Am I gay/lesbian, bi, ace/demi, straight or pan?

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Have you ever felt like you weren't completely straight? Had gay urges? No urges at all? Only loving people you're very close to? There's no way to simply put people into categories, but these are the most well-known ones.

  • 1
    You imagine the hottest person you ever could, what are they like? (Pick the closest)
  • 2
    Your friend of the opposite gender says they like you, how to you react?
  • 3
    Your friend of the same gender says they like you, how do you react?
  • 4
    Okay, imagine this, you're in the shower, when suddenly, someone of the same sex appears too. It's only you and them, and if you're a guy, the other guy holds you passionately from behind. And if you're a girl, the other girl walks over and starts kissing you. Imagine similar scenarios, but with someone of the opposite sex now. Which do you prefer?
  • 5
    You're joking around with your mates, and you're doing dares. Suddenly, your best same sex friend has to kiss you on the lips. They do it, but do it again after the dare, and your reaction is:
  • 6
    You've been dating someone for a while now, and they're of the opposite sex. You meet up and get intimate, but it turns out they're of the same sex. You...
  • 7
    Do you watch pornography, if so, what kind?
  • 8
    What do you consider yourself to be? (Pick the closest, if questioning, pick the one you feel is most accurate).
  • 9
    Where on earth could your friends never drag you to?
  • 10
    What would you address yourself as if you had to answer as honestly as possible?

Comments (315)


D🌈😻 (72778)
3 days ago
Sure enough this quiz got my sexuality right cuz I'm hella Lesbian and I'm not ashamed of it.. Cz "it is what it is!!"🌈🏳️🌈🏳️🌈🏳️
Anonymous (91557)
4 days ago
I'm apparently Ace but though I was demi
Imy (97007)
5 days ago
Dont know if im lesbian or bisexual the suapense is killing me LMAO
Nordic (23944)
5 days ago
Says I am 70% gay it's ok proud of it but always said I was bi. Love both but still more attracted to guys as I am but older.
Nani (15243)
8 days ago
I still don't know if I'm asexual or straight oh well...or bi idk. I got asexual on this anyway good luck to anyone trying to figure out their sexuality!
aesthetic. .watermellon (68360)
9 days ago
cool I'm pan ;3 I guess I got to tell my mom that I'm pan she will be surprise
H0m32tuck10v3 (14975)
10 days ago
I usually just say I’m queer because I never really wanted to get to specific because I never really knew my self what I am but now I know.
BOi (15374)
11 days ago
I was doing a test so I answered all the questions honestly and got gay/lesbian. I did the same thing again, but I got straight..?
Jolly Rancher (95222)
11 days ago
Why am I here? I already know my sexuality
Anonymous (80133)
11 days ago
How do I know if I’m gay? I am a woman and have been with men and never women, but I have always had this feeling in the back of my mind.
Biandhigh (07478)
14 days ago
The Test was right...well I'm out already sooo it doesn't really matter what this test says
I'm bi and proud🤘🌈
please help me (78904)
14 days ago
please help me (78904)
14 days ago
I'm DemisexuaI only found out what Demisexual is yesterday and it felt about right
Awnser! (13460)
15 days ago
To girl,

If you see this just say it softly, your not really interested in same💗relationships. Don’t yell at her and say “EW LIKE NOW WAY PERVERT!” Your gonna make her 😠 angry.

Does it matter?
Guy (04106)
17 days ago
Girl (01967)
18 days ago
Girl (69289)
19 days ago
Welp exactly what I expected STRAIGHT. WHICH I AM but, this girl at school keeps coming on to me what do I do I don’t like her and I’ve tried to be nice🙁
Ainsley (25747)
23 days ago
I think that I might be pan but how does love feel sometimes I think I like someone but I cannot imagine myself with them Also there are so many people who don’t know the difference between Asexual and aromatic I’m asexual but not aromatic
bi (59602)
23 days ago
60% bi yeyeyeyyeyeyyeyeyeeeeeeet
Girl (49079)
25 days ago
You should not believe 100% in this test! U should truly believe in what is in your heart mind and soul! Although I've taken this test five times and each time I have a come out as 9080 or 70% bi! YAY!!!!