Do I Like Her? (Boys Only!)

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"That girl is soooo cute!" That might be the case; however, you don't know if you actually LIKE her, or if she's just a pretty pest in your head. Need help? No problem! Just answer these simple questions and you'll find out!

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    Do YOU think you like her?
    Do YOU think you like her?

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Your name: (84360)
💗 it. It was all fantasy
anonymous (42585)
3 days ago
well brothers, were never going to get them
sad man (46346)
5 days ago
oh no brothers it was all just a fantasy
derek (19522)
19 days ago
we are best friends and both like each other
Anonymous (95639)
20 days ago
Well I just took this quiz for fun, we both know we like each other and we exchange “I love you” every night, so I guess this quiz is correct
Anonymous (75772)
21 days ago
She’s my best friend. I don’t know if I like her or if I’m just confused, but we hang it all the time and I always wish we could hang out more. It’s confusing.
bowen (65636)
24 days ago
so my friend i know her like a half a year or something more don't know 100% but i just have a strange feeling when im with her i don't think im in love but i do want to be with her all the time i got this answer "You are definitely crushing on her! On a scale of 1-10, you're 4-7. You like her, but she might think otherwise" but this quize is not so good im from the netherlands and i don't think we have prom and i don't go to school i have it at home so maybe it is not 4-7 but like 2-3 who knows ?
anonymous (83198)
27 days ago
this girl, she’s my best friend. She likes me like a lot and has liked me for a loooong time now snd like she told me. Recently i’ve started getting feelings for her and like i don’t want to move too fast, and then maybe it turns out i didn’t rly like her. and then i would break her more. Help me
Potato BMan (20894)
28 days ago
James (79764)
33 days ago
Well I like her and this is a kids test I noticed a few questions in, still took it as some times I feel like I'm a school kid around her. I'm 34 and she is 28. REMEMBER WE'RE ALL EQUAL!!!! ONE PLANET ONE LOVE!!
BE FREE....LIVE LIFE......LOVE LIFE!!!! 👭👬👫Love love love!!!!!
Jessie (39494)
52 days ago
I’m so happy I think I like this girl people say we would make a cute couple bc we look like each other she is in my class in school her best friend told me she likes me
big ol lethbo (00208)
58 days ago
ay, so i think i may like this girl, and i'm also a girl, though that doesnt quite mater. none the less i've liked a few girls in my past, but i feel i like her, like really like her, you know? idk man, i wanna ask her out on a date or something, take her to a arcade, at least something!! ugh i'm such a mess
Goro (61899)
59 days ago
It turnd out great she is engaged to me now and we've only talked for 3 months
Justin (40167)
61 days ago
There is this girl i think i like in my class. Shes so pretty and has the best body a guy could ask for! But she has the WORST personality. Shes not like boring or something like that, shes just so rude, especially in front of the teachers. My friend who was very good friends with her, said that she was gossippings everyone including her Best friends. It’s so uncharming. We talk to each other like every 4 months, and that’s only beacuse we share some of our Friends. And when we talk shes super Nice, and open. But i think my friend knows better than me. If she just had a great personality every guy in the School would like her!
Pat (53474)
64 days ago
She doesn't like me back but I like her so much
Emma (66982)
64 days ago
Well micha if you like her should it madder as long as your happy and don't hurt anyone. And the popular girl may like u but don't date her just for her popularity wants your crushes name anyways
laxten (12423)
66 days ago
i like thiis girl in my religion class i think beacuse i cant barely say a word to her copared to taliking to any other girls and I am shy around any girl anyway but this seem diffrent?
Liam (59872)
68 days ago
theres a cute girl and i like her but i dont know what to do
Matthew (42197)
68 days ago
There is this one girl in my class that I like but everyone hates her for unknown reasons and she comes to me for help and I'm not sure sometimes how I can help. And we are now like good friends and I'm her only friend. What should I do now?
Micah (89575)
69 days ago
I this girl but every boy in my. Class thinks she's a pain and I heard the girls at lunch and a popular girl likes me but so does my crush what do I do