Do I Like Her? (Boys Only!)

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"That girl is soooo cute!" That might be the case; however, you don't know if you actually LIKE her, or if she's just a pretty pest in your head. Need help? No problem! Just answer these simple questions and you'll find out!

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    Do YOU think you like her?
    Do YOU think you like her?

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ya (25774)
128 days ago
awwwww lol tbh this is kinda cute lmao
Brianna (41238)
128 days ago
Kyle its me. I like you a lot.

Wait but do u really think I lean over you a lot lol???
ya (25774)
128 days ago
okay so idk what to do because it really really seems like she likes me and i know i like her but shes also 2 years older than me so.... um ya either shes a really flirty person and wants to hang out with me alot and wants me too come over all the time.. or she likes me any sugjestions?
Kyle (41238)
128 days ago
Oh my god those people are the kids in robotics. Brianna??? Please tell me its not u. Please, Please, please.
Kyle i think i know you (41238)
128 days ago
Kyle, tell me if you recognize these names: Arden, Mohammad, Melvin, Nikhil. Ms. Le.
If you do then im probably the girl your taking this quiz about.............
Kyle (41238)
129 days ago
GDT I LIKE HER. I totally love her but it sucks cause she once said her parents don't let her date. But I think she likes me. In one of our classes, she always leans over my shoulder and looks what Im working on (robotics, technology, whatever you wanna call it). What she does is tickle me, but she does that to everybody, but she leans on my shoulder sometimes and I wanna kiss her on the lips. I hope to catch her alone one time so WE CAN KISS BECAUSE I LOVE HER. she always talks to me in class and outside of school, she always steals my stuff and teases me a lot. Yeah, she likes me.
hariom tiwari (07923)
131 days ago
girl likes and boy i like you
Me >:) (55786)
133 days ago
She's likes me but I don't know if I feel the same
Jac (46440)
135 days ago
2 years ago when I took this quiz I asked the girl of my dreams to go on a date, 2 days ago I asked her to marry me. She said no both tines
Revan (15863)
135 days ago
You all asked for me by feb - so I decided to come in March!
Mike (05643)
136 days ago
Had a chance...blew it hard..pretty sure she strongly dislikes me..haven't been able to move on in three years ..want a second chance more than anything. But guess it's over and I gotta live with that.
Graeme (03024)
139 days ago
she isn't in my grade so it doesn't really work...
Meh (66832)
144 days ago
I think about her 24/7 and how i need to move on.
Me (01541)
145 days ago
Very vague and not very accurate
BRO (69471)
146 days ago
I like her and she likes me but it says no
Sith (16257)
147 days ago
I feel stuck. I did this quiz for both of the girls I like and one turned out better than the other which happened to be the girl I have recently come to like. The issue is that I asked out just before Christmas the original girl I liked but she wasn't allowed to date. Then I just slowly and still am ever so slightly am loosing interest in the original and more towards the newest girl I've come to like. Most recently she kept looking over at me after my church let out and then before she left walked right past me in a conversation just the say bye (my name) quickly enough that I didn't have a chance to say bye back. She used to be slightly annoying but that was because our school's are rival's but recently she has been nicer to me. Which happened right after I got her phone number. So I feel stuck. I can't just turn right around and ask out another girl especially a girl who is friends with the one I recently asked out no more than a month and a half ago. That would hurt the first girls feelings and I would loose a best friend, but I also want to move on (at least I think) and ask out a new girl. I don't want it to seem like I'm a ladies man, but the heart wants what the heart wants. (And I thought at first that me liking that second girl was just a passing phase or thing) I guess I will have to just be patient and let life take it's time. (And I'm a slightly impatient person!)
Nobody (35391)
151 days ago
I guess I like her, and I think she likes me
Rajdeep Sarkar (70066)
151 days ago
Not can't sorry! It's "can"*
Rajdeep Sarkar (70066)
151 days ago
I love a girl so much that I can't do anything for her! 😍😘... But,😥 she doesn't even care of me😭😞.... Still I love her so much😊
Bruh (23508)
155 days ago
I took the quiz on my neighbor and it said I might... but idk cuz she's a year older than me.