Is He A Player, Or Does He Really Like Me?

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Hopefully, my quiz will help you understand that relationship that makes your head spin just a little better. Take it and see if he (or she) is playing you or not!

  • 1
    Are you friends with him/her?
    Are you friends with him/her?
  • 2
    How long have you been friends?
  • 3
    Is he/she a player?
  • 4
    Do you do couple things with him/her?
    (For example, kissing, touching, holding hands, cuddling)
  • 5
    Do his friends know about you?
  • 6
    What do you talk about with him/her?
  • 7
    How old is he/she is compared to you?
  • 8
    Do your friends know about her/him?
  • 9
    Has he/she ever told you he liked/loved you as more than a friend?
  • 10
    Do you think he is playing you?
  • 11
    Do you fantasize about him/her?
  • 12
    Is he or she single?

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Comments (42)


25 days ago
idk if he likes me like it says he is my freind help!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 days ago
Here’s the thing: his friend is my brother. His other friend is my enemy who is a bully.
112 days ago
it says he likes me...i’m not sure lol
126 days ago
i think moto moto likes you‼️ hah it would be nice if it were that way with my crush. i think he likes me and the test results said that he has feelings for me, but i still don’t know and i’m really confused ☹️
186 days ago
It says he likes me. All my friends say it too. His friends also push him around when I'm near.
187 days ago
@Idk, that sound awful, and confusing! You need to know: 1) What do you want? Boyfriend, more friends, studying,etc. 2) Would you want him for a boyfriend? 3) Are you guys dating? You can try asking him, or holding his hand or something. idk too. haha.
187 days ago
there's this boy that I'm kinda dating. We both like each other and think we'd make a great couple but he said to a girl that if she made the move to kiss him, he'd kiss her back. Kinda need help...
207 days ago
The guy i like i go to school with were in high school together he has a history of being a big flirt/player he has cheated on a girl before he said he is trying to change and wants to be different but honestly i have no idea everyone keeps warning me about him but then again i live in a small town so like 5 people is everyone but he has friend zoned for like a week then came back and said he couldn't do it which is true we can't be friends cause its too weird but i have been hurt before and don't feel like going through it again so i just really want to know if i should continue with him or if i am just waisting my time and should move on!!!!!
221 days ago
The guy i like is one of my close friends. He said he likes me but doesnt want a relationship right now
242 days ago
This sucks. I’m acting weird around her, when I’m around. Mainly because, last time I checked, there’s this barrier she might’ve accidentally made between us (or not. I don’t know, nowadays) known as a boyfriend. Looking at the pages of my life, the past three years have been the best because of her. He just pops up, ruins my plan for obtaining my idealism, and she’s Hands All Over, so to speak. 🤬
242 days ago
260 days ago
We have known eachother since we were younger. He never made a move until christmas. We were walking the dog at night and we were at the park. He was and putting my hood on and tickiling me. He picked me up with one arm and he showed me his abs. He pulled me by the waist and put his hands on my butt, he snuggled in my neck and said i smelt good he gave me hugs from behind and stroked my cheek. He is 16 i am 14. The weird thing is, when we arrived back home he pretended nothing happened. I texted him saying that we left the uno cards at his house its been almost 4 days and he hasnt replied or seen the text. This happened completely out of the bue and then suddenly he stopped. I dont know if he doesnt think that was serious or important and maybe he does this to alot of girls which im not comfortable with. I have a feeling also that he may be pressured to do this by his dad or his friends. I dont known when im going to see him again because we live in different cities and our families dont meet often. Should i text him again? Should i get over what happened? Should i tell him what im feeling next i see him even if it is months away? If someone could give me some advice or just some thoughts that would be amazing
308 days ago
Lidi, Listen up boo!
First of all, you should straight up talk to him.
Secondly, screw the haters! You should not be self conscious of your age difference if he’s not a pervert.
337 days ago
He is into me ya I'm so happy
355 days ago
awwwh yeet ive been played

yeetus reetus time to commit self deletus
478 days ago
There’s a guy I’ve been going out with for about a year now. At first he would ask me out to dinner or dancing then we’d end up at his place. Now it’s usually me the one who has to ask him out. He will invite me to his place but that’s it. We have tried ending this about three times but eventually end up goin back. He recently said it be best for us to go out separate ways. I agreed but he text me two days later. It’s obvious he doesn’t want a relationship but why continue to look for me when I’m sure he has others. I’m so confused
491 days ago
i like a guy and pretty sure he likes me i`m gonna see him tonight and were gonna talk and see if were gonna be a couple. who ever reads this wish me luck
523 days ago
I really like this guy at my school. He likes me back. We met at a musical theatre production and sat by each other every night. I don't know if it counts as touching and flirting but we would stack our feet on top of each other. We would hug when the lights went down. We have hung out a few times, but it usually includes his friends. we text each other almost every day and have said I love you to each other once. I am wondering if he is playing me though because everyone tells me he is and that he is going to ruin my life. I don't know.
529 days ago
I like this guy and I'm pretty sure he likes me back. I have no idea and I'm confused.
534 days ago
Thanks...better learning about his ideas before it's too late. He's married we chat on via text message not always just the first day of our conversation it was in the night. And,i was in a common law relationship which didn't last before resulting in a daughter. And,this new married man text me saying that my lips are juicy. And,i'd make a good girlfriend...and,i've a nice firm body. Is he really trying to play me...i've known him for over 18 years.