Am I Gay/Lesbian, Bi, Ace/Demi, Straight Or Pan?

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Have you ever felt like you weren't completely straight? Had gay urges? Or had no urges at all? Maybe you only feel capable of loving people you're very close to? There's no way to simply put people into sexual categories, but these are the most well-known ones. Answer honestly for an accurate result.

  • 1
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
  • 2
    Your friend of the opposite gender says they like you. How do you react?
  • 3
    Your friend of the same gender says they like you. How do you react?

  • 4
    OK, imagine this. You're in the shower, when suddenly, someone of the same sex appears. It's only you and them. If you're a guy, the other guy holds you passionately from behind. If you're a girl, the other girl walks over and starts kissing you. Imagine similar scenarios, but with someone of the opposite sex now. Which do you prefer?
  • 5
    You're joking around with your friends, and you're doing dares. Suddenly, your best same-sex friend has to kiss you on the lips. They do it - but then do it again after the dare. Your reaction is:
  • 6
    You've been dating someone for awhile now, and they're the opposite sex. You meet up and get intimate, but it turns out they're actually the same sex. You:

  • 7
    If you watch pornography, what kind?
  • 8
    What do you consider yourself to be? (Pick the closest - if questioning, pick the one you feel is most accurate).
  • 9
    Where on Earth could your friends never drag you to?
  • 10
    What would you call yourself if you had to answer as honestly as possible?

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4 days ago
I’m definitely bi. For now I’m going to concentrate on my own gender! ❤️🍆!!!!
4 days ago
I really like this test and I found out I’m bi
11 days ago
I am pan I'm not sure if that's right but I think it is I would like to come out as pan but I'm waiting till I'm 100% sure
13 days ago
I am apparently demi or are according to this but I have no 👮 clue.
14 days ago
Lol im asexual homoromatic and i took another quiz for fun and it said im homophoic because all the answers were about👮and no option for i dont like👮or feel sexual attraction SO SOMEHOW IM BOTH HOMOPHOBIC AND GAY I DONT UNDERSTANDDD
15 days ago
i have only goten Lesbian in all the test i have taking, so i thnok im a lesbian now
21 days ago
i got ace babyyy
21 days ago
Haha just as i thought so i came out as 50% bi and would really like to try a man to man relationship but am scared to tell anyone.
23 days ago
So I took this test for fun because as you could yell by my name I am a lesbian. But it came up as Bi XD. I am very confused ngl, I know I shouldn't depend it all on a test which I don’t. But I am genuinely really happy that I haven’t come out yet just in case I am bi. :P
23 days ago
Oh gawd i got Lesbian while my dad watching (for some weird reason i have no idea why tho😐) and now he is SOO mad at me for being myself what do i do😣?
26 days ago
Hey alivia Cassidy I hope u have a good life and I like what u said when u love people no matter there gender 😊 your a nice person in my opinion 😁
27 days ago
I turned out to be 50% Pansexual. I was a little surprised to be honest But at the same time im not. I love people no matter their gender. If they have a good personality then hey whats up.
28 days ago
🍦 why im taking so many tests but still questining ( got 60% bi btw)
28 days ago
I thought that I was going to be Bisexual since I like Both male and Females but I turned out to be 50% Lesbian which surprised me but not at all. If I have to be honest, I mostly like Girls than boys; 85% I like girls and 15% I like boys so I am technically not that surprised thinking about it. The problem is that my Father is probably a Homophobic and my mother I’m not to sure. My Older sister Actually thinks I am Lesbian but she says it as a joke (which is not cause she means it) but I say I am Asexual since I don’t like relationships but I am now thinking again about my sexuality, if I am Bi or Lesbian (I am not Asexual anymore)
30 days ago
I am lesbian! But it doesn't make sense. I like someone who was born a girl but is a transgender. So does that still make me a lesbian? That is what Is am confused about
30 days ago
Turns out I’m gay! And I’m proud. And to any one who is struggling to find a way to be okay about there sexuality, I want you to know that no matter what you are loved be it by family or friends there will always be someone that will love you, but you need to learn to love yourself first! It doesn’t matter who you are you are amazing! Stay safe and may god bless you
31 days ago
I’m 50% bi and it actually makes sense to me😁
31 days ago
I got 40% bi when I came out to my mum this year she was in high doubt. I’m still questioning
35 days ago
I’m 80% Homosexual!! But my entire family is homophobic and transphobic, also Christian Please help!! And to make it worse about my situation I have a girlfriend named Emily we’re both the same gender and if we’re caught I will be in a lot of trouble and my parents will try to change my sexuality
36 days ago
I'm 40 percent bi but my dad is a pastor at a Christian church so I'm scared to come out😨plz help