Do I Like Her? (Boys Only!)

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"That girl is soooo cute!" That might be the case; however, you don't know if you actually LIKE her, or if she's just a pretty pest in your head. Need help? No problem! Just answer these simple questions and you'll find out!

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    Do YOU think you like her?
    Do YOU think you like her?

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Pat (53474)
2 days ago
She doesn't like me back but I like her so much
Emma (66982)
3 days ago
Well micha if you like her should it madder as long as your happy and don't hurt anyone. And the popular girl may like u but don't date her just for her popularity wants your crushes name anyways
laxten (12423)
4 days ago
i like thiis girl in my religion class i think beacuse i cant barely say a word to her copared to taliking to any other girls and I am shy around any girl anyway but this seem diffrent?
Liam (59872)
6 days ago
theres a cute girl and i like her but i dont know what to do
Matthew (42197)
6 days ago
There is this one girl in my class that I like but everyone hates her for unknown reasons and she comes to me for help and I'm not sure sometimes how I can help. And we are now like good friends and I'm her only friend. What should I do now?
Micah (89575)
7 days ago
I this girl but every boy in my. Class thinks she's a pain and I heard the girls at lunch and a popular girl likes me but so does my crush what do I do
Jake (23965)
12 days ago
Thnx Jess. I will do
Jess (84417)
13 days ago
My opinion jake is that I think you should tell her then if she likes you then great if not then maybe it’s just not a good time for her
Somebody (79303)
14 days ago
I’m Lesbian, I still took this quiz. I really think the “boys only” thing isn’t necessary
Ashlyn (84258)
16 days ago
also, to everyone out there asking for advice on girls or boys, just be yourself. I know that its harder than it seems, but if they don't like you for you, then why even bother?
Ashlyn (84258)
16 days ago
Welp Jake, you might want to talk about it to your friend. This coming from a girls perspective, I think it would be best that way. If he had a crush on her first, then let him try first I guess, but if she doesn't like him, then you can try. It's all up to her.
Jake (23965)
16 days ago
Any advice??(My story is below)
donkey (87745)
17 days ago
i hste her
Jake (44130)
18 days ago
I like her, but my best friend does too. He doesn't know I like her(neither does she) he knows that I know he likes her. I asked her who she likes she said,"I don't know."
Lil Nut (99995)
19 days ago
Lol 69, lol 69, lol 69, lol 69
west (64155)
20 days ago
So I like this girl called tayla she gos to my course but it's really hard to make her feel happy I have stuck up for her even when she's in the wrong I always try to make her happy by telling her how her day is or telling her that she makes my day or telling her that her hair is beautiful I follow her on Instagram I think she knows I like her like the other day someone said I liked her in front of her and I said i did I just want to know what she thinks of me and I want to tell her all the feelings I have for her
Cstof (03512)
20 days ago
I’ve liked this girl named Carlin for a long time but I’d ont know if she notices me. She sits on the other side of the boy next to me in chorus and she always seems to be talking to that boy and I’m worried they like each other
Chinanumberwan (70443)
20 days ago

I really like her but something's holding me back (probably because I don't want to make this girl hurt)
Pervert (62949)
21 days ago
I want her to deep throat on me
Jessica (42437)
33 days ago
So I like this boy but how do I know if he likes me we have been talking a little bit and we do make eye contact sometimes but I’m not sure if it’s just natural for a boy to do that or dose he like me???? Plz give me advice