Do I Like Her? (Boys Only!)

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"That girl is soooo cute!" That might be the case; however, you don't know if you actually LIKE her, or if she's just a pretty pest in your head. Need help? No problem! Just answer these simple questions and you'll find out!

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    Do YOU think you like her?
    Do YOU think you like her?

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Kill me (55352)
188 days ago
She transitioned into a guy
Not Revealing My Name (33261)
188 days ago
She’s my girlfriend I just took this quiz for fun
Gabz (47561)
189 days ago
I wouldn't suggest you say boys only. I'm a bi female. Some people might be gay, y'know. Nice quiz thoughKeep it up!
ladybi (29863)
190 days ago
please dont say boys only in the future. i am a bisexual female so yeah. please don't take it the wrong way though i liked the quiz!
Anonymous (14161)
192 days ago
The test does say I like her... it's a girl I never talk to (and still dont) but she said I looked cute last year and I started to... notice her more. I'm bad at reading signs so I can't tell if she still does, and we only have one class together- art (I have a lot with her friends though). I get pretty nervous just being around her, and even if I could sum up the courage, she's surrounded by friends all the time. My friends don't know I like her- they think I like someone else, and it's strange to just bring it up out of nowhere. It's also strange to just ask her out randomly, there needs to be a decent time and I need to do it when her friends aren't around, but I think if I somehow had her phone number I could. What do I do? When do I do it? How do I do it?
Eric (81530)
196 days ago
I LOVE this girl named Anna and she is my everything. We aren't even in the same class. She is a Freshmen and I am in 8th grade. We met during marching band and I loved her and I think she loved me back and all of a sudden *WHOOSH* another guy comes in and takes her away. Marching band season is over, I don't have a phone so I can't talk to her. I feel like since i won't see her for another year, she'll be dating another guy, a better guy than now. I feel like there's this big wall of shyness. I honestly feel like killing my self because that is all i can think of when i think of her. I was actually so close to telling her how i feel, when she was calm and trustworthy, but that shyness. that would've been the perfect time to do it. I've done everything to try and get rid of it. I have looked on YouTube (which just shows guys getting girls. Hint: your trying to get those girls) and I've even prayed to God for so long. I kept myself up all night crying because of this. I think I am depressed. I thought it was going okay till I looked at what was actually happening. oh yeah, I also can't swoop in like the guy did, he is one of my best friends too.
Daniela (46190)
196 days ago
Im a girl who likes girl so all I have left are those sad tests for boys lol
I have been with my girl for ages and I really like her and the test agrees
Cameron alcantara (54462)
200 days ago
i don't even love my girlfriend
Euan Murphy (24541)
201 days ago
I feel like these questions weren't really related to the girl I think I like
Jesse (04433)
201 days ago
This girl resontly brock up with me now see likes me and I don’t know if I like her
mininoob (46497)
201 days ago
well she knows
Anonymous01 (87727)
201 days ago
Her name is Addison and if u see her, u will understand why I like her. She sits next to me in Biology and in English language arts. She is really nice, cut and funny. I really like her but I don’t know what to say to her when it’s time to be honest and when is that time. I’m only 13! What do I do? When do I make my move? Help!!!
Jukebx (22995)
202 days ago
Her name is Maya, she has a crush on me but I'm not sure if I like her back. I kind of hurt her feelings last weekend and was gonna apologise and maybe ask her what she wants to do. We're best friends btw.
Any help??
Clutchspoon (79322)
203 days ago
Her name is Geena she's absolutely amazing but I'm to shy to ask her out or tell her
Gregory (24346)
206 days ago
Her name is Zaria going to same class and she so beautiful
Gavin (41336)
207 days ago
Her name is Chesnie and she is SO HOT. I sit next to her in class. I stair at her instead of doing my work. There is no other girl like her.
Klaton (77212)
208 days ago
There's this one girl i thought she was my one and only but she moved to a different state and broke up with me and I don't know if ill ever like anyone else the way I loved her. How do i cope with this or move on
Jackson (35152)
209 days ago
This girl sits next to me in Spanish class and we have been pretty good friends for a long time but recently I think I really like her. I make small talk almost constantly and I think she thinks I’m funny but we don’t text and have never talked outside of school but I feel like we both are comfortable with eachother. No idea if I should try to make a move or keep going at the same pace.
Ethan (44416)
209 days ago
There is this girl that i used to be crazy for but then i met her best friend and fell in love with her. I asked out her best friend and the original girl started to cry. IDK what to do but im pretty sure they both like me. HELP. And btw i asked out her best friend and ordered her expensive makeup. WHAT DO I DO! send help
donnay (60264)
211 days ago
we don't go to the same school or anything but there is this kind of group I go on a specific day and I see her there.She is kind of new and I was hopings to maybe try and make friends but I didn't wanna approach her when she was in a group because then I would be really nervous and I found that moment when she was alone... AND MY SISTER SWOOPED IN AND BECAME FRIENDS WITH HER soo I was like maybe she was just being friendly and she will go away but now they are getting closer and I cant even get in to have a chance. :(