yourself dating/marrying a woman?
  • 5
    Can you see yourself dating/marrying a man?
  • 6
    Scenario time!:
    Your female BFF invites you over for a sleepover. You go to change in the bathroom but the lock is broken. She comes in while you're changing, in just a bra and underwear. She rushes over to you, pins you to the wall, and tries to kiss you. What do you do?
  • 7
    You and your female friend are kissing in the bathroom. She unhooked your bra, and her own. She shoves you on the closed toilet lid and she sits on your lap. What happens next?
  • 8
    You and your friend have moved into her bedroom. You are now...
  • 9
    Last question: which do you think is true about you?
  • 10
    Last of all: how do you feel about guys?

Comments (15)


Chloe_Louize (30412)
56 minutes ago
Says I am bisexual ( I'm actually pansexual ) but really close I guess
RosyRainbows (60242)
17 hours ago
90% Lesbian and proud!
yatomei (97470)
6 days ago
80% lesbian, thought so, i love girls
I ate your skittles (56895)
56 days ago
Its said my results are not clear. its said i was either bi or lespian. I think im bi. My parents dont know. and if they found out they would bury me alive and dance on my grave.
No one know who I am (05636)
80 days ago
Will I'm bisexual will I am not shame of it I'm happy and okay but idk if I am bc I like guys think girl are pretty and everything but I think I like both
Lucy (83806)
81 days ago
I have tken 5 tests with the same answers I'm bi and my parents donno but I'm pwoud of it! ;3
I don't know (31903)
98 days ago
I'm lesbian and proud!😘😀💏👭😌
Lucy c (17393)
98 days ago
I adore lesbians and gays everywhere. Xx :) ;). And I love my girls too. And I have had a ex boyf. In the past Love from miss Lucy c , clements , nsw , Australia , nsw , western sydney ,
Lucy c (17393)
98 days ago
I'm 30 yrs old and I'm so proud to be a lesbian and I'm 100 percent all they too bay oh yeah mm. I'm a real lesbo And I have lesbian teacher and a Carer that calls me a lesbian and her baby girl at her work lol
The gayest unicorn (58376)
111 days ago
So it says I am 40 percent lesbian but I mean... Like what's my other 60 percent, straight?
???? (74154)
129 days ago
How tf did I get asexual?
Fallen (08770)
160 days ago
I'm 13 and I'm a proud lesbian!!!
;) (02410)
179 days ago
19 year old lesbian and proud!!!!!!
Sara (93094)
191 days ago
Kiss Kiss I`m lesbian af I`m 11 and nothing to be ashamed of!!!
Ugh. (90623)
245 days ago
It said i was asexual! i'm sure as hell not! i don't have a problem with asexuals but this isn't accurate. it also said my results were not clear.