Am I gay/lesbian, bi, ace/demi, straight or pan?

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Have you ever felt like you weren't completely straight? Had gay urges? No urges at all? Only loving people you're very close to? There's no way to simply put people into categories, but these are the most well-known ones.

  • 1
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
    Imagine the hottest person you ever could. What are they like (pick the closest)?
  • 2
    Your friend of the opposite gender says they like you. How do you react?
  • 3
    Your friend of the same gender says they like you. How do you react?
  • 4
    OK, imagine this. You're in the shower, when suddenly, someone of the same sex appears. It's only you and them. If you're a guy, the other guy holds you passionately from behind. If you're a girl, the other girl walks over and starts kissing you. Imagine similar scenarios, but with someone of the opposite sex now. Which do you prefer?
  • 5
    You're joking around with your friends, and you're doing dares. Suddenly, your best same-sex friend has to kiss you on the lips. They do it - but then do it again after the dare. Your reaction is:
  • 6
    You've been dating someone for awhile now, and they're the opposite sex. You meet up and get intimate, but it turns out they're actually the same sex. You:
  • 7
    If you watch pornography, what kind?
  • 8
    What do you consider yourself to be? (Pick the closest - if questioning, pick the one you feel is most accurate).
  • 9
    Where on Earth could your friends never drag you to?
  • 10
    What would you call yourself if you had to answer as honestly as possible?

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Comments (399)


Catpaws (82481)
2 days ago
80% Ace I kinda expected that I guess.
Emma (30360)
2 days ago
Ace and I know that already. I have had many crushes on girls and guys but I have always hated the idea of kissing them or something like that. Pretty sure I just admire them because I don't feel anything whenever I am with them or something like that. I hate thinking of kissing them and stuff like that especially with a girl. I have a crush on one girl but I don't like thinking of kissing them because I find it gross.

No offence to anyone in any gender and sexuality
Dave (73575)
3 days ago
Bisexual. Already knew that and I’ve been with guys already
Kinzey (47650)
4 days ago
Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great day! I was just hoping you could follow a new account on instagram, it’s called devins_strange_life and it’s about the everyday life of a very cute gender fluid pomelo who needs support, he’ll follow you if you follow him! Thanks so much guys!
~Kinz (on Devin’s behalf)
Eden Banks (79839)
5 days ago
90% pansexual and not surprised.
Gya Monde (18191)
7 days ago
40% Gay and 40% ace (Honestly though I feel as if I swing more on the demisexual side) either way I definitely think that this is true
21&Over (02378)
7 days ago
90% Gay apparently, I guess doing these tests would bring out the true you
90% Gay/lesbian (02378)
7 days ago
Suprised by that tbh
Sweet (52576)
7 days ago
Im bi
Like omg im ded but im fine with it tbh
Candy (08637)
7 days ago
Im Les!!!I already knew I have a gf but this was fun.
*Boop oWo* (93352)
7 days ago
i am 40 percent bisexual
springtrapxnick (70719)
8 days ago
i got 80% ace noice
also is being clingy to certain people counted as demisexual or no because i am naturally clingy. also me and my friend that have known eachother for 3 months are very close cause we have nearly everything in common (she told me recently that she had a dream before the start of secondary and it was about her meeting a girl it might be me and some things that i like 4 example pocari roo yes i m a furry dont judge and a galaxy cat witch is my fursona ) and some people r mistaking us for being lesbian or saying we should go out and i like B O I no
Metalhead (12669)
8 days ago
Guys are weird. Time will answer questions. Out as bi, feel like lesbian.
Lesbiette (56902)
10 days ago
I got 70% lesbian lmaooo. Sounds about accurate tbh.
I'm a girl (14917)
13 days ago
It says I am 40% Bi and 40% Pan/Omnisexual but I think its right about that. I have been dating a guy for over a year but I feel lile being pulled close to me girl friends and I dont know what to do about it.
ze34 (64571)
15 days ago
i got %70 ace and ok. but like. what are these questions???
11111111111111111111111111 (03822)
15 days ago
I got pansexual which is true I don’t care about the gender good job test I guess
The bi boi (89026)
15 days ago
I am not telling you my sexuality, so good BI
The lesbian potato (22603)
15 days ago
100% lesbian!! Fricking yeah!!
Maison (14226)
16 days ago
woop im ace!!

but it would be a bit hard to explain to some people wouldn’t it hhhh