Does your dream guy love you?

Developed by: Sarah

Hi this is my first test I am very sorry if I mess up.I might try to do a few others later if I can think of a good topic!

  • 1
    Do you somehow spill your dinner on him?
  • 2
    Does he send you "accidental" texts bad mouthing you that were meant for someone else?
  • 3
    Does he accept your invitation to go someplace and then not come?
  • 4
    Does he not pick you up for prom even though he promised?
  • 5
    Does he humiliate you in front of the whole school?
  • 6
    Is he rude to your parent/guardian?
  • 7
    Does he act strange and moody around you?
  • 8
    Does he not support your ideas?
  • 9
    Does he say that you are immature or weird?
  • 10
    Does he avoid the subject of dating or prom?

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