Am I gay/lesbian, bi, ace/demi, straight or pan?

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Have you ever felt like you weren't completely straight? Had gay urges? No urges at all? Only loving people you're very close to? There's no way to simply put people into categories, but these are the most well-known ones.

  • 1
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
  • 2
    Your friend of the opposite gender says they like you. How do you react?
  • 3
    Your friend of the same gender says they like you. How do you react?
  • 4
    OK, imagine this. You're in the shower, when suddenly, someone of the same sex appears. It's only you and them. If you're a guy, the other guy holds you passionately from behind. If you're a girl, the other girl walks over and starts kissing you. Imagine similar scenarios, but with someone of the opposite sex now. Which do you prefer?
  • 5
    You're joking around with your friends, and you're doing dares. Suddenly, your best same-sex friend has to kiss you on the lips. They do it - but then do it again after the dare. Your reaction is:
  • 6
    You've been dating someone for awhile now, and they're the opposite sex. You meet up and get intimate, but it turns out they're actually the same sex. You:
  • 7
    If you watch pornography, what kind?
  • 8
    What do you consider yourself to be? (Pick the closest - if questioning, pick the one you feel is most accurate).
  • 9
    Where on Earth could your friends never drag you to?
  • 10
    What would you call yourself if you had to answer as honestly as possible?

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Tall Lesbian (30578)
3 days ago
Grace (48701)
3 days ago
60% lesbian❤yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Naunet (49079)
4 days ago
OMG!! I am praying!!!! Poor girl
Someone (78695)
4 days ago
It said that I’m 40% bi and the rest I’m straight
It’s right!
Bell (33908)
4 days ago
MY FRIENDS SISTER JUst got kid napped last night!!!!!!!!!! Plz pray for Isabelle to come home safe!!
a Gryffindor who don't do her homework lel (26993)
5 days ago
70% Ace... but I think I'm more straight since I fall in love too easily with the opposite gender of mine. I try to stop loving others because I think I don't need a significant other but I can't help it.
Skinny legend (97987)
5 days ago
50% pan :)) the other 50 is ace lol
Naunet (49079)
7 days ago
It said I’m 70% bi. I identify as bisexual so…
I’ve been looking for a girlfriend lately, I’ll tell you a bit about myself:
Ian a 13 year old girl who likes to read, write, sing, and play basketball.
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Skasha (84575)
7 days ago
It says I’m 60% straight I like boys but sometimes I don’t know 😩😫😭
liv (06926)
8 days ago
so i got 80% pan.. don't not what to say , yep
keara (07782)
8 days ago
lol 60% lesbian 💜
Brendon (03002)
9 days ago
90% pan/omnisexual i agree :D
Ryan (03002)
9 days ago
70% pansexual I’M SO HAPPY
Charly (05594)
9 days ago
I'm 60% ace. It suggests that I'm possibly demisexual but uhh I think I am asexual.
Caitlin (89978)
9 days ago
I got 40% that I am Bi....
Kayla (34874)
10 days ago
I'm 50% Bisexual and 50% Pan/Omnisexual and I agree completely...;)
Nord (93885)
12 days ago
At 60% bi and I love it
%uD83C%uDFF3%uFE0F%u200D%uD83C%uDF08 (53655)
12 days ago
Honestly you probably not ace if your 12yrs old and not thinking about💗a lot of people think it’s gross🤷‍♀️
Just me (63145)
15 days ago
I'm confused. I'm 30% of all except straight or ace/demi
Squable (69870)
16 days ago
Yay im a pan, im atracted to pans, woks, and , if im daring, pots. xDim so weird :/