Do you like her? (Boys only!)

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That girl is soooo cute! However, you don't know if you like her, or if that girl is just a pest in your head! Need Help? Just answer these simple questions and find out!

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    Do you think you like her?

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Ethan (44416)
146 days ago
There is this girl that i used to be crazy for but then i met her best friend and fell in love with her. I asked out her best friend and the original girl started to cry. IDK what to do but im pretty sure they both like me. HELP. And btw i asked out her best friend and ordered her expensive makeup. WHAT DO I DO! send help
donnay (60264)
148 days ago
we don't go to the same school or anything but there is this kind of group I go on a specific day and I see her there.She is kind of new and I was hopings to maybe try and make friends but I didn't wanna approach her when she was in a group because then I would be really nervous and I found that moment when she was alone... AND MY SISTER SWOOPED IN AND BECAME FRIENDS WITH HER soo I was like maybe she was just being friendly and she will go away but now they are getting closer and I cant even get in to have a chance. :(
A random guy (11823)
150 days ago
I think about her all the time, have imaginary conversations with her. But then if I told her I would get teased by my friends🤭🤭What should I do.
A random guy (11823)
150 days ago
I got totally starry eyed over this girl when we were in the same class, but she studied literature afterwards so I don’t get to see her a lot... 😞 so sad. But I still text her about homework and stuff (I actually know how to do) to try to keep in contact with her, she is kinda helpful
Casey (18537)
150 days ago
Thanks this helped
Trevor k (50115)
151 days ago
We're dating and it's a really good relationship
2826 (79376)
151 days ago
1.she likes me😊2. I like her from 1-10 4-7yaay
The boi (27284)
152 days ago
So i like this girl shes perfect in every way but i think shes a lesbian
*cough*girl*cough* (87425)
153 days ago
All u dudes, u bro's *cough* if u even think u like her u should ask her out.. Girls like me*cough* I mean those chics r a one time shot, don't miss ur chance: THE BEST WAY TO KNOW IF SHE LIKES YOU IS TO ASK HER. Getting rejected isn't all that bad. -*ahem* a dude😂😉
Ronnie (68373)
156 days ago
She is so hot
Saltshaker24 (28222)
157 days ago
Yes I got a girl named Selena knight 😍😍😍😍😱🤗🤭🤭🤭🤭
SnyperLyfe (74463)
159 days ago
Wouldn’t it be funny if I said who I like in this comment and then my friends found this by chance and exposed me 🤔😂
Braelyn (71981)
160 days ago
I'm a girl and I wanted to let all you guys know that if you like her and suspect that she likes you, go for it! And don't be shy, girls loveeeeee attention and if your comfortable if she says yes give her a hug. It's certain to brighten her day! Good luck!

Best regards,

Brae :)
ok (47678)
163 days ago
no me silllylllyllylylylyllyylyll
Kevin (23428)
165 days ago
She said yes and now we are dating and I am happy and my mind is blown
Kevin (23428)
165 days ago
She said she liked me cause I am dumb and funny and cute
Finley mason (08276)
166 days ago
She said yes my mind is blown
idonthaveagf (02880)
169 days ago
i like this girl but i have to act ike i dont shes going out with this other boy she asked me do you like me i said no under pressure and she said well anyways im going out with someone i ran out crying
Prince (60597)
169 days ago
She became my girl. Love her to death
Willie (78533)
171 days ago
okay see you at school