Are you lez?

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Are you lez, bi, or straight? Take this quiz to find out! (Girls only)

  • 1
    Which would you rather go out with?
  • 2
    If you had a HUGE crush on someone...
  • 3
    Ok so if you were at your friends house (girl) and no one is home except you and her and you were playing a board game when she jumps on top of you and says "I love you soo much let's have sex!" Then she pulls off your top. What would you so?

  • 4
    Now your both naked she wants to have sex with you. She found a whip that she wants to use- you...
  • 5
    Now you say "I should probably go home" cause it's late and she wants to keep fucking you- you say no and start getting changed while you do that she is humping you (she is still naked)you...
  • 6
    Ok you left her house now- but the next day you see her at school and....

  • 7
    Now the really hot popular boy in your grade comes and asks you out. What do you say?
  • 8
    So you're at McDonald's and he orders a big meal and only let's you buy one thing, you..
  • 9
    Now you're at his house and again it's only you two- he does the exact same thing your friend did to you. Now what do you do?
  • 10
    Last question: if you found out he was bisexual- what would you do?

Comments (11)


698 days ago
I am 60% lez, but I'm actually 100% I think it said 60% because when it came to the sexual stuff I chose not to do it and to be honest i'm not into things like that.
709 days ago
I am 90% lez , but I am really 100% lesbian. WHO THE HELL NEEDS THIS GAME WHEN YOU HAVE YOUr OWN MINE.
790 days ago
okay im 40 percent lez cause im bi
815 days ago
Ok this grossed me out a lil
862 days ago
ewwwwwwwwwwww.... the scenario was pretyy gross.... but i already know im lez sooo
862 days ago
The scenario grossed me out :(
895 days ago
I don’t want her to wip me...
1253 days ago
MAKE MORE (except with more detail if ya know what I mean) ((((((;
1301 days ago
yo, i know for sure im a lesbian but i wouldn't let this scenario happen :P
1373 days ago
I didn't like this test really .... O.O
Someone agree?
1808 days ago
is it weird that i want this to say im lez